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  1. Looks like it has body armour - not to my taste I am afraid.
  2. I do not have the physics knowledge to explain what is happening but I changed from ALL-TERRAIN tyres on my Grand Jeep Cherokee, to MUD tyres which were much larger. The fuel consumption went from 20 mpg to 13 mpg! It may be the make of tyres and their rolling resistance as well as the size. Would be interested in other peeps comments.
  3. Probably when it was in storage - would not imagine the original owner would have treated it like that, but you never know.
  4. That is an impressive record!
  5. Lovely looking dogs Mike. Yes, if I let my 6 month old Labrador loose in the LS I am sure there would be chaos. Hats off to you for preventing that in your LS.
  6. Keep us posted regarding the running and refurbishment/detailing you will be doing.
  7. Did the guys at Westfield Motors "enjoy" the challenge? I got the impression they were as passionate as you to get it going. Hats off to them and YOU!
  8. We are all wanting this to go well .......... the runes look good but can he access the parts? Remember the last story about an LS 460 that went West. Let us hope this goes better - great stuff!
  9. I would not touch such a car with a barge pole .................................unless ............................... it was a Lexus! Very best of luck! Looking forward to the thread.
  10. Is there a link?
  11. This seems to make sense. Knock for knock - both parties lose their excess and no claims bonus. I find reading this thread very depressing. It does make you wonder about owning a expensive car. After reading Dougie175's posts I will NEVER buy a CAT C or D car, that is for sure. That airbag video was very sobering.
  12. It is better to be safe (reassured) than sorry (complain).
  13. When I change my Grandis, I will be on the horns of a dilemma. Do I buy a low mileage expensive Lexus (because it will be a Lexus) or a higher mileage with a few more battle scars and accept the possibility of extra expense if things go wrong? I could be wrong here but I would like to bet it is an age thing. I am over 60 and am beginning to realise I am turning into my Dad! I could not quite understand (or believe) his attitude to many things, particularly technology. He could not be bothered, and to be honest I am getting that way. The LS 400 gives me everything I want (except practical space for transporting a dog). I love the ride and the power on tap, the stereo, air con, the silent engine. The rest I really think I could do without. One thing I do miss is folding mirrors. A friend bought an £8,000 Peugeot and the clutch/flywheel on the automatic (?) cost him £1300. But more than that it dented his faith in the car. Toyota / Lexus are one of the best you can buy. My mother-in-law's 1999 Corolla just past the MOT with NO advisories! However, you may even find that I end up buying a Dacia! (It WILL be secondhand!)