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  1. Try wiping the seals with some silicone lubricant.
  2. Battery issues

    I'd been having an issue on the battery with my IS300h for quite a while, started off that if I left the car for any longer than three weeks I would need to charge it, then two weeks and then a week. I asked Lexus to look at it when it went in for service back in April and after checking it over night they swapped it under warranty. As you bought your car from Lexus in January then the issue should be covered under warranty as long as they test and confirm the fault.
  3. Anyone been drag racing?

    I've been to North Weald in my RCF and it drew a lot of attention as not many people had seen one before. It's a good day out and I think my best time was around a 13.3, but with far to much wheel spin still. The good thing about North Weald, apart from being cheap, is that you are just on a runway so if anything goes wrong you just come off onto the grass.
  4. RCF Spare Wheel

    Did you try the spare wheel from the MKIV Supra that you had ?
  5. Probably the same people who like to use capital letters at the start of their sentences Seriously, a standard F-Sport is not that low.
  6. Daily Drive

    Nope, that's the infamous Gregg's right foot
  7. Daily Drive

    If you have a digital right foot from driving too many hot hatches then you will have trouble. However if you have an analogue right foot and the ability to drive to the conditions then you will be fine.
  8. I have only ever seen one car advertised without the ML, and I was quite surprised because I thought it was a standard fitment\default option. With regards the TVD I would agree that it probably doesn't have a great impact during day to day driving (assuming you're not pushing it everywhere you go) but the cost of this as an option vs. the £18k plus for the diff as a spare part seems it will make cars with a TVD more sought after in the future. When i was looking for mine I had the choice of a base car with only ML, about 10k less mileage and in very good condition, or a car with all options (including the light grey leather which i like as lifts the interior) and about 10k more miles and not such perfect condition. I went for the fully optioned car as I like my toys, don't do a massive annual mileage and i hope will be more desirable come resale time.
  9. Lexus IS300h Wiper Blades

    Only if you want squeaky wiper blades
  10. LC 500 Driven

    Some dealers now are offering for you to pay a small charge so there is no excess in the case of an accident when test driving, if you pay none and have an accident you would be liable for the first £1k or similar. That is a nice colour combination Fatts, did you buy ?
  11. Yep, a USB stick works well, and doesn't need charging.
  12. iPad dash mount

    I would not want to have an accident with that potential projectile in the car.