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  1. Both of my fronts are apparently leaking slightly - noted at last service and MOT - so hoping when it's in for service in a few weeks the warranty will pick it up (I'll make sure to mention it and note that the suspension seems a bit trashy in the front!).
  2. Absolutely. Washing a car with a sponge and drying with a shammy is a disaster for car paint!
  3. Chemical Guys Black Light or Poor Boys Black Hole are both excellent sealant/glazes to mask minor marring and scratches.
  4. Thanks John.
  5. Thanks Gents. Hopefully the extra expense will be worth it - I am working hard on getting the car back to as close to new quality as possible. Another £57 of parts at the weekend for a couple of specific clips, a new cup holder insert and touch up kit.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus Owners Club RajithJay. No idea on the spacers and I know some people on here don't know what/where/why you might use them but, as you'll know in the correct car, they look great and will make little difference to the car mechanically. Many people in the US use them so may be worth ploughing through Club Lexus forums as many will have done it there it's a very common modification on performance cars - often the wheel being further inside the arch is purely for economy, safety, or other reasons - not necessarily mechanical. Same with wheel offset. Your best bet might also to be to speak to a good quality performance car wheel specialist and get their advice too. Post up the results when you know. Brian.
  7. These are great figures :) My peak has been 40.4mpg on a tracking app. and average over the entire year + I have owned the car is 35 mpg of all sorts of mixed driving, 17,000 miles. The car economy is actually improving over the time, I assume as the car is being driven more sensitively as I maximise the use of the hybrid system.
  8. Thanks - I have been through all of that info, but really looking to get a properly comprehensive "why does this cost £745" list followed by the technician, versus the £220 less Essential Care Major service for cars over 5 years old...
  9. Mmmm...mine does not have a timing belt or diesel filter. it's all the checks I'd like to know about to justify £4-500 more than the last service, which included filters, oils and brake fluid etc...
  10. Gold Member Discount - 15% on Labour and 10% on parts at most dealers. Mine is going in for the big, £745, one next month - that will be discount by around £80 approx.
  11. Hi all, My GS450 is due it's 12th service (it's circa 90,000 miles but that is the srvice it has reached). The total cost of the service is £745 (before my discount) so is the biggest service of them all. Any idea what is in it, what will be done/changed and what the additional cost will be? They said it is likely to take all day as there is a lot of labour involved in the service. As the car is 11 years old in November, and technically I could be using the Minor/Major service from the Essential Care Package but not sure that will be anywhere near as comprehensive. The car is under Lexus Warranty until the start of August 2018 thankfully. Any thoughts, or anyone actually have the list of work the technician does on the service to justify the price? I already have the lists of items, which are available on the website, but these are not specific to 60 or 120,000 miles. Brian.
  12. Yeah - it is doing great. On my app that tracks it properly, it did 40.41MPG on that fill up (475 miles and I put in £63 of petrol to take it back to full). The average over the last 17,500 miles I have done in the car over the space of 12 months has been 35.08MPG, which for a 3.5 litre V6 is superb! I do a lot of mixed driving, but certainly the longer drives will see 40+ mpg on the car.
  13. That's crazy - it's part of their fixed price menu.
  14. No - that's £795 fitted for the pair. It's £595 for a pair of front ones, hence me thinking it might be cheaper. Also work joining the Lexus Owners Club to get your card just for that discount alone! I have saved £308 over the last year using all my discounts!