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  1. Well Toyota Newbury will take it, I have 24k on a '14 plate. have been quoted £485 for a full service, does this sound right in your experiences when taking to Toyota?
  2. Hi Vladimir, I did try Toyota in Bracknell but they told me i had to take it to Lexus for a service?....... I thought a toyota dealership would have been able to perform a service for sure. Is it standard practice for Toyota to do this?............ Or should i just ring a few other Toyota dealerships and see if i get a bit more joy?
  3. Hello, Can anyone recomend an independent Lexus specialist in the Berkshire (South East Area) for Servicing?
  4. Yup all carried out, no problems found after the recall notice, they even carried out Navi software update for free, ....after (thanks Ryaans) just stating that its been glitchy............so can't complain
  5. Hey guys has anyone else seen this??..on lexus-tech.eu....... My IS is booked in next week https://www.lexus-tech.eu/euro5search/Campaigns
  6. Miss my old IS200

    It became apparent today to me while washing my is250 F sport how much i miss my old car. Had this 2000 plate for 13 years and clocked up 187k. it was such a good engine and never gave me any grief.......probably would of still gone for another 100k.....Happy times. What are other peoples oldies but goodies, never to be forgotten??
  7. Hello People, what do you find best for cleaning your alloys?? The suns been out all day and I been on the clean! Of course the Mrs got me roped into cleaning hers!! lol..........glutten for punishment me thinks!!
  8. Navigation

    OK thanks for the help, will give the local dealership a shot 1st and give them "it's getting stuck" routine, failing that, I'll be trying from the thread given!! The suns been out all day so couldn't wait to give the car a good clean, but then the mrs got me roped into doing hers!!! :-( ....... Need it be said i'm now totally nakered!!, but atleast the cars are now clean!! Click to choose f
  9. Hey people, This is my 1st post!.....I have recently acquired a IS250 F Sport 2014, how do I go about getting the latest software updates I have currently (VC03101B)?.......Any help would be much appreciated