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  1. @rayaans You do realise that post is over two years old now? Hopefully he has sorted his issue
  2. Thieving Gits

    For anybody's reference, this auction on Ebay Is for a single valve cap I asked before hitting the button.
  3. Post your Pics

    Unfortunately they no longer make this :( The only option would be a second hand system, or aftermarket ECU with the same capability.
  4. This is a really big assumption without reading the fault codes!! Engine lights can flash for any number of different faults and the first thing to do is get the fault codes read.
  5. Car is here. Why does it get dirty?

    We don't seem to have heard from him since picking up his beauty. Maybe he's permanently driving it around
  6. Independent servicing

    There are better checklists available with more detail and specs within the technical portal, but you will need to pay for access.
  7. I thought the wheels on that red one looked familiar.
  8. It's a pretty typical response from the 'MyLexus' portal. It's quite an error ridden site. I would advise logging out and trying to login again, it has worked in the past for me.
  9. The ISF has gone

    Sorry I disagree, I have never had any interest in driving a sporty Beetle. It makes me laugh every time a new model is released the motoring press herald how amazing it is and the best yet, etc. etc. etc. ..................... but they forget to highlight that Porsche have been making the same damn car for over 50 years now, it ought to be perfect !!!!! I have no artistic skills at all, but I bet even I could swing a job at car design in Porsche for many years
  10. You forgot to paint the frunk cover Interesting build, thanks for sharing.
  11. It looks like the seats do not come from Lexus as complete assemblies, so the only option is to source from a breakers.
  12. Car is here. Why does it get dirty?

    Looks very nice, looks like you are very pleased. Is it possible to get a picture of the interior as that looks like a nice colour choice of leather, just wondering if it has any other colours in the door inlays.
  13. Corrected that one for you