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  1. LS400

    I think 400s are undervalued. This one is a bit over the odds although some alterations are permitted missing bits are not acceptable at premium price.
  2. Front Tyre Wear

    Chesham is well in range for me...
  3. Front Tyre Wear

    Apologies for the double post ... no idea...
  4. Front Tyre Wear

    Great stuff: and that's what I'm suffering from but via shot lower arm bushes that cause the camber to go off but setting the camber would not fix it. It would move the wear.
  5. Front Tyre Wear

    Great stuff: and that's what I'm suffering from but via shot lower arm bushes that cause the camber to go off but setting the camber would not fix it. It would move the wear.
  6. Front Tyre Wear

    Mine is spot on...
  7. Front Tyre Wear

    Well 14k Miles is miles more than I get as I'm overdue lower control bar bushes. My set up is spot on and yet I strip out the inside edges in no time. MOT did not unearth anything undue and the mechanic is very thorough and guides me on to do work. Trouble is, my brake wear message came on with the familiar grind of shot brakes so that's the priority. At 84k miles I'm going to replace the discs too. So I'm saying suspension is your issue with worn bushes: but what mileage should we expect from our tyres?
  8. I'm sure it will be fine it's just a question of letting them know as a point of satisfying process.
  9. I have Continentals and they are a few bob. I need to sort lower bushes out as I go through fronts very quickly. There are a few outlets other than the well known ones that do a good price but they are not fitted. A local garage that fits one of the big brands fitted mine for £15 all in and I discovered a great little business I'd use again. I managed to get a really good nearly new, never repaired for £35 which I admit was lucky. I'm uneasy about the budget tyres unless your a gentle pootler doing very few gentle miles. Mind you I ran a TR6 on low profile Hankooks when they were breaking into the UK market: they were cheap but boy did they stick. They were fab.
  10. And I should add, this is a way of testing the MAF as the motor might run roughly but it won't stall. I gather it can be a fuel pump or fuel pump relay breaking down but I think this is when the pump is hot. I'd be surprised if it's the throttle body. Worth checking all air hoses and associated clips.
  11. Could it be the Maf sensor? if it's like a Merc you can unplug it and it'll run albeit a bit rough and without full power to get you home.
  12. Wobbles at speed - ball joints?

    What can happen: your tyres go out of balance as they wear and need a rebalance. But check the tyres for uneven wear as this points to lower control arm bush wear. Ball joints are worth replacing after years and mileage if they've not been done.
  13. As my sons would say, in approval: they look sick.
  14. I can't recall a master key set up. Your second key should do might need to put the key in and actually turn it...😃 If the fob doesn't work...
  15. When I shopped tax etc was added and I couldn't find anything close in the uk. i was further lucky as there was an offer on and it made it silly cheap. Kit was £160 all in.
  16. I used the Gates' kit for my Mk4 from Rockauto and am very happy. Spec is same for U.K. Unless someone tells me different! You might want to take the opportunity of replacing any other worn pulleys from the auxiliary belt set up whilst you're at it. Even at 70k miles they might be getting tired.
  17. Well you certainly gave him a scare and he'll have a new If grudging respect for the Lexus🙂
  18. This is not such an uncommon problem. A few posts on this site deal with reset procedures for this issue. Sometimes using codereaders can trip the lights. I might disconnect the battery again and reapply the battery reinstall procedures that you have to do when reconnecting a battery. if that failed I'd try following the terminal jumping procedures as discussed on the forum. Sounds like a resst issue rather than a component failure to me.
  19. I got them from Lexus in Birmingham by post and a I think that Lexus will only replace the complete component...doesn't mean they won't sell you the bush...
  20. Lexus might not fit bushes but you can buy them from them. Ive got lower control arm bushes and a local garage will fit etc I'm taking the arms off myself.
  21. I'd be a bit surprised if they original at that mileage. If they are I'd replace them without any doubt. It's a job I have to do on my 83k miles car as they are worn. I'll do the ball joints too as they are leaking grease whilst they have no play. Of course, you might have worn and warped discs? I get some brake shimmy and wear out inside tyre at alarming rate...all tracking is spot on. Have work to do.
  22. Alternater is on that side nearish to the wing...I suppose that might crackle away?
  23. Sounds of Creaking Rubber Over Bumps

    It's perfectly acceptable to let it all hang out. The suspension doesn't take much to resettle and I wonder if some grease or dirt has been dislodged and moved where it's not welcome. You don't mention your mileage and if or when any suspension work has been done. It may disappear or might have unsettled a worn out bush or joint. My wife'a car developed post MOT a dreadful clatter front end. Dutifully I removed the front wheels and did a visual inspection, pushed and pulled, spun the discs and saw nothing amiss. No more noise. Bonkers.