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  1. This is good to hear as I use this on all my alloys and it certainly does give good protection. Probably only need to apply a couple of times a year and as you say it's more widely available nowadays.
  2. Really? You reckon Lexus didn't know that?
  3. There is only one recall for these cars that we are aware of and that is for some potential corrosion under the rear wheel arches. They check clean and apply more underseal if needed. They are very nice cars to drive. I drove all the way from Essex to Derby yesterday and averaged 40MPG (displayed) there and 43MPG on the way back, and i'm not exactly hanging around.
  4. Who says these organisations are there to represent motorists? It really annoys me when they have some manager from these organisations being interviewed on the news about a current motoring issue as if they are the voice of the motorist ! They are just break down (and insurance and a few other services) companies out there to make money.
  5. If they are then they really don't have a clue what they are doing !!! In this instance i agree with Ganzoom 8k for a head unit is an absurd amount, even including labour. If i was the dealership i think i would be trying to get hold of another car with the same sound system (looks like ML) and then trying an exchange between the cars, if it's proven that it's the head unit then they can just order a new one under warranty.
  6. And here in is one of the problems in today's society. Why say it at all unless you would say it to somebody's face?
  7. Well now it doesn't accept the verification info anymore, it did last week. Do they actually ever test their website?
  8. What a terrible website !! I have lost count of the amount of error messages i have had displayed. I just logged back into it now and i have to verify my vehicle again !!!!
  9. Yep, this seems to be the case, or you can go into the menu system and do it manually.
  10. Yes, otherwise you will void the warranty....
  11. Wow, a post about a Tesla and no Ganzoom ? Is he ill ? I wish you all the best DJP and would also be curious to know what type of range you manage.
  12. 11.72v is not so bad, a little lower than you may like but will probably recover after a reasonable run.
  13. Are the side skirts colour coded ? It's not so easy to tell from the pics. I quite like the kit as it's subtle, but not so keen on the wheels.