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  1. One of these stories appear every year, about one month before Christmas. Am I being too sceptical to think that sellers of RFID blocking devices are behind them?
  2. Headlamp Change ? Europe

    Option number one, don't use words we on the forum don't understand. Go on, admit it, who looked up the word Martriculate
  3. Extended Warranty

    Hi Wayne, first of all, welcome to the LOC. Let's see if I'm reading this right. Hopefully, you purchased your car last week, a 2014 CT200 from a Lexus Main Dealer? Is it a pre approved pre owned? if so, it comes with a 1 year full equivalent manufacturers warranty. I can't work out why a 2014 car's warranty will run out in March 2018, but that's by the by. The Hybrid Batteries are covered for 5 years from manufacture.The hybrid health check isn't new, I think I've had mine included in the service for the last 3 or 4 years. I don't think you need to worry for the next 12 months, the chances are, nothing will go wrong, but, and I think it's a big but, if it does, the Main Dealer will cover it. Enjoy your new car (next August you can start a thread on here regarding the purchasing of Warranties) Graham.
  4. One track mind there James, but yes I see the same as you. My wife sees the same and fondly remembers the days when I'd been out in the sun, looking down at my bright ginger spiky hair, alas, all distant memories. Anyway, back on topic, have a great holiday.
  5. try here
  6. The specs you have are for the USA. No HDD for the UK market.
  7. LS600h L 2008 DRLs

    58 reg, Auto headlights but no DRL's
  8. reg. L525 DPK
  9. Great research, but a little unnecessary. Next October, the salesman will ask the model, year and mileage, look in his book and say £4k and send it to auction. He wont even bother looking at the car. You wont be disappointed with the LS600hl, (rsr package was the only option) Good luck, Graham.
  10. Code is right 8r6 but no mention of Brechin Slate. Is it a slight shade of blue?
  11. Have tried many times to access ''My Lexus'' Never succeeded. Good job their cars are better than the website.
  12. Don't get involved, sellers email comes back with many scams.
  13. Always believed ''if it seems too good etc, etc, '' saw this on ebay
  14. '' £450 from the second year onwards can buy a hell of a lot of petrol '' Like this Where you getting cheap petrol from?
  15. Didn't buy at £990. This time £1250.