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  1. I'll second the above comment, the fluid level seems to be quite critical and even slightly low will cause a whine, don't forget there is a cold and hot level on the dipstick,
  2. Knowing Lexus it was designed this way to prevent accidental opening of the boot if you pressed the wrong button.
  3. Looks great to me............oops sorry I forgot to remove my welding mask.........oooh no......quick restrike the arc back up.
  4. That's exactly what I did but with DIY also save myself the cost :)
  5. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    So gentlemen, who was behind me coming off the A38 slip road near Coxbench, Derbyshire this afternoon driving a 14 plate RCF I wonder?
  6. The rear brakes on the LS consist of a combined disc brake for the foot brakes and drum brakes for the parking brake so 2 different and independent systems. Once the disc is removed the parking brake shoes will be revealed as shown below and as I said in my previous post the brake shoes rarely wear to a point where they need replacing. Generally a good clean, lubrication of the moving parts, a good scrub of the friction surfaces with some sandpaper and correct adjustment will restore good parking brake action. Picture below shows Brake shoes exposed after the disc removed.(These are the same parts on your Rock Auto link) Any half decent garage should be able to carry out the work in a couple of hours at most.
  7. Few wee mods

    The JDM Celsior indicator units have bulbs in both the front and side sections if you can find a set.
  8. throttle problwm

    When you press the accelerator pedal down does the cam on the throttle body move, in other words is the cable working?
  9. The LS400 parking brake uses conventional brake shoes located inside the drum section of the rear discs. I had a similar problem on mine a few years ago when the MOT tester mentioned the parking brake was only just within requirements. Once the wheel is removed there is a rubber bung which when prised out and the drum positioned correctly gives access to the shoe adjuster at the top, slacken this off,remove the disc fixing screws,rear caliper and mounting bracket and the disc will come off the wheel studs. Once inside I cleaned the internals with brake cleaner, cleaned any rust off the inside of the drum with a rotary wire brush and then roughened up the brake shoes ( they tend not to wear out completely) then reassembled everything and finally readjusted the shoes on the adjuster ( adjust this until the drum is locked up then back off slightly to allow free turning) There should be no need to adjust the parking brake cables which is a PITA. Below is a link to the tutorial for replacing the rear discs which may be useful although there is no mention of adjusting the parking brake shoes up as I described above.
  10. Never had that situation my other half has never held a driving licence! She is also petrified of going in any car including the LS after she was in a car involved in a fatal accident and lost her Auntie. Now got used to going on the train to the airports pulling at least 50kgs behind me, although we are driving down to our local airport next holiday.
  11. Ls400 engine vibration

    You really need to establish if there is a misfire although this normally generates a fault code and illuminates the Engine Management Light or if it is due to a mechanical fault like the engine mountings or transmission mount. When was the last time the spark plugs were replaced?
  12. We now have 2 posts swerving off topic, should we rename the club "The Legal Owners' Club"
  13. From what I read in the opening post or should I say "Statement of facts" to my learned friends the seller has refunded 2/3rds of the cost of the alleged incorrect part. I would also assume that the buyer has retained the said part. Would it not therefore be prudent to resell this part to recover the outstanding balance of 1/3rd. This concludes the case for the prosecution.
  14. The series III pump should fit as the only difference is the reservoir mounting being a hose rather than being mounted directly on top, as far as I remember it should just be a case of swopping this part over from the old pump onto the replacement, the mounting onto the engine block should be the same.
  15. Hi Steve


    That be great. Do have a price in mind.