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  1. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    £10 on lunch most days bloody hell
  2. We get have a V6 (with only 204hp - your words mind) and these **** **** ******** cyclists are making you look a bit of a tit.
  3. There are idiots in all walks of life (cycling included) but in my experience there are far more behind a wheel and you appear to be demonstrating that quite well. Mandatory only under certain conditions of course ie after dark in rural areas, poor lighting conditions etc.As you say the jury is out but I'm surprised Linas hasn't mentioned helmets in his anti cyclist rants.
  4. Servicing Costs

    If you advise the vet you have no insurance the bill will magically decrease by 90% well at least 75% A bit like taking a car to a body repair place ..there are always two prices. We've had a virtual kennel and cattery for the last 30 years and the biggest bill was £400 for a hip removal on a Jack Russell. Vets tend to be non money grabbing folk - well the old timers do. back on topic..roughly I never had an extended warranty on the IS200. I did however on my recent BMW as the BMW warranty is allegedly second to none but the cars aren't .. I'm undecided on the IS200t - warranty up in 12 months. I've read some disappointing stuff on here in relation to Lexus warranty claims however, also some good stuff (Just to balance things up).
  5. The thread that keeps on giving. Where exactly do you come from Linas? I'm honestly intrigued as I've cycled thousands of miles through many cities in mainland Europe and look here I am alive, non retarded ,not suffering from cancer and strangely devoid of truck collisions (London is probably the safest city I've been to in that regard) Is this the place local pedestrians must wear high viz / reflection at night due to the actions of impatient drivers like you per chance Pray tell
  6. You said you considered cyclist hitting mirrors 'a trend'.
  7. Your mirror was hit by a mechanically propelled vehicle - not a bicycle.
  8. It is not dangerous. Holland has a population of 16 million - more than London..and the majority of people own a bike. Lung cancer from what exactly - all them pesky vehicles..haha. You just don't get it do you.
  9. my post. i said I don't condone it. That means I don't agree / accept/ approve it. Look it up mate, I would hate for you to get in a bit of bother over language difficulties
  10. It's a minefield. They require you to report any incident - no matter what. On one occasion my daughter opened her door and allegedly hit the alloy wheel of a Range Rover. The guy went the whole hog ..threats / demanding £500 for a wheel refurbishment but then made a mistake that would have cost him dear....but as it transpired also hammered my daughter for 3 years. He rang his insurance company. I guess in an effort to make us pay up. We didn't but within a few hours Admiral sent a text and e mail and it was on her record. There was no claim, it came to nothing but the Incident was on her record and reflected in her renewals. An Insurance claim is absolutely the last resort in my eyes.
  11. You saw one incident involving a cyclist and a car mirror and you think it happens all of the time ? Perhaps..just perhaps the motorist in his one ton comfort capsule got to close to the cyclist and put his life in danger...I dunno and I don't condone it. Random cyclists don't knock off car mirrors as a matter of routine. Why - because you don't pay attention ? By insisting that cyclists wear high visibility clothing you are doing two things. You are adding to the misconception that cycling is dangerous when it isn't. You are also attempting to put blame on cyclists involved in collisions with motor vehicles who aren't wearing some kind of dayglow outfit. You failed to tell me the country in which you stated it was law for pedestrians to light reflectors / high vis in the dark - please do. I see. Because it doesn't fit your narrative you simply dismiss it. You also dismiss best practice - what a way for a country to advance itself eh ! Hilarious. No mate. Promoting cycling is aimed at making people healthier, reducing traffic and helping the environment.
  12. You come from a country where J walking is illegal ...yet post this. I have every sympathy with your case against the moped but for added effect you went on an anti cyclist rant - there is no comparison between your incident and cyclists and I struggle to see the connection. Can you advise in which country pedestrians are lawfully required to wear high visibility in the dark...I'm intrigued only because I have never seen it in any city and will remember to take my high vis when I pop into bars and restaurants if I go there. Your instance that High Vis is the answer is simply shifting the blame from motorists who chose not to drive without due care and attention to vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists . There is no evidence to prove high vis has any impact on cycling safety ...lights yes and we have laws in relation to that. Have you been to Holland ? Millions of cyclists - no helmets or requirement for high vis, yet if there is there is an accident with a cyclists the onus is automatically placed on the driver of the vehicle until proved otherwise. As a result people drive more carefully and are more aware of their surroundings ( as you should be). You mention congestion and traffic being worse here than everywhere else yet go on a rant about cyclists - can't you see the hypocrisy in that statement ?
  13. It sounds like you need to get a better grasp of your surroundings. In other words fess up. Cyclists dont have the luxury of being surrounded by a ton of Lexus metal, that aside visit a few other European Cities and you will realise its pretty damned good here/ - I accept there are some muppets but 99% are normal law abiding folk. As a pedestrian should you wear High viz ?..should cars be high viz ? . I don't get this 'gear 'regulation thing you mention
  14. Wind Noise

    I believe my car is similar to the IS300h apart from the engine. I had slight wind noise heading down the M40 past Banbury into the face of Storm Brian last month. It was a whisper in my ear, just a slight one or I may even have imagined it. But in normal motorway use - no.