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  1. Finally took some piccys

    Hi Womble 72, what I was looking to do was to get the mirrors to fold in automatically when I lock the car with the remote. I know it's a bit anal, but as "senior moments" become increasingly frequent I can't remember whether or not I locked the car. If the mirrors are folded in, I know I did lock it - it saves that dance of walking away from the car, stopping, walking back to check the doors then walking away again. I'll check out the link to the other topic. Love this site guys, so much information
  2. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    M40, M5, M6 for me. I'll keep an eye out for fellow ISFs
  3. Finally took some piccys

    Hi guys, Sorry to interrupt the "garage queens" debate, back to my original question relating to the automatic folding mirrors. I checked on my car as suggested and it does not have the auto fold function. So, i'm in for the aftermarket solution. How easy or otherwise would this be to fit, is there anyone going on Sunday who can show me or talk me through what is required? Looking forward to meeting as many owners as possible on Sunday Cheers
  4. It's been over a week since I got the car and I took it on a bit of a grand tour towards the end of the week. I even remembered to stop and take some photos The car is great, even better than I had hoped for. One it possible to make the wing mirrors fold in when the car is locked? Other Lexus' I have had used to do this, and I can't figure it out for this one. Cheers Simon
  5. Soon to be IS-F owner

    Picked mine up last week, it's good to hear about another new convert to the car. Really looking forward to the get together on 19th and to meeting other owners and seeing the cars
  6. Just got it!

    Thanks for all the replies and the Grand Tour details - i'll be there. It rained most of the day yesterday and I wimped out of taking photos, but today looks more promising. The car is black with black inside I look forward to meeting other owners on 19th
  7. Just got it!

    Morning everyone, Just got an ISF, it's fantastic - but you already know that. Looking forward to learning more about the car and sharing some stuff on this forum. I thought I saw some details of a meet- up sometime in November? Is that right, can someone share details please? Many thanks Simon
  8. After 20k miles the rear tyres on my 2004 LS 430 need replacing. It currently has the factory fit Bridgestone 245/45R18 fitted and I am wondering if this is the best replacement or does anyone have an alternative recommendation? Thanks
  9. Hi, I read your post with interest and followed the link for the iPod interface. It certainly sounds like a great addition to a fabulous car. I would be very interested in having one fitted to my car, which seems very similar to yours by the way. However, I have one concern which concerns fitting the device. All the instructions on the linked site seemed very confusing, and I certainly wouldn't know where to begin. Have you been able to get it fitted to your car yet, and if so does it work as well as the link suggests? I will review your comments with great interest! Thanks :)