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  1. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Good progress Rob, liking the small details such as the gear pattern plaque
  2. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Hi Rob, and a belated welcome to the club. I loved my IS300 Sportcross, hope you get as much enjoyment from your IS, certainly a rare find with only 28k on the clock. It's nice to see someone take on an older Lexus and get really stuck into it. I love projects like this, will be watching this thread/build with interest. Wishing you all the best.
  3. Seems a bit highly priced for year and mileage but then again it's a dealer so there might be some wiggle room. If you do go to view one make sure you check the inner sides of the exhaust back boxes and the v-section as these are prone to rust. Hope you find a nice one, they are lovely cars, I absolutely love mine.
  4. On an open road is where the LS400 really comes into it's own, a magic carpet ride and effortless power.
  5. Leaving the fold....

    Very nice indeed Martin, the colour is stunning. Hope it gives you great service and many miles of enjoyment. Do post some more pics once the weather has allowed a bit of pampering.
  6. As the title says, what is the centre bore diameter of GS Sport/Borbet TTE alloy wheels? Thanks in advance.
  7. mk1 to mk3 rims

    I stand to be corrected on the sensor query, but I seem to recall reading someone fitting aftermarket wheels and having an issue with the sensors, hence why I flagged it up. Hopefully someone with direct experience will be along shortly to clarify further. I love the look of the Borbets as well, in fact I was considering a Gen2 GS430 Sport before I went for my Gen3, the staggered Borbets suit the Gen2 well. Hope the trip to Lexus proves fruitful, will await your news.
  8. Check the inner sections of the exhaust back boxes (next to the heat shields) as these tend to rust through. Not a cheap part to replace, I just had mine done and even finding a "bargain" oem part it still cost nearly £500 inc fitting. Leading front edge of the bonnet can suffer corrosion, some people have had this replaced under the 12 year bodywork warranty, other haven't been so lucky. I would suggest looking at something with a good history and check the cambelt has been replaced as this is another expence. Best of luck in your search.
  9. mk1 to mk3 rims

    Not sure if you have tyre pressure sensors on your GS, but fitting the Borbet TTE wheels would pose a problem with them if you do. I have a lovely set of Borbet TTE's (not staggered) sat in my garage that I was going to fit on my Sportcross but never did, guess they must be pretty rare now. Glad your enjoying your GS which looks good, I love mine........apart from the bonnet issue which is high on my list od to do's!
  10. Apologies for delay in my reply. Lexus Bristol have always been pretty fair with me and when re-checking the quote did say that even at cost price it would cost them £500 ish. So I'm not sure how the hell Lexus Birmingham managed to do it for the price they did if Lexus Bristol are correct. Anyway, I'm pleased to report the exhaust is now fitted (my mate only charged me £30 to fit it) and I managed to remove the chrome tips and give them a serious clean and polish before refitting, so all looks and sounds great now, hopefully this one will last ten years plus like the old one! The old back boxes were quite bad, seems they go on the inner edge close to the heat shields.
  11. Seems not, double checked the price with Lexus Bristol, not including tips or fitting....£730. I have now ordered from Lexus Birmingham, £453.47 inc P+P. As mentioned I will get my friend who runs his own garage to fit it so all in it should come in around £500 give or take a few pounds.
  12. I'm not sure how they arrived at the figure of £800 hence my query after the quote from Lexus Birmingham and reading your posts. Their quote may have included the tips but I'm wondering if that was including fitting, still expensive regardless. Lexus Bristol have always been very good with me so I'm hoping they come back with good this space!
  13. Many thanks for your reply. I have just spoken to Lexus Birmingham (ebay) and they have quoted me £429.43 which includes gaskets etc plus £25 p+p. Obviously I have fitting on top of that but my friend runs his own garage so I'm sure he would fit it for a reasonable price. I have now queried my original quote of £800 with Lexus Bristol and I'm awaiting a call back. Thanks again for your input.