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  1. "Cam belt changed in 2002" is slightly worrying, for complete peace of mind that's a £500.00 expenditure immediately.
  2. SK'IS200 From France

    Hello Xavier and welcome to the LOC. Looks very nice in the pictures with some subtle modifications, there have been some fitted with super chargers in the past or the V8 engine from the LS400.
  3. LS400/430 steering wheel motors

    If you still have the old one I would appreciate it for research purposes.
  4. LS400/430 steering wheel motors

    Unfortunately this is for the earlier type motors not the 98 on models .
  5. LS400/430 steering wheel motors

    Pretty sure looking at the size and design these are brushless motors maybe synchronous types similar to the ones used on microwave oven turntables but more complex as they have an ECU to drive them. If some one has a faulty scrap one to donate I would be glad to see if they can be reverse engineered and repaired.
  6. There should be no customs charges from Lithuania being a member state of the EU but from outside you are sure to be hit by HMRC :) Given the usual price differences it generally does work out cheaper than buying in the U.K. but certainly less savings since the pound dipped.
  7. But before doing this make sure you have the 3 button Master key and not the 2 button valet key as only the master key will release the lock.
  8. No response from Toast for nearly a week now, I hope he hasn't joined the keys in the boot!
  9. Is220 wheel fitment

    What is the PCD of these wheels?
  10. Anybody wash and wax?

    I bought some snow foam last week the container attaches to the hose pipe and then mixes with the contents to produce the foam, smells like bananas. Says on the bottle "up to 20 washes"..... maybe based on a Fiat 500 not a 5 metre long LS400 as used over a quarter on two washes or perhaps using too much which may explain why the neighbours came around last time with wine and beer for the foam party.
  11. Logging into the LOC

    It seems to be back to normal now so logged in all the time, perhaps an Apple iCrap problem!
  12. OK this method applies to the LS400 so I am assuming the LS430 has a similar set up. The boot lock motor is activated by the door control module which when commanded by the internal boot switch or remote sends 12 volts to the motor releasing the lock and the boot opens. You need to gain access to the wire which supplies the motor, on the 400 this is inside the loom which runs under the front passenger side sill cover (just pull it off the clips). Once you have removed the cover you then have to remove the tape on the loom under it to access the individual wires. You are looking for a black wire with no colour stripe on it, just plain black, once located you need to cut this wire and then apply 12 volts from the battery to the cut section that is going towards the boot. This will power up the boot motor and the boot will then pop open, if there are 2 plain black wires the wire you need is the thinner of the 2 (the other thicker wire is an earth).
  13. I would imagine that like all Lexus models the pads would be fitted with wear sensors, the problem is they only tend to have one sensor per axle so excessive wear on the in-monitored side could appear due to a defect like a sticking caliper but not flag up on the dash warning light. The light also may only appear when the sensor has contacted the disc rendering it scrap and at around £50.00 for a replacement not cheap. The only sure way to check your brakes accurately is to physically check the pad thickness during a service and not to rely on a dash light which is generally to late to save the sensor.
  14. Logging into the LOC

    Has anyone else had to log in every time they come back to the LOC since the last upgrade, I am normally already logged on but now I have to log back on with every visit.
  15. The process involved is long, requires very accurate measurements in microns and is expensive, provided the engine doesn't sound like a mark 3 Ford Escort I wouldn't be worried just keep on top of oil changes with decent quality being used.