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  1. I have had complaints reported to me on this thread. Please keep it constructive. Lose the abuse or I will have to start issuing warnings.
  2. This has been fixed. Sorry for the delay, had issues and loss of hair.
  3. 0% i hope? Hope you never had any bits missing like mine. Check everything
  4. RC-F models can now join in the Lexus F Club... a section of the club for F series owners.
  5. Hi Guys I have a set of genuine OEM rubber mats and boot mat for sale. I am looking for the set to be sold complete. Mats have been used for 1 winter and are in great condition. These mats and great quality and simply clip in to the Lexus mat clips perfectly. I am looking for collection only from the Bournemouth area. Don't really want to roll the boot mat and ship. I am looking for £100 for the complete set ( these are £168 at Lexus at present) email me at
  6. Sequential numbering of entries within each thread

    it will happen soon. sorry for delay
  7. Gold Membership

    Its back on for this weekend. I see you don't have an automatic renewal so just use this page to renew it already have the BF sale included.
  8. Gold Membership

    Hi John When the subscription goes through, send me an email and I will refund the difference. I can see its due any day and will be through the sale period. my email is cheers
  9. Gold Membership Problems

    NO problems. Hope to rectify the issues. I have made a temporary form now until I fix the original one.
  10. Combined IsF-rcF-gsF-LFA Forum.

    you have tagged the wrong steve paul :)
  11. Combined IsF-rcF-gsF-LFA Forum.

    Always happy to help. Just would be good to ensure everyone is happy of the change.
  12. Combined IsF-rcF-gsF-LFA Forum.

    If the conclusion is everyone would like the F forum on its own then I will be happy to provide that. Paul please let me know, you can email me at if you need me to merge all these. :)
  13. Combined IsF-rcF-gsF-LFA Forum.

    enthusiasts can still talk about it