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  1. First NX Clean

    Love the new motor! The side protection strips...are they from Lexus or aftermarket? Never seen them before. I wish her 3RX had some as the sides are just an expanse of easily damaged metal :(
  2. LC500 Demonstrator/Customer Deliveries

    Hope all goes well with the pickup Chris. @Jules640 What's the badging in front of the rear wheel?
  3. LC Blue Edition

    Special edition already: Loving the multi-tone interior. Will go back to the dreaming :)
  4. Calipers painted

    Hollow spokes - mmmm :)
  5. Calipers painted

    Used BCS a few years back on the Cayenne. Refurbed the brakes and finished things superbly. Top blokes :)
  6. Added advantage is that it's likely to come back cleaned inside and out
  7. Would also be worth finding out how much your dealer charges...
  8. Infinity

    Can only tell you about the Infinity experience...had a EX37 for a while. Car was pretty good although space was a little limited. What let the side down completely was the dealer attitude. Shocking. Plus very pricey for just about everything. So ownership experience was rather a let down. Thankfully someone was picking up the tab so wasn't too painful. Would actually go back if I could get one on the ultra-cheap as depreciation is staggering :)
  9. My first Lexus

    Welcome Ed! Congrats on the NX. Get some pics up once you get it! I'm on HondaKarma too (as had a Accord till recently) :) Some very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable folk on there too (e.g. Ichiban). Weirdly I'm being tempted to go back to Honda...
  10. 98 LS400 Exhaust Leak, Y-Pipe replacement ?

    Thanks John. I've been quoted £545 all in for a cat-back system on mine (the Y section is leaking and back boxes have rotted through). Lex want around the £900 mark so quite a difference already.
  11. 98 LS400 Exhaust Leak, Y-Pipe replacement ?

    Hi John, Good job you mentioned MIJ - I was trying to remember the place in Walsall as I (potentially) need to get mine sorted on the GS! Have you used them in the past? I just called them and spoke to a very helpful chap called Jay so now it could just be a case of deciding :)
  12. So I've had the GS since May. A Messa Red GS300 SE-L (facelift) with the wood pack. Bought it with massive anticipation and was genuinely looking forward to many years of ownership. As with all of my cars I started the process of a maintenance schedule repairing/replacing things that I always like to sort on cars in my ownership. Even splashed out on a Lex Warranty and Service Plan to give me that added peace of mind. It continues to perform duties impeccably with the only fly in the ointment being the requirement to change the exhaust in the next few months (had already talked to Tony Banks in Leeds in readiness). But to no avail. I'm just not feeling any love for it. I think it's got to go. Total madness you may think but it's really bothering me but I just can't put my finger on WHY. Never been this way before on any of the cars i've bought. I LOVE the Lexus brand/dealers/etc. and yet with this one something for me is missing. Anyone else been in a similar position?? So the hunt for a new car has started and the rather annoying process of selling a car privately also enters the scene.
  13. Currently running Avon ZZ5. So far so good - especially in the wet. Haven't had them long enough to tell you about their longevity though. One thing to make sure is that the geometry and suspension components are all ok as I've been told that makes quite a bit of difference.
  14. 327k?! Blimey. To me the car could be like Triggers broom ;) (link here if you want a chuckle)
  15. Thanks guys. Good ole duck tape to the rescue. The low-fi solution is indeed the best - totally wrecking the paintwork that I only just corrected but needs must :) I also tracked the fuse down too - so will give this a go in the morning.