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  1. i've seen two cars with supaguard first was a parked z4, and the gleam, shine, deep gloss, wet look was fab. walked over to it and had a supaguard sticker int he windscreen 2nd one was a friends civic, that i've never seen up close. saw it in traffic on a dull morning, but it was gleaming. it'sa few years old but seemed amazing from the distance considering he says he's never waxed in over a year!
  2. For Sale

    any pics and price?
  3. Whos The Stig

    why's that? i missed it. will be watching the repeat tonight
  4. I Need Some Advise

    oh yes, i would especially if it's the new one
  5. I Need Some Advise

    get something different or mod it with more power e.g. s/c the other question is what would you replace it with if change?
  6. very good, if i had an is200 i would say yes
  7. i like the slightly higher one
  8. Wot Up Guys

    lush motor
  9. hi all, i'm just browsing for a new and different motor. currently a toyota celica 190 owner (for over 3 years), but craving for a bit more speed and torque! ones on the list are impreza wrx, but bit brash and i do like refinement, but the speed is a bonus (however other half don't like them too). 225 audi tt, ( i know many don't like, but i quite like them) easy chip to 260+bhp and torque similar. some of the hot hatches out there, punch some power but want something different though. hence the thought of the lexus is200, but have seen supercharged ones (forsale), but would require more info on these. have seen they are a touch over 200bhp, but not sure on torque lb/ft. also how does it compare against other cars, like the is300, altezza and which bmw 3 series performance would it compare against? also mpg? only other factor is it's a major mod and insurance is going to sting i think. any and all comments welcome. thanks