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  1. try this, worth a try and it always works for me. remove battery from key fob and press and hold lock and unlock both buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds. put new battery in and good to go. AJ
  2. wee update. I used my friends snap on OBD diags tablet and came up with no major issues. few codes related to ABS but thats is. Cleared all codes and car seems to be running much better. now I dont know if this made difference or its just physiological thing in my heed. :)
  3. please confirm if this is good enough for my LS 2004 facelift. Many thanks
  4. thanks. Can i use any OBD2 tool to get codes or it has to be techstream ?
  5. Hi all. It's strange one. Don't know if it's just me or what. Some days my car feels very light with great throttle response and just smooth over bumps etc. But some days it feels like as if car is full of 10 elephants and engine working hard to pull also going over bumps etc not that smooth and throttle response also bit laggy. I am not sure if my car needs some thing looked at or what also when I floor it I get rotten egg kinda sulphur smell. Some say it's blocked cat. Any input please ? Many thanks.
  6. 87k pfff, your car is still virgin ;) I am sitting at 248k and still feels and drives like a new car :)
  7. Lovely. Nice clean car and has radar cruise control :) bonus same color as mine :)
  8. Headlamps

    Remove headlight back cover or remove bulb and use hair dryer to blow hot air into headlight until all dried up. And then drill few tiny holes into back cover of your head light for air circulation, that will keep it dry in future. AJ
  9. I once experienced same kinda problem with my GS430 and I tried two things which fixed it for me. 1. removed MAF sensor and cleaned it with alcohol, its called isopropyl some thing. Also used cotton bud dipped in it to clean MAF tips very gently. 2. Did ECU reset and left battery disconnected for few hours. Worth a try ? AJ
  10. I was thinking about same thing and spoke to few exhaust places but all of them refused to fit it. What they said since its underneath car exposed to water, road salt etc etc after few months dust, crap gets in and makes it very hard for electronic flap to open n shut and eventually it gets jammed.
  11. True, but It was way too quite for my liking. To be honest on long run its very quite as normal, on low revs you hear v8 roaring. Few months ago my neighbour bought Mustang GT and then I just couldn't resist :) its lovely when we both start our V8's in morning :)