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  1. My brakes are there with very little effort, maybe your pads are getting down?
  2. A Welsh Blat

    Great pic 👍
  3. Goodbye IS-F

    Looks stunning mark, glad you made the right choice on model in the end, I'm sure your going to love it 😍
  4. Very cool.... Toyota or Nissan will be the first to do something like that, in the future I bet.
  5. Goodbye IS-F

    Excellent idea 👍
  6. There was a black one for sale by Boss motor company about 3 months ago for £12600 I think it was, with around 80,000 miles on it.
  7. I have also been running LPG cars for over 15 yrs and never had a valve problem, they start up on petrol which lubricates the valves, they don't change over to LPG until water temp reaches about 70c this can vary as it's set up with the log ecu, if worried about valves just run it on petrol sometimes. Always get a good installer tho, I use Ozone in plymouth, they know there onions on Lpg and also good mechanics. Direct injection cannot be converted to LPG yet, although there are companies that are starting to make specific kits for specific cars but not many, and no one has done one for and DI lexus yet.
  8. Yes the indicator is annoying, but on a car like this, it's not bad that it's only that tiny fault that's annoying, but a light tap is all it needs. Bmw has a whole host of annoying things, biggest one is you won't be able to drive it much as it will be in the workshop being fixed or bits coming apart, heavy fuel consumption. And ignore the journalists, there is more than enough power to have fun, for the next 200,000 miles no problem... Residual values are high but the chances are your going to keep it a long time as what else you going to buy to replace it ? LFA, Veyron, McLaren ? Lol
  9. Different.... obviously to really compare you need to spend some proper time in them, but on a quick blip I think the RC-F and GS-F feel more planted and sure footed... but the LC has the looks hands down, best looking car under a million quid... lol
  10. RCF +GSF Temptations

    All the GS's are nice tho and always have been 😊
  11. RCF +GSF Temptations

    Please do not compare the normal GS to the GS-F, the GS-F is a totally different animal, it's exciting to drive, the seats are very comfy and supporting, the suspension is excellent, not to hard, even in sport + and goes like a bullet, all I can say is take one out for a test drive, it is an awesome piece of kit that will be chewing the tail of virtually any super car !
  12. Was great to meet you guys and see all your isf's together in there full colours, stunning view.
  13. Heads Up Auction X 2 ISF's 11/04/17

    Welcome to call me if easier 07768974343 😊
  14. Heads Up Auction X 2 ISF's 11/04/17

    Hmmm, I'm about to travel 250 miles, and view the HW60 PCV isf in a car sales place in London, bit concerned now hearing it went through an auction, the car dealer said they got it from a main dealer about a week ago ! A one owner car. anyone know anymore about this car, on dvla site it is missing the 2014 and 2015 mot but I guess that's because it was in jersey !? any info would be great 👍