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  1. I am off to Oxford Autogas in Tiddington on Friday for a Lpg service . Will let you know how I get on. My daughter has used them a few times for her Seat and gotten great service so here's hoping .
  2. Thanks buddy. I'll have to make an appointment at Tiddington Garage near Thame .They open on a Saturday .
  3. Happy new year everyone. Can anyone recommend a good mobile LPG service technician in the Reading area? I have previously used BPV services in Slough but they do not open on Weekends so I need to either someone to come to me or a place within 30 mins or so that opens on a weekend. Thanks in advance
  4. Thx Harry.I presume there must be a fuse for the compressor somewhere ?
  5. Hi all.I now have an oven on wheels as during the 3/4 days of summer we have I have no air con !Had a guy from AC4 cars look at it and said that there was gas in the system but the compressor was not cutting in.Need to check whether an electrical or mechanical fault.I had the rad and condenser replaced 2 years ago.Any ideas? Thx in advance
  6. Thx Venator.The door is jammed shut and the window motor is not heard.Also the wing mirror is not un folding.Just spoke to my mate at LEXUS and he will look at it on Monday citing a possible Actuator fault.
  7. Evening all.I need help please.My front n/s door jammed shut along with the window stuck 8 inches open :(.have checked all fuses but no luck. The AA couldn't help .thx in advance.
  8. HI all.After many many months i have managed to connect my Samsung s4 to the cars handsfree system( 2004 ls430).I also can transmit the contacts via bluetooth.From the transfer menu in the cars handsfree menu select transfer and add You have to go into your phone; select contact view contact share namecard then select bluetooth should find the cars handsfree and confirm 'file sent' hope this helps
  9. I have done some research and am tempted by the new Michelin Cross climate tyres.Not available in 245/45/18 yet but I have a set of 17" wheels so will go for 225/55/17 as fitted on previous Ls models.cheapest I've found.let me know if anyone can get them cheaper.thx
  10. Hi all.Just wondering if anyone has had their rear a/c pipes capped/welded as I have a leak on my rear pipe(common apparently) and it is too expensive to replace.Thanks in advance. Lexus ls430 2004 LPG
  11. i always key lock mine.Also i have i bigger more powerful Bosch Silver plus battey wedged in.It fits but the terminals are at the bottom of the battery tray as you have to put it in 'upside down'.Battery is available for same price as a standard Lexus one from Costco.
  12. Has anyone had the rear pipes 'capped' and re gassed?
  13. Thx alyg and Titch. I have a mate at Lexus ,but it's not as 'easy as it used to be ' for him to work on my car,hence the search!