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  1. When you say independent do you mean by a third party or if you paid for 4 Lexus services as separate transactions? Also check to see if your preferred dealer offers LOC gold membership discounts as even after paying your subscription for a year you could save much more on dealer servicing discounts, pretty sure Edgeware Road and Battersea are in the system.
  2. Hi Robert and welcome to the LOC, Regarding the radiator problem another solution some other members have adopted is to disconnect the integrated transmission cooler, plug the outlets and then fit an aftermarket transmission cooler below the original radiator. If you wish you can attach photographs to your posts but if you can restrict the file sizes it save us valuable server space. Congratulations on finding a good example, your patience will I'm sure pay dividends.
  3. You can purchase the bushes for around £40.00 a pair but not the ball joint which like the front uppers is fixed. The cost from Amayama is £96.00 plus shipping from Japan but then subject to UK import charges.|Model%3ALS&hash=item1c856d084f:g:WXMAAOSwv0tVIU9h
  4. Sorry Malcolm, to quote Dragons' Den.....I'm out!
  5. Hello and welcome to the LOC. Could you possibly try and get a photograph posted up of the part as it would help me look for you?
  6. The engines are always well sought after for transplants and fetch around £500.00 alone but in this case there is no guarantee that the engine is still serviceable due to standing so long, the engine is non interference so if the belt did break there would be no damage but obviously again this would affect the selling price. Also bear in mind if you do break it for spares you still need to dispose of the remains which these days costs money.
  7. Looking about right with that figure Qamar, at one time my mission was to save all LS400s but having now scrapped 2 and resold another I have finally come to the conclusion that they are still only lumps of metal. I still try and keep my 1994 in tip top condition but if it ever suffers a major failure it will be gone. I still keep looking at my project 1999 LS400 but with blowing Y pipe, non functioning steering wheel position adjustment, weird power steering fault, no cold AC,a suspected ABS wheel sensor fault, paint correction/ding repairs and the need for a cambelt and water pump change I am reluctant to spend anymore time or money on it as I would be lucky to break even.
  8. Hi, Having cross referenced both models on Toyodiy they are interchangeable. There are 2 sizes 17" x 6.5J and 18 x 7J, both are five stud with a PCD of 114.3 and the same offset and bore (60.1). So yes you can fit them as a straight swop.
  9. Another thing to bear in mind is that this car will need transporting to its new owner on a flatbed which also costs quite a lot of money at around £1.50 a mile. Some of you will remember the 1994 Celsior I bought as a non runner which was finally scrapped due to lack of time and loss of interest, I paid £200.00 for that then another £60.00 to have it moved from Glossop to Alfreton. I sold the newly refurbished wheels and a few other bits before giving it away to another member for the engine who arranged another flatbed. You need the expertise, a decent tool set,the space to keep it and certainly the time,patience and money to get it back on the road. I have now got to the point where my under car activities are coming to an end...I can get under there but struggle to get back up again plus I'm past scrubbing my hands to get them clean again.
  10. Probably the usual cam cover gaskets problem leaking oil down the sides of the engine.
  11. Mine would for sure, I'm getting grief with just 2, 3 would probably result in summary execution!
  12. It sounds like a poor electrical connection breaking down when the unit warms up, could be a dry solder joint. Have you tried gently tapping the head unit when the fault occurs to see if this restores operation? Not sure where the amplifier is located onthe IS250 but appears to be in the side of the boot so if you can access this also give it a tap and waggle the plugs to it.
  13. Hello and welcome to the LOC. Does one of the plugs fit your existing mirror wiring socket? You may be able to make one from the 2 by swopping parts over but be very careful removing the glass ( if you need help to do this please ask). From what I can see there should only be one plug, what is the part number stamped on the mirrors?
  14. This any good to you, bit of a pain as many sections but free to access.
  15. Seeing as you only have 2 wheels I wondered if these would fit my Honda 250N Superdream?