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  1. Maybe we should rename this thread to LEXUS (SAGA) OWNERS CLUB CHAT.......
  2. I know I shouldn't say this but if I were you I'd keep the 430...
  3. Qumar, PM sent.. Lee, there was one local, was the right spec with no sunroof, age and milage OK and the guy was flexible on price... all very easy really....
  4. Jon, it's got power mode which just makes it hold gears and snow mode which makes it pull away in second or something... neither make much difference... Anyway I've bought the replacement, if I bought a saloon it had to be easy to get in and out of, low sill, high door opening, the only other big saloon that fits the bill is the Audi A8 but I don't like them so..... one of the other cars from the past I had fond memories off because of it's laid back chilled out approach to life was a Mk1 Jeep Grand Cherokee.. so, sorry to say I've bought a Yank Tank... and one with a dirty diesesal engine.... It was cheap and local, needed a wheel refurb and new tyres, had those diamond turned wheels and a few years have taken their toll... A quick phone call to Mr Kahn's emporium in Bradford and I got a set of take offs from a later Wrangler, brand new set of wheels with Goodyear Wrangler Tyres dated late 2016 for £250 for four... (BTW Khan has loads of wheels and tyres from all the cars he customises when new, a good source and cheap, don't know how many Lexus he does though, ring and ask for Dave) Stopped at my mates who does the remapping on the way home and he was quiet so it's been chipped to 265bhp and 600nm, it's a 3.0ltr CRD Mercedes engine, goes very well now, real lazy but pulls well... Anyway I love it, easy to get in and out and drives like a big old boat, with not a puppy in sight.... just what I was after.... Not quite the same spec as the Lexus but buttons aren't everything... I'll advertise the Lexus when the weather gets warmer and I can give it a good clean, it's bogging after a weekend away....
  5. Yes it can but not to the same extent as a turbo engine, the direct injection helps and they could up the torque and improve MPG, also they smooth out the power flow, you would notice a small difference and maybe 1 or 2 mpg. If anyone decides to then make sure they are a reputable company or you could end up with a rather large paper weight... Never go back is my motto, cars or women...!!! Thanks to all of you for the comments, I know when I'm not happy with something so I'll cut my losses now....
  6. Thanks, i did look at those and also went to see a mate who does remapping... Although it's a large part of the issue it's just the whole driving experience I'm not liking, I'm rather fussy about it, I hate driving BMW's but millions love them so it's probably me.....
  7. Well after fitting the tyres the car drove very well and we went away at the weekend and did several hundred miles and unfortunately I don't like it...!!! My old 430 was a superb car, easy and relaxing to drive, it just wafted along and if you wanted to get a hurry on it would oblige but most of the time it just settled into it's stride.... The 460 is a totally different animal, it's like driving a puppy on a lead, it just wants to go all the time, little subtlety to it, it's too keen and doesn't seem to settle, the smallest accelerator input and it want's to change down a few cogs and take off like a scalded cat.. I drove like Miss Daisy hoping the adaptations would work it out and tone it down and it did get a bit better but it is certainly not a relaxing drive. It was my good lady who mentioned after a couple of hundred miles... "You don't seem to like this car" even she noticed my frustration with it..... So, I've spent a couple of days evaluating options and although it's a great car and has all the extras I wanted I'm cutting my loses and selling it.... such a shame.... So to those who asked what it was like compared to a 430, that's my answer, I'm sure lots will love it but not me...
  8. For info part number on this one is PMV-C210 Code to programme it in is 1CE76F1 just so you know which numbers are which....
  9. Martin, mine is a Southern Irish car so the sensors may be different, mine are 433mhz (USA ones are different) but the numbers may be different, I read the part number from mine and found some that were the same... Apparently any generic 433mhz sensor should work but I haven't tried, there are even some available now that have a standard rubber valve as well.... Most tyre shops have a tool to code in new ones, they may not be able to read the ones you already have coded in though to work out the five that need coding in... Lexus certainly can read what you have and code in the correct ones, I imagine 1/2 hour labour to do it, they won't mind where you got the sensors from... I'm going to code mine in but haven't got round to doing it yet.... It's too cold and I've got a cold so I'm on strike for a while....!!!
  10. They (tyre shop/Lexus) can read the numbers that are programmed, you need the number from the old sensor and then put in five codes with the new one in place... they don't go in any order, there are five receivers in the car and they will work with any of the programmed sensors, that is so you can rotate your tyres without issue... Steve, price has fallen... I was quoted £380 for five fitted and coded by Lexus, I managed to buy 5 genuine toyota sensors from ebay for £90 the lot so there are some cheaper options around now....
  11. Very nice, and you're right, everyone likes pictures..........
  12. Looks superb, love the real wood centre console...
  13. Super news Keith, sounds like a nice car, bet you had a great drive home...
  14. I'm a firm believer that if they don't do much then I'll give aftermarket a try, the suspension arms I've just replaced are a case in point, they are not OEM but they are made by a company that produces other OEM parts so hopefully the standards are across the board... As has been mentioned, these struts go a long way towards the ride and handling of a car capable of 0-60mph in 5.5 secs and a derestricted top speed of 178mph, both of which I plan to use... I wasn't that up on if/how/where and when air struts work, or don't work... After some heavy reading it transpires that there is a massive amount of R&D done to tune an air strut, beyond just the basic load, compression, rebound etc the shock (although the Americans are right here, we should call them a damper as that is what they do) has to be fine tuned to the rate or the airbag and vice versa, size, weight of material, pressure loads, the list goes on.... My issue with the aftermarket ones is not "would they last" but more "will they work the same at 178mph" the answer is one massive question mark.... There is also the financial side, would you spend £7.50 to try to save paying £25.00... NO, so why do it for £750 and £2,500 So I know I said to Paul "Very unlikely to happen..!!!" But, after considering everything I can't contemplate fitting the aftermarket ones. Four new GENUINE air struts will be ordered from Lexus this afternoon...
  15. Loads of room...!!! had it brushing both door handles several times....I carried a chainsaw for when it didn't fit..!! Took it everywhere for three years and only got a few small dents... loads breaking on eBay and panels are cheap so wasn't too worried....