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  1. It is well known that there have been problems with Toyota engine ECUs fitted to the LS400 range due to the failure and subsequent leakage of electrolyte from capacitors on the printed circuit boards causing track damage and various faults to occur. If it is assumed that the same types of components are used in later models could this not be a potential cause of the problems you are having taking into account the amount of spurious fault codes present as these components are fitted mainly to remove any unwanted electrical spikes and surges from the car's electrical system. If these are no longer effective in doing this job the ECU may be receiving inputs that may be confusing the processors and codes are then flagged up. Maybe the exact cause has never been discovered as no one has ever looked inside the ECU to check for this type of damage. I recently visited a vehicle ECU repair centre and I certainly remember Toyota ECUs being there on the shelves awaiting repair.
  2. From how I read your post you have replaced everything except the ECU, so why not the ECU if you have a donor car available with the same ECU?
  3. Perhaps LV is the company to go with if you want your car repairing to its former glory rather than being immediately written off, I assume this is the case from their current TV advertisement where a rather basic looking bright green car with the whole of the off side substantially damaged is quickly and efficiently repaired. A fantastic system which is basically a drive through repair centre and you, your family and the dog remain in the car while the repairs are carried out by robots. Being of the older generation those sink plungers frighten me.....they remind me of the Daleks....the Daleks still scare me! With cover starting from just £199.00 it's so impressive they should change their name to Utopia Insurance or UI for short. I think LV are part of a national bed company called.......Dreams.
  4. Not sure if this is any good but for the price maybe worth the punt if it shows what you need to know regarding the PS wiring. I did have a decent CD ROM manual myself, think it was by Mitchell but since moving over to Apple I have either thrown it away or filed it under lost. Looks like a project you have there, stayed with the auto transmission also. It may be a good idea to delete the EGR while you have reasonable access to do so.
  5. There have been very good reports back from members regarding SGS, local to me too at Derby.
  6. Part number should be 64530-53011, not cheap from Lexus at around £110.00 each though and that's for the non gold plated version.
  7. It was a very good price for a late series III Toyota Celsior, the engine emblem also gives the game away. Regarding the Sat Nav I understand these were fitted from 1990 on the JDM models, my 1994 Celsior certainly had it fitted.
  8. If you pull back the carpet on the front passenger side transmission tunnel you will be able to see the SRS ECU which will have yellow coloured plugs, the problem is it is mounted below the ashtray and is surrounded by a tubular steel framework making removal difficult. A common cause of the warning light illuminating is a dodgy connector under the driver's seat so check under there (yellow plugs again) or the clock spring under the steering wheel. Getting the fault codes confirmed is a must before diving in and if this does point to the ECU I would obtain a replacement ECU then remove the plugs from the one already fitted ( disconnect the car battery negative and leave at least 30 minutes to ensure back up system is discharged for safety before touching the airbag ECU) then plug in the replacement just letting it hang down and see if the light goes out now. If it does then go ahead and fit it properly if it doesn't then you have saved removing a good ECU and the fault lies elsewhere.
  9. The only source of an oil leak in that position is from the valve cover gasket, take a look at the link below which details the replacement procedure.
  10. Very strange as I renewed my classic insurance with Footman James only a month ago, I hope things haven't changed regarding the age of the car because my NCD has now expired for normal insurance.
  11. Have you also checked for further damage to the suspension besides the 2 damaged wheels?
  12. Around an hours drive for me down the A38, be nice to give it a good run out.
  13. Hello and welcome to the LOC. I like your choice of Lexus model....start at the top and stay there. I have only driven an ISF once so really cannot advise on what to look out for but FLSH is a good start and you can now check the MOT history of any potential purchases.Not heard anything negative about them but look out for accident damaged repaired ones as there seems to be a few around. If you don't get any responses here I will move your post into the ISF forum where you certainly will. Good luck in your search and feel free to post up links for any likely buys.
  14. How about one of these?