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  1. The specs you have are for the USA. No HDD for the UK market.
  2. 58 reg, Auto headlights but no DRL's
  3. reg. L525 DPK
  4. Great research, but a little unnecessary. Next October, the salesman will ask the model, year and mileage, look in his book and say £4k and send it to auction. He wont even bother looking at the car. You wont be disappointed with the LS600hl, (rsr package was the only option) Good luck, Graham.
  5. Code is right 8r6 but no mention of Brechin Slate. Is it a slight shade of blue?
  6. Have tried many times to access ''My Lexus'' Never succeeded. Good job their cars are better than the website.
  7. Don't get involved, sellers email comes back with many scams.
  8. Always believed ''if it seems too good etc, etc, '' saw this on ebay
  9. '' £450 from the second year onwards can buy a hell of a lot of petrol '' Like this Where you getting cheap petrol from?
  10. Didn't buy at £990. This time £1250.
  11. Welcome to the club Geoff. No need to hope, you will. Car looks superb. Graham.
  12. Bit confusing that they didn't put the dates in order ( I wonder if they've made a mistake) If you have the Sat Nav, then, according to the list, it's option No 2 but I'd be inclined to check with them first.
  13. No rear massage seats or ottoman seats (Rear Seat Relaxation) in any model ls460 UK spec ( SE or SE-L). You have to go for the LS600hl.
  14. Don't blame him really. Current cost of ''Supermarket Dings'' so far, My car, twice, £1800 (one did have the honesty to admit) Grandaughter's Fiesta last week £940. Two things I have learnt in the last year; No matter what damage, it's always about £900. Bodyshop man will always start conversation with ''Couldn't be in a worse position really'' If you do park in a far off corner of a deserted Supermarket, do you find when you return that somebody has parked next to you?
  15. 2 cups of coffee, quick read of The Times (managed half the crossword) washed and hoovered, just over 2 hours. Enquired re doing the other side but was advised 'If it aint broke, don't fix it'