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  1. Hello Frank, Is everything OK?
  2. Yes 1st generation IS is fine.
  3. They are available in the club shop, surely I'm not the only member who has bought a pair? Available in all sizes and colour choice of grey, beige and black to match the mats.
  4. To establish the year of manufacture you need to locate the VIN plate and look at the 10th digit, this will give you the year the car was made. Step 5: Find out the year of manufacture. The tenth number indicates the year the car was made, or the year of manufacture. It begins with A for 1980, the first year a standard 17-digit VIN was used. Subsequent years follow the alphabet of to “Y” in the year 2000. In 2001, the year changes to the number “1”, and ascends to “9” In 2009. In 2010, the alphabet starts again with the letter “A” for 2010 model years. In the same VIN example “5XXGN4A70CG022862,” the “C” indicates the vehicle was manufactured in 2012.
  5. Sounds like a lot of different people have tried and failed to sort this car and you are now in a position where you have no idea what has been done and need to throw money at it with no guarantees. ( Why did you pay the "chip tuner" £250.00 for not doing the job he said he could do especially when if I remember Lexus ECUs cannot go reflashed). The only thing you haven't mentioned is the boost pressure sensor which may be faulty hence the lack of turbo input.
  6. The LS430 was designed so the footwell airflow to the driver's side is restricted, it can be adjusted but is a dealer only option. The reason behind this is to prevent LS430 drivers becoming too comfortable whilst driving their vehicles in winter, this had in the past led to owners leaving the house in their slippers, subsequently not having full control of their vehicles due to the slippers and looking completely stupid when arriving at work.
  7. Leaving the AC turned on helps as it dehumidifies the air and also make sure the pollen filter is serviceable.
  8. SD&P Social, Domestic and Pleasure, i.e. no commercial driving except normally for commuting to and from work.
  9. Hello and welcome to the LOC. Great posts on your route to Lexus ownership. I drove a Honda Jazz automatic around in Cyprus for 3 weeks last December, did the job,only cost me €27.00 to refill the tank but not a Lexus
  10. It may be worth finding a local hydraulic pipe company locally and see if they can repair the pipe with new hose and unions. example Another common fail is the transmission cooler pipe located at the front of the car so subjected to corrosion. On other models successfully repaired with a length of 10mm copper pipe suitably bent to shape.
  11. No head cannot be skimmed, if you take a look at the link below you will see a post from Ormi who is also a member on here and a qualified Toyota technician confirming this.
  12. I just hope it's not the high pressure pipe that has failed, these cost more than the complete pump!
  13. Difference is nearly £100.00 as one is plus VAT and the other including. £140.00 still seems excessive for the repair, does this include them removing and refitting the mirror and the associated risk of breaking the glass? You may also find the broken piece inside the housing as I would assume it was pushed through which would make the repair easier.
  14. Try holding down the driver's window switch for more than 5 seconds.