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  1. Well now it doesn't accept the verification info anymore, it did last week. Do they actually ever test their website?
  2. What a terrible website !! I have lost count of the amount of error messages i have had displayed. I just logged back into it now and i have to verify my vehicle again !!!!
  3. Yep, this seems to be the case, or you can go into the menu system and do it manually.
  4. Yes, otherwise you will void the warranty....
  5. Wow, a post about a Tesla and no Ganzoom ? Is he ill ? I wish you all the best DJP and would also be curious to know what type of range you manage.
  6. 11.72v is not so bad, a little lower than you may like but will probably recover after a reasonable run.
  7. Are the side skirts colour coded ? It's not so easy to tell from the pics. I quite like the kit as it's subtle, but not so keen on the wheels.
  8. I don't think there will be any need on red.
  9. Do you know the difference between a coupe, a hatchback and a saloon car? They are usually targeted at totally different segments of the market.
  10. Agreed, in this day and age it's refreshing to hear of stories like this. The damage is not so bad and is bread and butter stuff to any competent body shop. I'd estimate somewhere between £300 - £400 plus the price of the sensor if it really does need replacing.
  11. Were you falling over each time you took a pic ? Agreed it certainly isn't that aesthetically pleasing from the outside, but the inside looks OK. As you say the 2.0T looks like a direct competitor for the RC200T but what is interesting is at least they have a sporty version in their range, but 5.0s for 0 -62mph sprint is not that impressive from a 3.0 twin turbo engine. Be interesting to see which engine type they end up selling more of.
  12. Good to get feedback from an actual user. Thanks
  13. Unlikely you will be driving this car by that point.
  14. I noticed this car the other day and am greatly tempted. Looks gorgeous in black.
  15. Well you are the first person i have heard of having an issue like that.