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  1. Hello and welcome to the LOC. At 42,000 miles you should be looking at the 40,000 service which costs £495.00 and includes the hybrid check, the £295.00 service you mention is the inbetween service at 30k, 50k etc.
  2. I can understand why the DVLA are hesitant in registering a vehicle which was brought into the UK from the Netherlands 3 years ago and not registered at the time, question I would be asking is why was it not registered then and where is the original Dutch registration document. This would suggest it is still registered in the Netherlands as most countries would issue some paperwork for an export vehicle, my imported Celsior was already UK registered on purchase but still came with Japanese documentation including the "Deregistration Certificate" required by the DVLA. Perhaps a cheap Easyjet or Ryanair flight to the Netherlands vehicle registration office may be the only real option with a VIN and numberplate details.
  3. I may just be able to clock up 100,000 miles in my 1994 LS when it is 25 years old so averaging 4000 a year since new.
  4. This months (August) edition of Car Mechanics has a 4 page feature on buying a used IS, covering all models. Sorry cannot post up on here due to copyright but may be worth grabbing a copy if you are in the market for one.
  5. How is "lifetime" applied? What exactly is the expected lifetime of any vehicle, I couldn't see my 1994 LS400 transmission being very happy with an ongoing fluid lifetime of 23 years hence why it has been changed twice during my ownership.
  6. I have a nice Porch....PVCu windows and door in it, finished in metallic white.
  7. The series I and II Celsiors (1989-1994) had single piece headlights/foglights with yellow tinted fog sections where as the same year Lexus LS400s had separate units housed together. The Celsior also had no wing repeater indicators as both sections of the bumper mounted indicators have bulbs in them not just the front sections.
  8. Just been reading a post from a new member looking at independent servicing for a Lexus SC430 and I was going to suggest Lexus as they offer the cheaper servicing packages on vehicles over 5 years old but then I read what they actually do for a "minor" and "major" service and it would appear that it is just the engine oil and filter that is actually replaced the rest of the service consists of "checks" which should an addition component, say the diff needs topping up is an additional cost to the service price. So basically you pay between £155 and £475 for an oil and filter change and checks on everything else. Take the car to an over zealous MOT station and have the same checks done for a mere £50.00
  9. Moved topic to lounge area as a wider audience. Things can only get worse with the DVLA, they close all the local offices and now are removing the paper section of licences, then they sell your personal data and finally lose it. Regarding your issues Jack I understand that once you have passed the UK car driving test you are subjected to a 2 year post test probation period durimg which time 6 points will get your licence revoked but after this time it goes up to 12 points. Not sure why your insurance company should charge £1000s in premiums if you have held it now for 5 years assuming it is clean i.e. no points or convictions.
  10. Possibly replaced the tail lamp cluster with a used one from a scrapper, judging by the rust been like that a long time.
  11. Hello and welcome to the LOC. How do you get on in France with RHD car?
  12. Mine got a verbal advisory for being just on 16% a few years ago so I removed the discs and gave the inside drum a good scrub with a rotary wire brush in a drill then gave the brake shoe linings a rough up with some coarse sandpaper. Cleaned all the components in situ using brake cleaner, applied some grease to the moving parts then refitted the drums and moved the adjuster until the disc was stuck then backed it off a turn. Never had a problem or mention since.
  13. If you are not savvy with PCB track repairs, correct capacitor polarisation,type and voltage ratings and fine soldering do not attempt the repair yourself, the boards are multi layer and easily damaged beyond repair.
  14. I doubt it as these are a seperate system, speed sensor problems can lead to no cruise control but not indicator/hazard problems. Check the plug at the rear of the hazard switch for tightness, what do you mean by "auto indicators and hazards"?
  15. Sounds like the dealer is not willing to order from Japan as Amayama have them at £70.00 plus shipping.