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  1. Used Halfrauds for her B Class a few years back. Never ever again. Fitted incorrect pads - but only found out after I noticed a large amount of brake dust and a red hot wheel one day. Wrecked the discs and pads. They denied it despite the part numbers etc. I've had good dealings with ATS near me so if you want to go the indy route try them too.
  2. Courtesy of Lexus GB: Good going. Hope the chap enjoys many more happy miles in it :)
  3. That's great news! Hope the rest of the car is also great! Get some pics up :)
  4. Apologies - I didn't figure it out! Was showing folks how the two different screens look as there were suggestions to press buttons, etc. I don't believe there is a fix :(
  5. Cayenne V8 diesel :)
  6. Just found the post: This is truly ridiculous. I'm staggered they would remove it on some cars. Looks like the one i'm looking at (or rather was!) is a car that must have been affected. Very, very silly.
  7. Thanks John but quite sure there was no button being shown on the screen...
  8. So went to look at a 3rd Gen GS (facelift). One thing that I couldn't figure out was why the guidelines were not appearing when it reverse (the ones that turn as you turn the steering wheel). The parking sensors were activated (I checked). I also checked the menu options (had stuff about static/dynamic/etc and I tried the various possibilities).There was no option on the camera display on the screen either to activate/adjust things - essentially comparing back with a GS450h of same age i've driven where you could select parallel park/etc. Any ideas? Or was it a case this era didn't come with it :(
  9. I thought you could get AWD versions of the LS (and GS) in the US?
  10. Thank goodness they got rid of the rather silly sliding display of the cars when selecting each model. Wasted valuable milliseconds when navigating!
  11. Amazing car! Looks fantastic! It's great to see these on the road :) Slight off-topic...the DVD screens. These are the NextBase ones? Correct? I'm on the look out for some so would be great to hear how you (or kids ;) have got on with them please.. Cheers, Noman
  12. Hi, Being tempted to change the car yet again...this time the GS300 is calling :) Series 3 facelift version (the one with the indicators in the mirrors). Has anyone please have a PDF doc of the main brochure and/or accessories available? Want to source some mats, boot protector and if you can some mud flaps! Plus want to have a nosey to see what else was available... Cheers, Noman
  13. Oh dear. Trying way too hard. The LS in my view has been a car about elegance. Throwing that many add-ons and trinkets to the body just doesn't work. Kind of a car you would see at the SEMA show. Then there's the interior. The door card design - yuk. The little dial stuck on the dash like the LFA - err no. List goes on.