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  1. also, looking at it he has had it for a number of months going by the outside temp displayed on dash. Look through all MOT milage and verify it is all genuine. Brakes, check these, run your finger across the disk to see if it lipped at the top of the disks. New disks and pads will set you back a couple of hundred quid so getting something with half decent brakes will last a couple of years. These are heavy motors. To be honest, big cars do tend to sit about at dealerships, people scared of their running costs. So don't let it put you off. If it doesnt look right in any way then walk away. A well maintained GS will look after you as long as you look after it as well. Be aware that these are very nice cars, they will give you a nice ride and 1st class ride and all that, but expect to spend a little on fuel, they are not massively excessive but the hybrid is a better option. LPG install from Profess Autogas is a good option for the future.
  2. looks good. make sure it comes with full service history.
  3. unfortunately you must search 4 letters or more. It's pants that it does not tell you this. When going to the search box select google from the drop down left of the search box. That will work better for you.
  4. looks sweet. definitely needed on the new IS range
  5. Do you find forum responses from LOC members helpful? We would imagine you did, so please show your appreciation to our members and click "Like" in their post. It's members that go out of their way to help each other that make LOC such a great place, so liking their post is a visual way to say thanks!
  6. what sort of money are you hoping for Jon?
  7. Only thing i find is the front spoiler is low.. scraped mine in Brugge on their super tight roads
  8. Looking good chris. As for economy, I drove to brussels and back on one tank, over 600 miles to the tank. With careful driving 700 can be achieved.
  9. where are you in the country rob?
  10. welcome Brandynh welcome mate.. cool video! glad you enjoy the Tezza!
  11. Actually.. i emailed you. ;)
  12. Sending you a PM
  13. Hi Sorry about this.. since last software update paypal option has not been showing and I am currently in talks with the software developers to see why this is happening. I will contact you when this is fixed. Apologies for the wait
  14. This has been sorted chris. please check your paypal account