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  1. I can't afford to ask but would assume £90-100 + VAT.
  2. Ironic I know but I have 2 sets of LS400 exhaust systems stuffed behind some trees in my garden. Been there for years and still gleaming due to the fact they are stainless not mild steel.
  3. No updates on this, would be good to know the outcome?
  4. There is an excellent repair resource website which covers the above job as well as many others. I purchased both LBJs a few years ago from Lexus for around £120.00 and did the job myself in a couple of hours with a basic toolkit. You will need one special tool a ball joint splitter but these are readily available.
  5. I know it's been done on the LS400s so surely can be on the 430. I have also hidden your 2 duplicate posts
  6. My stand alone sat nav makes a bong sound if I go over any speed limit, trouble is I keep looking up as it sounds exactly the same as the fasten seat belt bong on aircraft.
  7. As the above comments suggest I would get an AC specialist to take a look, the fact that your garage regassed the system without first checking for leaks is worrying in that it is bad for the environment if the gas is released into the atmosphere and also illegal. Correct diagnosis involves filling the system up with nitrogen and a special dye which then shows up leaks under ultra violet light. Chances are as other members have mentioned is that the rear AC pipes have corroded to the point they are leaking. BTW...welcome to the LOC.
  8. Very true but the LS430 does have a drinks chiller behind the rear armrest so wine related questions are relevant 😀
  9. I think the Chinese conterfeit spark plugs look the same on the packaging but the name has been mis-spelt as "Bodge"
  10. Hello Ken and welcome to the LOC, good to hear we have already helped you reset your windows. If you could get some photos of the screen replacement I would be happy to do a tutorial using them to help other members.
  11. WhenI bought it the driver's side mirror glass was original and in good condition but held in place by copious amounts of glue gun stuff. I carefully cut around the glue and discovered the mirror glass backing plate was completely missing. I found a complete mirror on Fleabay but on arrival the glass was discoloured but I was able to make one good one out of the 2. Interestingly there are 2 types of mirror on the series IV ( differing electrical plugs) so beware when buying secondhand.
  12. Mine are still the original ones on my 1994, for the past few years they struggle in winter but always recover when it gets warm (I guess the gas expands more in the heat). I keep saying I'll get some from SGS as it's only 10 miles away in Derby but then forget about them again.
  13. Around £2.00 from Lexus, part number 68617-50010 Pin Front Door Check
  14. Should be plug and play just make sure the part number matches. Out of interest why are you stopping the ECU as they can normally be rebuilt with a handful of parts.
  15. "Please make sure your seat is in the fully upright position, your armrest is down and your tray table is stowed away, any hand luggage should be placed under the seat in front of you"