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  1. I have a 2009 RX450H SE-L that has air suspension and DAB. I find the ride comfortable as does my wife. My son-in-law, who drives a C class AMG, was impressed with the ride. I see in the service history and repairs that a strut was replaced, but that may not be indicative of a problem across the range. With regard to the DAB radio I must confess to not using it a lot as I do not travel long distances regularly and tend to use the CD or Hard Drive for my music.
  2. I got Halfords to do it when putting my private plate on. They used sticky pads after cleaning the surface after removing the old plates. Insurance company was paying so cost no bother.
  3. I believe that the DHP (Dynamic Handling Pack) was only available on the MKIV, the model with touchscreen Sat Nav and 1 piece headlamp/sidelight.
  4. The car in the picture looks like a MK3 with DHP wheels..
  5. Have you spoken to the previous owner/dealer/garage ?
  6. Reviews

    I changed from a MK IV LS400 to my and initially found it somewhat larger, but with a higher driving position and the cameras etc now find it a dream to drive. It has also slowed me down somewhat, although I have been known to let her rip occasionally to clean her out. I looked around for a week or so and test drove and bought the first one I saw, as I was placed in a position where I needed a vehicle as the LS400 was written off by insurance company. I haven't regretted the choice even though I was thinking of an LS460 or maybe 600H before the write off.
  7. No such finery on a 450H, the socket is in the centre armrest console next to the USB socket.
  8. How large is your charger? I have my Iphone cable attached to the USB port and a two way splitter in the 12v socket and attach my dashcam and GPS camera alert box to that, and theres loads of room under the bin.
  9. I have to lift my wife's disability scooter into the back of my 450H, and to prevent damage to the bumper scratchwise, I placed on old blanket in the rear with one edge tucked under the boot floor flap. I just pull it out and let it drop down over the whole of the bumper when mover the scooter in or out of the car. The plan is to fit a hoist when I'm not able to life it myself, but consider this my visit to the gym.
  10. I have changed from an LS400 to an RX450H and find the change welcome, if not expensive. I travelled from Sussex to Tyne and Wear yesterday a journey of just over 300 miles and showed an average mpg of 31.3 mpg travelling on the M23 M25 A1 and A19 at legal speeds. The hybrid part comes into its own when creeping on the M25 in traffic queues. I find the RX easier and more comfortable to drive than my LS which being DHP was that bit lower than the standard model, and I enjoy the higher driving position and the view it affords. The extra toys help also. my wife prefers the RX as it is easier for her to enter and exit, and there is lots of room for her disability scooter.
  11. I used t o have to move into the centre of the road and run over both speed bumps in my DHP with it being lower than the standard 400. I found I had more trouble with the rear catching on the humps. No problem now as I have changed over to an RX450H, so now straddle any bumps without problems.
  12. I agree with Steveledzep, initially the RX450H appears large, we nicknamed ours the beastie, even coming from an LS400, but I soon adapted to the new driving position. Mrs also enjoys the ability to get in and out without bending. My LS400 was a DHP so lower than a normal LS.
  13. Mmmmmmm if you've not disturbed the sump plug, how can tell if there are any filings ?
  14. I have just returned with my RX450H that's has just had a 90K intermediate service and MOT by an independent company just over the border from me in Surrey. I am in the Gatwick area. The customer service was excellent and the owner was extremely well versed in Lexus vehicles, being a Toyota specialist. I was provided with a service schedule report and a Visual Safety report, with only advisory about brake fluid moisture content, and the start of front bush perishing but not enough to mention on the MOT. Had the fluid replaced and system bled. Bushes should be ok for another year or 2 before become a problem. The vehicle was test driven and washed before given back to me. I was left to me to remove the seat, steering wheel, gear knob and carpet protectors they used., I can recommend this garage to anyone in the Gatwick area.. There's even a builders merchant up the road where you can have breakfast and while away your time while the work is being done. Name available on request.