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  1. Thankfully the windscreen defrosted quite nicely for me after about 10mins of left standing but I found my washer nozzles frozen this morning (the mixture seems to be fine). Grrrrr.
  2. For the seatbelts I used a steam cleaner alternating with some scrubbing and some G101. Will try your Aldi carpet cleaner though as i've not had much luck so far on my cream carpets.
  3. Ask your Lexus Dealer about Smart Repairs. It's usually subcontracted out but at least via Lexus they would be responsible for the finish and you could get brucey bonuses such as a courtesy car
  4. Hi James, Could be suffering what myself and other folk have also encountered. Check out the following recent post:
  5. Nice one Steve. Would do the all-seasons too but had to get two tyres on it about 10k ago and at the time they didn't have stock :(
  6. Have been running winter wheels on my cars for past few years now and it's now approaching the first winter with the GS. So...anyone have any experience? Any recommends on where to pick up a set of wheels from? I keep scouring the 'bay but prices seem a little optimistic. I don't mind going down a size (to 17's) if it helps... Cheers.
  7. I've suffered from this on the GS a few times but only in a specific place here in Leicester. Used to happen on my Cayenne and Accord I had previously too (that wasn't keyless but it stopped the unlock/lock button on the fob from working). Anyway, did the manual key thing to get into the car and then held the remote right up against the start/stop button. After a couple of attempts it recognised it. Don't quite understand what kind of interference could be being generated in this particular location :(
  8. Sensor of some sort? Perhaps the rain one?
  9. First NX Clean

    Love the new motor! The side protection strips...are they from Lexus or aftermarket? Never seen them before. I wish her 3RX had some as the sides are just an expanse of easily damaged metal :(
  10. LC500 Demonstrator/Customer Deliveries

    Hope all goes well with the pickup Chris. @Jules640 What's the badging in front of the rear wheel?
  11. LC Blue Edition

    Special edition already: Loving the multi-tone interior. Will go back to the dreaming :)
  12. Calipers painted

    Hollow spokes - mmmm :)
  13. Calipers painted

    Used BCS a few years back on the Cayenne. Refurbed the brakes and finished things superbly. Top blokes :)
  14. Added advantage is that it's likely to come back cleaned inside and out
  15. Would also be worth finding out how much your dealer charges...