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  1. Did I finally tempt you into a Cayenne ;)
  2. No way! Wow. I actually thought it was the V6 from IS :(
  3. Has been about 5years for me. I had a RX300 before this...but there has just about always been a Lexus with the Mrs so had never been too far away from the brand.
  4. Well I'm always being tempted by changing cars! Should really belong to Autotrader's self-help group ;) Was even looking at the LS430 but like the GS too many ropey ones around. So this came up and was offered a great deal!
  5. Yep. I'm back in the fold. OK so the Mrs has had a RX for a while now but I too am back! Picked up a facelift Mesa Red GS300 SE-L! More details and pics in due course...
  6. Looks like an aftermarket thing and not part of the original. Does the car have front parking sensors? If so, I would have said that - but a little strange if it's making a noise!
  7. I gave mine 30mins and the disc update worked a treat
  8. You will also need to reset the park assist too - super easy: engage reverse gear then turn the wheel all the way to one side and then the other :)
  9. Used Halfrauds for her B Class a few years back. Never ever again. Fitted incorrect pads - but only found out after I noticed a large amount of brake dust and a red hot wheel one day. Wrecked the discs and pads. They denied it despite the part numbers etc. I've had good dealings with ATS near me so if you want to go the indy route try them too.
  10. Courtesy of Lexus GB: Good going. Hope the chap enjoys many more happy miles in it :)
  11. That's great news! Hope the rest of the car is also great! Get some pics up :)
  12. Apologies - I didn't figure it out! Was showing folks how the two different screens look as there were suggestions to press buttons, etc. I don't believe there is a fix :(
  13. Cayenne V8 diesel :)
  14. Just found the post: This is truly ridiculous. I'm staggered they would remove it on some cars. Looks like the one i'm looking at (or rather was!) is a car that must have been affected. Very, very silly.