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  1. Don't forget to replace the idler and the adjuster for the timing belt
  2. Warped Hubs?

    Had this on my jag had the wheels road force balanced still the same vibration had a look and it was a buckled wheel changed it with spare a lot better. Even though it was on the front did not make the steering wheel shake but I could feel it through the car strange . If you can jack the car up and put your finger on the inside back of the rim and slowly turn the wheel you may feel the buckle but be careful
  3. Another year another mot and no problems.I don't know if anyone else has had this but the seal around the sunroof is breaking up has anyone found a replacement seal
  4. Had the same trouble bought the ones from Lexus no more noise
  5. cooling system leak

    I think you will find the two pipes that you did not use was probably for a oil cooler for a auto box
  6. castrol red rubber grease

    I have left my bushes off the pins before works ok bought two new bushes from Lexus main dealer about a month ago cannot believe that you can still get these parts from main dealer very impressive
  7. throttle body questions

    Checked mine,as transporter said normal
  8. Now you have to find out why the battery went flat
  9. That's it , you could put the black earth connector to another earth point to keep the charger leads apart like where the boot catch locks down
  10. You will have a light in the boot just put your head in the boot and look up any cheap charger will do
  11. open the boot and remove the curtesy light assy there will be one or two wires going to it connect a battery charger to the wires or wire and charge the battery for awhile just make sure you connect the wires correctly then open with fob
  12. Hi I take you don't have a key for the boot
  13. is200 rough when cold

    Have you had it fault code