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  1. One area for all F Drivers

    Perhaps they are all busy trying to fix the Gold membership bugs
  2. You do know that if you're coasting, i.e. no accelerator input at all, it's not the same thing ?
  3. Not sure if this is the best forum, but please feel free to move. I keep trying to join up to Gold Membership, taking advantage of the Black Friday discount but am receiving the error message attached. I've of course double checked my address and also tried a few alterations, but no joy. I've also replied to the email from Steve Barnes asking if I was having any trouble in completing my order (maybe this happens quite often) but no response yet. Anybody have any ideas?
  4. Servicing Costs

    We have spent that weekly on our cat for the last three weeks, and had other bills of well over £800. We learnt our lesson a few years back when we had to spend £1500 within about 10days. It makes conversations with the vet a lot easier when expense is not such an issue. BTW......I don't recall if you have the TVD on your RCF, but last time I checked that was a £15k part.
  5. Most likely from the previous owner.
  6. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    You could always include the other F-cars, like GS-F and RC-F
  7. SatNav Miles Setting

    Do you know if the Sat Nav is the same in the LC500 as other Lexus cars? Was hoping they may have given it a make over.
  8. Anyone know what this is.

    We have a winner !
  9. IS-F gearbox problem

    This is a key point. If no work was due on the gearbox, and your service sheet doesn't highlight that the gearbox oil levels or other were checked then I don't think Lexus have a leg to stand on. The second piece of information you need is whether the failure is a type that is typically covered under warranty and not due to some external event. This may be tricky if you now ask the garage which knows your claim has been rejected. You may need to recover your car to another garage and have an independent engineers report done and then mention small claims court to Lexus warranty dept.
  10. Where do I fit the tracker

    If you wired it direct to the battery then I hope you fitted a fuse, or hopefully the positive wire may already have a fuse on it.
  11. I've just bought Y8 RCF. I know another member had V8 RCF on his car, which he's now sold on, so will just have to squint a bit at mine
  12. Ceramic brake pads.

    Not true, there is an IS250 gen III car as well, but it was discontinued after a couple of years and replaced with the IS200t
  13. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    What a great thread, and good work !!! Are you going to add the piston oil squirters to the bottom of the bores? IIRC these are not fitted to NA blocks but are to the turbo blocks.
  14. Ahhhh yeah, the hunk of junk that is the My Lexus portal For some reason it seems to no longer recognise my password, and when you click on the link to 'Reset Password' it does nothing !!!! Why do they even bother? Anyway, I think there's nothing better than having a full compliment of handbooks to go with your car(don't tell the tree huggers!) which is why I was looking to potentially order up any others if I can be sure they are for the RCF and also their part number.
  15. When I bought my RCF I was a bit disappointed that I handed in a large folder of user guides for my IS300h and only received a folder with a single user guide for the RCF. I appreciate on new cars Lexus no longer give out full user manuals but as my RCF was not new I was expecting a bit more. I'm curious as to what guides people have for their RCF's, I believe there should be one for the Infotainment system as well. So to start off I have the Car User Guide - Part No: PZ471-U0005-EN Anybody else have any others?