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  1. Yep, ambermine, I’m with you on this. Might as well fix that rad at the same time. I did not have to remove the rad for my cambelt/pulleys/water pump work...
  2. If you do the work yourself I’d try removing the airlock by running up to temperature without the reservoir cap on with heater full on highest setting. Shame to do a total refill if you need a new rad...that’s the solution. I’d link the water pump change to cambelt but not the rad...if that makes sense. Do the rad. Irrespective of water pump😀. That little hole in the rad could be repaired but it depends where and what it is and the general condition of the rad. As ambermarine says as it cools the rad sucks in air.
  3. Yep if that’s your advice that’s what I’d do too...
  4. Hi Graham Even with discounts these are hefty fees. Your issues are not insurmountable but I agree with my friends you need to collect the car and do some research. You haven’t mentioned how you are with a set of spanners... There is a LexusToyota indie in Maidenhead. Sorry can’t find their details. I haven’t used them. They will fit customer’s parts. I don’t know if they will source second hand parts, smart disties do as they see the value of the car vs repair costs and they get the all important labour...fair enough btw. That’s what you need... Look forward to reading how you get on.
  5. Yes it’s not part of a cambelt job. You are in a different place. ive not seen a guide to overhauling one either.
  6. Graham please do keep us informed and keep posting: there are loads of great minds and experience here that will respond as soon as they can. You have a great car and once these things are fixed you will probs only service the thing for years.
  7. Oh that’s a shock to the system. Suspension parts and repairs are very normal whatever you drive so that can be done by an independent if you want to keep costs down. The big bit is obviously the ignition...I would be sourcing through a breaker...get the lock even you have to pay quite a few bob for new keys...from Lexus to match the lock serial number. Any of my forum friends agree/have alternates? Also, have a look at buying from the US...
  8. Yep it’s finding the gems and they’re out there.
  9. LHD used to be non wanted low value...but if you want a Lexus registered in that country then it’s a start. Bonkers money. Might be interesting if a late Mk4 but only well under 100k miles.
  10. Well bless your mechanic. I’m a fan of OE but it’s expensive and for brakes, plugs, oil filter, I have stuck with OE. Admittedly the £ was good but went for a Gates kit TCKWP298 that had everything needed and I opted to replace the Idler pulley and belt tensioner too. I had a Circoli thermostat that I fitted having good experience of the manufacturer previously. The kit I bought from Rick Auto including tax an delivery. Noted a couple of pulleys were OE manufacturers...hope the spec was the same...😉 All went on smoothly. Please shop around as there are chancers and blagards around...whilst I respect Blueprint...I can buy OE for cheaper than that brand from the Lexus dealers. If you want original then call Lexus Birmingham and ask for a discount and best price...no I don’t work for them but I’m a repeating happy customer...burp😀
  11. Ooofff I think we all do...
  12. That sums it up spot on. Even when you can diy it is rewarding and saves money but it can be a labour of love. Time is money and it’s ok to pay to have it done...even if you can do it with your eyes shut. Life can be busy and you know...takes time.
  13. Mmm...chocolate discs, eaten before fitted... I gave up on non OE as some big disties have brand specs made to their cheaper requirements and costs. My Merc garage ended up sourcing the same brand through the dealer as there was a quality issue and they had constant warranty issues. But, it can be batches, it’s your choice and your budget. It was a few years ago and could/should be fixed by now.
  14. Forgive me if you’ve read this before...I bought a good value battery: cheaper not premium for wife’s Jag. After 6 months there was a slow drain meaning battery flattened over time. Now Jags are legendary here as a component fails to go to sleep sucking out the charge. X2 garage visits, no cure. Telephone call with a local auto electrician...yes it’s the Lion battery I’ve had lots of trouble and I’m not charging you to come out until you’ve replaced it first. The reputable dealer swopped it without quibble and I paid an excess to get a quality brand. All about holding that charge. Sorted. No issues at all. £100 is ok as some are 130 +/-
  15. Was that Lexus? I hate the way the garage trade quotes less VAT and I’d go as so far as to say that should be an illegal practice as it is deception. You have the right to cancel. My 400 took a L2880-YZZJC for £88.80 all in from Lexus in 2015.
  16. Yep well I had a Brembo set up on my XKR and they are quality. They’ve gone more mass market over the past few years and if they’ve maintained their standards then they are probably an upgrade...as long as the pads have the same ceramic content as the Toyota.
  17. Having bashed on about good quality non OE ok but OE better...wallet was out in preparation for Christmas hols. My brake warning lights/messages are on and I’ve the accompanying grinding. Genuine front discs and pads plus VAT and postage were £195 from Lexus Birmingham. That’s cheaper than many quality non OE parts.
  18. Well you’ll need new discs obviously and Mintex or their distributors will be able to advise on the fitment. I know price can be very important but it is true you get what you pay for. I’d stick with OE but would work hard to get the best price. Especially with brakes as even quality replacements can be poor. I’ve had this from Renault, Merc, Porsche & Jag. Having said that, after a squeaky start, the Mintex set-up on my Jag are performing well. My LS400 will get OE. Need to replace front discs and pads.
  19. Quite a few years ago it was common to send the shoes for a re-lining via your motor factor who would send them to a factory. There are a few clips and pins in attaching the shoes so there could be different versions. Having said that, surely they will be the same on cost control grounds in the manufacturing process. Blueprint will make them at a decent price but worth checking a dealership too. Are you sure they don’t require adjustment?
  20. If you like or love the car then maintenance costs are just running costs. You have to do this in young vehicles and there are always surprises. A dealer probably won’t rob you but you pay top price. A non franchise will be less pennies but may not fit genuine parts. If you can do the work then you can save a lot of money. But not all have the time or ability. Don’t think about the £ value of the car but it’s overall running costs and whether you want to stick with it. There are good quality non OE parts but I now will stick to OE but will source on best price. I can get discs for £150 fr pair and pads £70 or a bit less. That’s good as they are genuine and will last for ages. For me, no labour... Some garages will fit your own parts and are happy to take the labour but the work will have limited warranty. btw all the parts you have replaced...are regular maintenance consumables and are through age or wear and tear. Future: cam belt, water pump, pulleys, suspension bushes, spark plugs (last for ages). World would have ended before you have had to scrap the car.😉
  21. Yes I agree, pretty good stuff and a lot is rebadged and comes from top sources. Who would have thought that a Lexus dealer uses Shell Helix but you wouldn’t know🙃
  22. Yes my bargain for Shell Helix for 5ltrs plus one was £21 but I’m in at £29 this year. Still ok. But the Jag is on TripleQ which is ok to be fair and cheap as chips...genuine filters only though.
  23. On a long long run yes and even at a steady high cruise the mpg is good. Of course, as soon as you stop or are in town...mpg is slaughtered.
  24. Toyota now use Pink. Red is still obtainable. Both are long life and take your pick.
  25. Well the correct advice would be to fix it and not drive. I have on my wife’s Jag that had more leaks than Wales, even with a clapped water pump with steam rolling around at lights like a special effect...but the guage on normal. The repairs were not expensive, just time intensive and challenging so it had to wait. Needed a lot of parts by the way...cooling tower with thermostat housing and tough as to fit plus reservoir (awful job) oh and plastic drain plug that snapped on exit... I love Lexus... Cars often run a while before we discover the fault...at least you know.