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  1. Very interesting thread. Warning for potential owners - prevention is cheaper than cure.
  2. They also go faster if you clean them?
  3. Somehow I think you will come back ............... we are all tempted at some point ............ and then see reason!
  4. What about old inexperienced eyes?
  5. Can't access GoPro images? Are they on MyTube?
  6. Very pleased everyone got back safe and in one piece! Great photos and videos.
  7. It would have been good to have the LS400 as a back-up car - a bit like they do in Top Gear, mind that is no shame. Really wish I could have made it, would have been happy to sleep on the back seat!. Can't wait to see some footage. Any other Lexus models turn up?
  8. You sound really pleased - well done. They are getting hard to find in really good condition.
  9. Regarding the winds creen wash light - try blasting some water into the reservoir with a hose, it might shift the float. I did mine with hard braking!
  11. If I ever bought a coupe......... that LC is a super looking car. Not sure about parking bumps at the front though?
  12. Well worth being a member of the club then!
  13. That looks a stunner. Out of interest Nick, what mileage is on it?
  14. That equals my 2.0 litre turbo diesel for economy. I also tow a Bailey, the Pageant Champagne, slightly less weight that yours.
  15. That is very impressive! Thanks