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  1. I totally agree that 600 miles is a max day distance. I have just begun my first leg,of a European adventure and have no intention of exceeding that limit, there just is no point. So far first 250 miles showing 31.4 miles per gallon, and effortless 'Lexus' drive. Eurotunnel on Monday morning, cheers, Roger
  2. John, they were not in danger of needing to be replaced, and I would probably have run them safely for another 3-5k miles in this country. However as tyres wear so does the potential of a puncture and the advice I was given, advisory as it was, I took, more on the basis of cost in an emergency situation. I think with hindsight it was probably also more sensible from a safety point of view. Had I been advised to change them for use in this country, on safety grounds, I would have done so without question.
  3. I think I was just making the point that it is cheaper to buy 4 new tyres in advance, not through the Indie who advised by the way , than risk a blow out, from tyres that had seen their best years. As Malc says would have been getting close to legal limit, and I think there were cracks appearing. The comments were made in good faith, and yes I do have full breakdown cover, but you are not going to be able to buy at the prices mentioned on here, for one tyre in an emergency. The 4 Michelins cost me £480 fitted. I also have better peace of mind to have ticked of a potential problem.
  4. I am leaving a week Monday for a 2 month trip around France and Spain. I am very attentive to my tyre conditions, but when I visited a Lexus indie recently, and told him of my plans, he advised to fit 4 new tyres in the basis that if I had a blow out in France, it could cost me more than a new set of 4 tyres here. I have just fitted 4 new Michelin Primacy 3, just trust I now don't have a puncture, but I do carry a spare. Sorry to hear of Norman's problems.
  5. Paul, have a chat with Paul Frost at Lexusspares direct. There is not much he does not know about LS 430's. His no is 07590 072646 Cheers, Roger
  6. I agree with you I thought it was cheep.
  7. The car mats are designed to be able to be washed in a washing machine and come up like new. I took mine to a launderette which had a large drum machine then dried them on the washing line.
  8. Paul it is highly durable, and will last a long time, I understand. Most of the top Powerboats, Sunseeker etc., are wrapped. Being on the sea is an extremely hostile environment and they take it no problem. A big advantage is if you scratch or damage it, you just cut a piece out and put a new piece in, plus it always looks shiny, like new.
  9. I have to agree. Am taking my LS 430 to France and Spain, leave uk 22nd May, back 12th July. Am not complacent, or wishing to tempt fate, but I have total confidence in my car. Malc made a very good point, that major components don't really break down, and minor problems can be sorted with a local mechanic. Have full Nationwide European Cover, just hope I don't need it !!!!!! Cheers, Roger
  10. See Lexus are numero one again, with the RX gaining 5 Stars. FYI Land Rover / RangeRover, BMW X5, Audi Q7 all got 2 Stars. Happy days, Roger
  11. Welcome onboard. Your new baby looks brilliant, so do what we all do...........enjoy...Rgds, Roger
  12. I would like to think that is not the case, if so, it is very naive in this day and age. An opportunity to build trust and a new customer, whichever way you look at it.
  13. Has the car been standing for long periods, because if they rust, this then really accelerates wear
  14. Thank you guys for the responses. I feel bad enough not knowing the bass was not connected, and really appreciating the quality sound. Pete if you had heard the boom box, it nearly blew my eardrums, in fact it was not comfortable at all even with the bass turned right down. However I did notice people looking at me arriving wondering what an old get like me was listening to such loud music. The "spring chicken "was just a reference to the fact that one would normally associate such modifications with the younger generation driving around with the car windows wide open. Maybe it is just my intolerance to strong loud base..... no offence intended...honest. Rgds, Roger
  15. Hi all. Just want to relate what happened to me. I found that the sub woofer was not working. This is despite the fact that I thought the sound system was brilliant, as I ramped up Brothers in Arms by Dire Straights. When I purchased my LS 430 nearly 3 years ago the previous owner had installed a "boom box" in the boot. Apart from the fact it took up boot space, it nearly blew my ear drums so I had it removed. Weirdly the previous owner was no spring what the f...k ? Anyway, when I found the speaker not working I contacted Paul Frost at Lexussparesdirect, in Darwin. I recently bought a refurbed steering wheel motor from him. He stocks refurbed as well as second hand parts, in fact his workshop is an LS graveyard, full of second hand parts. I arranged to visit on my return from the Lakes to have it sorted, but as he only had one refurbed part in stock he suggested I buy it now (27th March) so he had it in stock when I called. This I did , for £140. I asked him to fit it, as the rear seat needs to come out, I am not mechanical, and it was a fiddly job. He said he would do it for £30, which I agreed to. When I arrived yesterday he took the cover off the speaker and immediately said that is was not blown. Bearing in mind he could have told me anything and just carried on fitting, as I am sure many would have done. He then investigated further and said it was just not connected. He fixed it all in 15 mins. I said "what do I owe you" he said nothing and I will refund the full cost of your speaker through PayPal tonight. I think that is brilliant honesty in this age, and I will obviously use him again, but also highly recommend him. FYI he is a Lexus Enthusiast, and exports parts to the US, Rgds, Roger