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  1. Ha, John I have done that already but when I return I will make sure it is fully charged.
  2. No I have not had the battery tested but I know I have had good use considering. I have never had a battery last that long. I did in anticipation buy a battery in January but did not fit it as the old battery appeared to be doing its job. My existing battery and the new one are both Toyota 65Ah batteries and it was on offer in January. I will let you know how I get on.
  3. Thanks guys I will definitely buy an OBDII scanner and check it when I return. I have been researching and it appears it can be anything from a defective coil or even my battery (it is 10yrs+ old).
  4. Hi Dave Well I am abroad so unable to do anything until I return in 3 weeks time. Any recommendations on a good/cheap reader I can purchase on EBay?
  5. So due to go to the airport in the morning and my car is displaying the warning light on the dash and there is a little hesitation and sounds as if it may be misfiring. This happened today but as well about a week ago so rang Lexus and they said it will cost £180 to diagnose the fault. I got a local garage to check it last week to see if there was any faults showing but there was none and has been driving fine until today. Any ideas?
  6. Personally I think it may have something to do with the weather.
  7. All working now. Thanks Scudney.
  8. Ok so the DVD Disc is out. Looks fine and the system is detecting that there is no DVD in the reader. Going to clean it up and see what happens.
  9. We're are you from? lol I despair. North London
  10. Will do. I will have a go tomorrow.
  11. Perfectly for the past 14 years. Changed the interior during the summer and everything electrical was working fine thereafter. The one thing I have noticed is the there is condensation on the insides of the front and rear screens.
  12. As the subject says. Will need a good clean. Includes Roof Lining, power seats, door cards, door switches. A, B & C pillar linings. Floor carpet, rear parcel shelf. Free collection only!!!!
  13. So I turned my Sat Nav unit on this morning and it was a bit slow to open/respond but it did open and I was met with a message "Unable to read data. Check map dvd is correct." Any ideas as to what is causing this?
  14. My battery is in it's 10th year and like you for the last 5 years or so I only drive it once a week. When it does fail me I take it off and trickle charge it. It is a Toyota 65AH rated battery.
  15. Well as it happens I managed to damage my rear near side tyre today so even with no pressure in it I tried once again fitting it in the wheel well and it would not fit. Maybe it has something to do with the year the car was manufactured.