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  1. Yes, is the same as the portal that we have in the UK, most likely with all the same bugs.
  2. That is a lovely looking example and a good price. Good luck with the sale.
  3. If the file size is only just under 10MB that is still quite big for an image. Suspect the Iphone ones are a lot smaller file size.
  4. So am I. It has been listed for a long time. Was tempted to go and look at this one myself before I bought mine, but am not so keen on red interiors. Has anybody on here been to see it?
  5. Just fixed that for you
  6. Ain't that the truth !!! I have just managed to validate my vehicle after trying all different permutations I could think of. They obviously do not test these things properly, i.e. a country based test team\users.
  7. Let us know how you get on. I may consider one in the future if they have similar depreciation to the RCF
  8. Looking very nice, can imagine you are really pleased with it. Enjoy
  9. Thanks all, I'm certainly very happy with her. Unfortunately can't make it to the Cotswolds on 21st as I have a family commitment that day. @dutchie01 I was aware of the tax breaks for the low CO2 cars in the Netherlands, hence the Tesla's at Schiphol, but not that the high CO2 cars were taxed quite so much at point of sale. :( Is it an option to buy in another country and then import ?
  10. But not going so far..... With the prices of the RCF's dropping I decided to take the plunge, particularly when I realised how low my annual mileage is nowadays, that the petrol consumption is not a big factor to me. I picked up this fully specced (Sunroof, ML, TVD, ACC & PCS) example in blue on Saturday. I have been trying to clean it properly since the weekend but the weather has defeated me :( So have used the original advert pics above. I have no idea how long i will keep it (owning 3 sports cars is a little OTT in some eyes) but am definitely enjoying it so far. I want to thank Raj at Lexus Derby for his sales approach and attending to the issues that i raised. It's my first experience of this dealership and I was impressed how they went about the sale compared to my local dealership, who also had a car I was interested in. So I will still be around on the forum, but maybe not so much in the RC sub-forum as that seems a little quiet
  11. They do a grey which is very nice.
  12. Thanks guys for all your help, all sorted now.
  13. Has anybody managed to get this to work recently? doesn't seem to like the bulletin number any more :( Alternatively is somebody willing to share the files ?
  14. Thanks guys. My failing battery was recently replaced for a Toyota one by the dealer and is a bit smaller than the Lexus one which was fitted before. However looking it's a 45Ah - 325A battery so is pretty close in spec to what has been posted above, also is AGM type. I don't trust any dealer as far as I can throw them, so it's good to see they replaced it for a very close match (i believe the original battery 28800-54020 is no longer available). Anyway have just part-ex'd the car today so no longer my issue :D
  15. Nobody?