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  1. I could do the climate control and fascia for £40 plus the postage. Can't track down the reversing camera at the moment, will be shoved away in some nook and cranny in the garage somewhere.
  2. There were so many things I wanted to do with the GS, just too damn expensive to justify the spend. Forced induction to really boost performance would've been great, but looking at £10k+ to do the boost and beef up the brakes. Really couldn't make the numbers add up
  3. Thanks Shahpor. Yeah, I've had a few experiences that have made me want to quit the hobby before. Not just the pond, but aquariums as well. I've had some of the aquarium fish 16+ years, so they are genuinely like pets and recognise me over other folk in the room. My wife took this Koi death a bit harder, as she found her on the lawn and put her back in the pond hoping she would make it. Thanks Mike. Now that is deep, lets hope he never has to do anything on the bottom... lol. Mine is only 4 and half feet deep, and 18'x9' long and wide, so not huge, but enough. Thanks Robb. Yeah, it's tough on my wife as well, she takes it very badly when stuff goes wrong with them. Thanks Lee. Yeah, doesn't matter what they are, they are still pets, so never a nice experience when something goes wrong.
  4. I was looking at doing that on the GS, remote controlled valve(s) to skip the mufflers. Never got round to in in the end unfortunately, I recon it would've sounded epic. There is an LS400 in the Bracknell area that sounds like it has no boxes on the exhaust, sounds lush (although my AMG exhaust note is pure filth straight out the box )
  5. I've been using one of these Bluetooth FM modulators for a couple of years, it's been superb. Cheap as chips, powers on with the ignition (if the power point does it of course), so auto connects as soon as I started the car. I used to keep the controller in the cup holder recess out of the way. The forward/back button location is perfect for moving tracks without having to look at the controller or the phone/mp3 player.
  6. Yes, you can substitute the non-Nav climate control unit. There are the same plugs on the back of the Nav unit and they just switch straight over. In fact, I have one in the garage if you are interested in buying it. I bought it to swap out the Nav unit on my GS430 Sport for the double din I used to run in my GS300 Sport. I've got the climate control unit, the fascia kit, and a double din Sony touchscreen head unit if you are interested in the whole lot. basically the setup shown in this link..... I've probably got the reversing camera knocking about somewhere too.
  7. great work on the car so far Neil. There are a lot of folk that seem to take offense at beefing up the exhaust note on the V8 Lexus models, but I loved the burble on the custom exhaust I had on my GS430 Sport.
  8. Welcome to LOC
  9. Went into the garden this morning and found one of the Koi on the lawn. Not sure if she'd been spooked by the thunderstorms, or over enthusiastic spawning (she was full of eggs). Sadly, it was too late to save it :( No prize winning koi, but will miss her none the less. Weighed in at a decent 15 lbs. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  10. Don't rise to it Robb Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  11. Yeah, that looks pretty sweet. Absolutely loving the Merc so far. The power is phenomenal and totally and utterly addictive. Handling for such a big car and such power is very assuring and certainly lets you explore the power. When just cruising nice an steady, it is a super refined car with more gadgets and creature comforts than you can shake a stick at. Audio system is superb as well, with kickin' bass compared to the Gen 2 GS.
  12. A Gen 3 stanced properly with bigger wheels can look well sorted too. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  13. Nice colour. Not a fan of rolled arches, as the GS already has the arch "bulge", it looks a bit odd with the arch flare as well. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  14. As the guy mentions, for the front lip, I think the TTE lip is by far the best if there aren't any skirts and rear aprons added. Nice and subtle and gives the front end a nice stance when lowered. Both my gen 2's were "Sport" versions, so had the sport grill which is a massive improvement over the slatted grills IMO, so can't really comment on scraping paint off the slats. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  15. Doesn't make sense that you've lost a hose that you must've disconnected.... lol. For fluid to be coming from one of the transmission cooler connections on the radiator must mean you've connected the other pipe on the radiator. In which case, trace that one back to the gearbox and you should find the other end of the second pipe, follow that pipe back from the gearbox end to find where you've tucked the missing end out of the way. You'll need top up the fluid of course if an appreciable amount has been pumped out and lost.