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  1. On a long long run yes and even at a steady high cruise the mpg is good. Of course, as soon as you stop or are in town...mpg is slaughtered.
  2. Toyota now use Pink. Red is still obtainable. Both are long life and take your pick.
  3. Well the correct advice would be to fix it and not drive. I have on my wife’s Jag that had more leaks than Wales, even with a clapped water pump with steam rolling around at lights like a special effect...but the guage on normal. The repairs were not expensive, just time intensive and challenging so it had to wait. Needed a lot of parts by the way...cooling tower with thermostat housing and tough as to fit plus reservoir (awful job) oh and plastic drain plug that snapped on exit... I love Lexus... Cars often run a while before we discover the fault...at least you know.
  4. Nice one...that’s a result😀👍 In the old days you could buy lengths of hose that you would cut to fit. Should not be too much £ and might be easier to pick one up from a Lexus dealer...genuine article that will fit like a glove. The way I do this type of running repair is to drain system down if coolant is old. Repair, then do a total refill. If a quick repair: cover the drive belt and just pull the hoses, clips of offending pipe, mop up and minimise splash and dropped fluid as much as...replace, then fill up via that front top bolt first. Then secure and torque, then fill up by main reservoir. Run up to temp adding as required: heater full on. For me I needed to top a couple of times over the next miles until the system seemed to settle and I never had to touch again. Forgive me as I’m sure you know all this but some may be interested if they have not done it before. Oh and there is always better advice out there!
  5. Movement is normal under expansion and pressure. You might want to top up, engine cold, to the top mark. Cap off, heater on full, run the engine hot enough for the thermostat to open. You may have a small airlock or a leak. Observe safety precautions. (Also, when done and have secured the cap, keep an eye on the level during your motoring). Engine off: take top cover off and with a torch have a good look for damp patches or crystallised debris of coolant. Check hoses and clips. Bit belt and braces, but this is worth a quick check and slowest part is awaiting the engine to warm!
  6. There was rebuild guide on a forum...of course you still have to get the kit and find a real mechanic if you don’t fancy doing it. It’s all bothering around with the motor idle on the drive.
  7. Serial Dodgy Lexus Sellers

    Yep. Let’s look after each other as always and be fair and reasonable in the process. We’ll be fine.
  8. Serial Dodgy Lexus Sellers

    Yes “misunderstanding” sums it up. Despite the news, we still have free speech. If you can’t express yourself legally or fear to do so, you can report your concerns to trading standards or the police. Bringing a libel case is very expensive and very risky. BlogLex of Brighton (any similarity or reference to any individual living or business is unintentional and coincidental) are unlikely to be able to spell “libel” given by their ads.
  9. Surely you can get your unit reconditioned. Or buy a unit from the US if supply is poor here.
  10. Very sorry to hear this. Simple case and you could take this to the small claims court given you have requested, ordered the correct part and have been mis-supplied. Restocking bllcks charge. There is no material cost. Even if it’s in small print. It won’t wash.
  11. Serial Dodgy Lexus Sellers

    Your Lexus IS so damn good although if it looked like a Jag the world would know. We would be stuffed. It is fair to factually point to inconsistency in ads or from businesses. The only caveat is to be factual, ask questions without direct implication. There is a right of reply and judging by the way ads are removed, one might wonder whether some sellers are tapping the forum? Maybe not. (😜)
  12. These cars are undervalued and if you want to run very cheaply you would just service using cheaper non Lexus parts. The 400 is an incredibly low £ maintenance compared with any other vehicle. Yes any. If you fit Lexus parts you fit and forget for a long term. Barge in looks maybe but not in nature. Put in sport mode and bury that peddle. Now see. For less the cost of a Ford or Fiat cam belt change, all my pulleys, pumps, belts, tensioner are ok for 90k miles. Genuine brakes will be same £ as a modern saloon but will last longer and perform in s different league. Please don’t believe a word of this so Lexus owners and enthusiasts can enjoy silly prices and a range of great cars. 😉 .
  13. Hear, hear, hear. (Muttering from the back bench).
  14. Not me guv Maybe it’ll appear again with new photos and description...me, cynical?🙃