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  1. I just ran an extra long extension cable from the armrest cubby box under the trim all the way to the boot. I made sure the cable was decent width/quality to tuck around corners, etc.Use it to power a portable cooler on trips and all seems to work a treat.
  2. Like it. Is your new car an Advance? The colour is fab! As for tyres - I recently went with the Goodyear Wrangler All Seasons...but the Avons were also recommended here. I too nearly bought a S4 a few years back. it was those rather annoying Super Sport seats that most seem to have that put me off. Anyway, hope you enjoy the RX. The Mrs runs a FSport and I use it every now and again. Although not entirely my cup of tea she loves it :)
  3. A friend wanted some for his 3RX but couldn't find ones which were actually waterproof despite the promises made. In the end he went with some Range Rover ones. So could be an idea to switch manufacturer. You may loose out on a snug fit but at least they would definitely work! Ta, Noman
  4. Welcome to the fold! I've had my facelift SE-L for a few months now. Apart from the items already mentioned I also found the following worth checking on the ones I looked at: - Paint work: The front bonnet especially. Paint bubbles a plenty. - Brake discs/pads: Possibly connected to the sticky calipers. So budget for a new set all round. - Tyres: Geometry setup and/or suspension issues (e.g. bushes) mean that uneven tyre wear was rife - almost all of the cars I went to see had scrubbed the inner tread so was difficult to spot unless you got well under the car. - Remote batteries: Odd thing really but worth swapping out ASAP as I found random lock/unlock/"key not detected" issues. My exhaust is also blowing but MOT isn't till next year so have a little time to save up. Till then the car is a little raspy ;) Next thing on my list are the brakes but Euro Car Parts seem to have offers on so thankfully not too expensive a swap out around next service time. Talking of which...I actually took out a service plan and extended warranty with my local dealer (Lexus Derby). Given me a little peace of mind but I guess it does come at a cost...
  5. Don't have any experience with them but the orange resistors look almost identical to the ones that I had in an aftermarket HID kit. They were sh*te. Solder joints went every few months and then intermittent errors shortly after. Only solution was to keep swapping them out. So watch out! Like the idea of such bulbs though
  6. As far as I can tell you can enter in new destinations on the move. Phone numbers are still restricted to speed dial entries only. Further bad news is that the iphone doesn't seem to be supported for phone book transfer. So you would need to transfer to android and transfer that way or enter in manually. I find myself on really ever calling a few numbers so added them in manually.
  7. Suggest you check out blowing exhausts too. Every single one I went to see was suffering from this (even main dealer examples). The largest issue for me though was finding one which had been taken care of. Unfortunately they are getting on a bit now so maintenance invariably starts to suffer.
  8. Like it. Especially the silver colour
  9. So her RX sport needs a set of fronts (235/55/19). The Avon ZX7 and the Goodyear Wrangler HP All Seasons caught my eye. Anyone have experience of these? Any preference? She does about 10k a year mainly around town but didn't want to end up being stuck in 1cm of snow IF the winter weather ever came ;) Cheers, Noman
  10. Did I finally tempt you into a Cayenne ;)
  11. No way! Wow. I actually thought it was the V6 from IS :(
  12. Has been about 5years for me. I had a RX300 before this...but there has just about always been a Lexus with the Mrs so had never been too far away from the brand.
  13. Well I'm always being tempted by changing cars! Should really belong to Autotrader's self-help group ;) Was even looking at the LS430 but like the GS too many ropey ones around. So this came up and was offered a great deal!
  14. Yep. I'm back in the fold. OK so the Mrs has had a RX for a while now but I too am back! Picked up a facelift Mesa Red GS300 SE-L! More details and pics in due course...
  15. Looks like an aftermarket thing and not part of the original. Does the car have front parking sensors? If so, I would have said that - but a little strange if it's making a noise!