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  1. Totally agree but if you want the Insurance company to pay out then you have to abide by their rules...
  2. Actually there very well maybe, most insurance companies now have exclusive deals with car dismantlers and you will not get an option to buy the salvage, these companies pay less than 10% of the payout to you for the salvage, if you then want to buy the salvage from them they will ask at least 50%... someone's making a killing... There are insurance companies who will allow this if you shop around... You were lucky, what Insurance company was it..??
  3. There is a way to work out the tyre pressure for any size/type of tyre... You start off with a cold pressure of say 30psi, then drive the car at motorway speed for 30mins to get them up to temp, then take another reading, the tyre should be 4psi higher than it was when cold, if it is more or less you wait for it to cool and try again. it's a recognised way to work out the pressure when changing tyre sizes.. I'm with PCM and others though, never had any problems when running at what the manufacturer states...
  4. There is always the chance that it is not the sender but the car is getting over cooled, sounds like you need some diagnostics to confirm the issue... The sensor is located here...
  5. That ebay number is not known, if you mean 89730 then it appears to be behind the radio/center console...
  6. The offset holes could be for the same reason tyre tread blocks are in random sizes around the circumference of a tyre, it breaks up the air and prevents it attaching to the surface and then making a noise when finally breaking away, it's all in the pursuit of quietness.....
  7. That's the whole point... they won't hit the road as the sidewall of a low profile is relatively stiffer due to the height reduction, the tyre moves less on the road when cornering and it improves the handling, turn in is sharper, grip is better, wear is reduced... this is against a higher profile tyre at the same speed.... Having said that, for the Lexus it's totally irrelevant, no one drives them at a speed that the lower profile tyre would make much difference, in normal driving you won't notice any difference apart from a far more uncomfy ride... The 400 was designed for 16" wheels and IMHO it is horrible with anything bigger, just takes away what is good about it, even 17" wheels feel wrong...... I once tried some on my old 400 but people kept laughing at me... can't understand why....
  8. Very nice, hope you enjoy it...
  9. Lots on eBay, just make sure the ones you buy are stainless steel and NOT chrome as the first sign of a salted road and the chrome will suffer and they will look awful... As for size, use a tape measure and see what diameter the pipe is....
  10. Hopefully a dealer can wave his magic wand at it, it always seems to me if you get loads of issues like that it's something little or reprogrammable... Fingers crossed....
  11. Impossible to diagnose without testing, it could be all sorts of things, you need to take it to a garage who can run a diagnostic check on it...
  12. Just a word of warning, don't be tempted to use an air line to try to clear blocked sunroof drains, it can blow the pipes off inside the headliner and means many hours to refit...
  13. Could try disconnecting the battery and reconnect, sometimes resets things...
  14. Looks nice mate, I think the silver wheels look much nicer than the "I've lost my wheel trims" black wheels...!!! I think it needs debadging and then for a laugh put a BMW 318i badge on the back....
  15. Most of those are probably down to low voltage, your battery may have been close to dying anyway and a few discharges have finished it off... Dealers will have some hardware to plug in that will measure voltage use so they should be able to get to the bottom of it, having said that most auto electricians should be able to isolate the exact drain from a multi use fuse...