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  1. Cam Chain Wear

    That is a scenario we all dread. You are effectively writing off the car after 3 years ownership. A horrible situation. My preference would be to take a chance with SRD in West Sussex. The other alternative is a replacement engine from a breakers. You will need to weigh up the £££££ lost and possibly ££££ spent with no joy. I feel for you too. One major advantage (not applicable to the fantastic ISF) of owning a cheaper car is that you can say goodbye without breaking the bank. Best of luck - keep us informed what you decide.
  2. MOT Today

    Thanks Phil - I fully understand - as my bath was a bit too hot tonight!
  3. MOT Today

    "Bum in the bath" ????? Hot?
  4. We use a lead that clips into the rear seat belt. Though NOT in my LS! I would be putting a blanket over the rear seat AND a waterproof cover! LS saloons were not made to transport dogs. Having said that it put my kids to sleep!
  5. I now do not use my LS400 as much as I should ..... but I just can't let it go. Surely there is room in your stable for a Lexus RX for the dogs?
  6. I think it will be a while before you will change your 400 Malc!
  7. Excellent! That is just what we need here, a bit of humour!
  8. 1964 - Film on the Car

    This really brought back memories!
  9. Did you have legal cover with your policy? Sorry if I have missed this point.

    Are getting another Lexus or leaving the fold?
  11. Sorry to hear your Mum is not well Steve. Experiences can put things into, let's say, sharper focus! You can't live entirely for today but we don't know what the future holds. I am no longer prepared to wait now ......... provided I can afford it, I do it now. I think I understand your viewpoint.
  12. A difficult subject that has many facets - but we need to calm down chaps!