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  1. From CT to NX

    Yup, I got two normal keys and one card key with my two year old used NX. The card is much less bulky and I use it all the time.
  2. I just replaced my RX400h SE (that I'd had for 6 years) with an NX300h Premier with panoramic roof. I must be young and urban? Or a 49 year old victim of marketing... Anyway I love the NX. It's so slow compared to the RX once you get above about 40 but apart from that it's pretty impressive. Ok so there are a few odd things like the stereo not muting for the sat nav voice. Why, when a ten year old Lexus manages this? One question: I have a 64gb usb drive with 36gb of music. (Yes it's formatted as FAT32.) Each time I start the car it takes a minute or two before the browse button (or selection by voice) is enabled. Do others have the same problem? Or do I just need to try something else like a different usb drive...
  3. Mine just had front dealer fit ones, I guess because the rear was covered by the reversing camera. There was a small switch fitted under and to the left of the steering wheel to switch them off. There was no link to the computer.
  4. If it has parking sensors then there would be about four round button shaped things on the bumper. What's the year of the car? Trade in for my 08 rx with multimedia and 92k was £5,850
  5. Connected Services Problem

    I'm at that stage too. I can connect ok but every time I want to download external memory points or whatever I have to log in again which is an utter pain. How do I get the car to remember the username and password?
  6. I had a messa red IS220d Sport or 5 years. I did have something, EGR maybe?, replaced under warranty apart from that I didn't have any problems that I can remember. The Sport has different gear ratios so the sixth gear is more useful as you can use it at a lower speed. In its favour the diesel has loads of torque and was fast and responsive.
  7. Oh yeah I remember stuff baby
  8. £270 for an RX400 by the way. (And £105 for an NX )
  9. The spare wheel on the RX400h is under the car. You lift up the boot floor and there's a winch handle under there that you turn and the wheel slowly drops down on a steel cable. The batteries are under the rear seat. There are vents behind the rear passenger's legs which help to keep the batteries at a happy temperature. (There's a warning in the manual about not blocking the vents with a blanket etc.) There is storage space under the boot floor. I had space for a bag of spare bulbs, a pack containing torch, electric pump etc, a wheel brace, golf umbrella, first aid kit, locking wheel nuts etc. The space can be used to store the boot cover out of the way when you need to pile the boot high but I never had space in their cause of all the junk. You have me stumped on the ASP button. On the RX400h that's where the button for the powered tailgate is. There were a couple of other buttons maybe for switching off the adaptive headlights and erm.... nope 6 years of memory wiped. Probably stuff that you'd normally want to leave on which is why I can't remember. Mine had a button underneath and to the left of the steering-wheel which switched on/off dealer fit front parking sensors.
  10. I had an RX400h SE (+ multimedia) for 6 years until 3 weeks ago. It had memory drivers seat with 3 settings but not passenger. Memory Mirrors that turned down when reversing. Bluetooth phone connectivity came with the multimedia option. This handled phone-calls but nothing else, eg music. Multimedia also gave you sat nav and voice control for the phone and sat nav, but not music. (Oddly the NX gives you voice control for phone and music but not sat nav.) There was no aux input although I think some people wired this in if I remember old posts correctly. It was 4wd. I don't think the UK had a 2wd option (unlike the NX again). Mine had illuminated scuff plates which I think were standard. Apart from that I think it was as on the link.
  11. Panoramic Sliding Glass Sunroof

    When I first got the car my daughter's boyfriend got in the back to check out the panoramic roof. I joked it was for viewing planes. He's a pilot and general plane spotter/geek. At that moment a plane flew low directly over the car. Perfect timing. Now he think's my car is great.
  12. Panoramic Sliding Glass Sunroof

    Just in case it's a factor: the panoramic roof does have an electrically operated blind that you can stop part way if you want.
  13. Soft helicopter sound at stationary

    Ventilated seat fan?
  14. Infinity

    I like the styling but fair point about the rear. It's fat and square and the worst bit of the car from an aesthetic perspective.
  15. Infinity

    Hi Paul How about an NX? I've just swapped to one from my RX. Not quite as quick as an IS but plenty of space which I'll need when it's the youngest's turn for uni. Chris.
  16. New owner questions

  17. NX Three likes/dislikes

    On likes can I say all of it? Well most of it. I've had my two year old NX for two weeks now and love it. Likes: Being able to have all my music on a USB drive and select an album etc by voice. The 360 camera for getting round the kink in our drive and into the tight garage. The card key. It's much less bulky in your pocket. Dislikes: Having to wait a couple of minutes before being able to browse or select music by voice each time you start the car. The music not muting for Sat Nav voice guidance. The connection for downloading routes from My Lexus seems a bit hit and miss. Oh and it's so slow compared to my old RX400h. Wait that's four, I can't have that.
  18. New owner questions

    I switch to Bluetooth and manually play Amazon Prime videos from the app on my mobile and the audio comes through the car speakers OK. It is Android though...
  19. Am I young and urban?

    It's OK, it's not a mid life crisis unless you get a Porsche :-) Our eldest daughter is more cynical about marketing than me cause she works in marketing... and maybe she's a victim too: She'd like a CT. It would be interesting to know the actual demographics of the people who buy each model. I suspect there are more 50ish owners of NXs than the marketing suggests, and Lexus hopes, cause of the cost.
  20. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    Which makes me wonder if we'll be able to buy the facelift part and it'll fit an older nx.
  21. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    It looks like the QI charging tray has been enlarged from that top video.
  22. Cross bars for panoramic roof

    I just swapped from an RX400h to an NX300h with pan roof... then remembered that I used to hold onto the RX's roof bars while washing the roof up a step ladder on my steep drive. I guess I'll be falling off ladders now. Anyway you used to be able to get generic roof bars that clamped into the top of the doorways. No idea if you'd find any that would fit an NX though.
  23. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    That small grill at the side of the front bumper looks awful. Why a light grey bit of plastic?
  24. Powered tailgate manual option

    Thanks. Salesman said that the powered tailgate couldn't be opened by hand.... perhaps to get me to just buy an NX I was looking at which didn't have the convenience pack.
  25. On my RX400h the powered tailgate can also be opened and closed manually. This is handy if you're parked close to a wall or in a multi-story with a low ceiling. Is the manual option possible on the NX?