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  1. Good question, I can't find a fuse for it so you may need to access the climate control panel and look to disable the screen 'open' switch. The panel just pulls out and then there are 3 plugs to disconnect to release it. I haven't needed to take one apart so that's as far as I can help in this direction but personally I would look to find an alternative holder and attach the Tom Tom unit to the black part of the dashboard. A custom/neater version of something like this.
  2. I can't seem to find the part numbers to verify fitment. Are they the same as IS250 lights and stalks?|Model%3AIS&hash=item3d34d565d0:g:HKYAAOSwSlBYuY3H
  3. David I am very tempted. If a grey, blue or red one with a sunroof turned up for say £15k that would probably do me fine but that would just be the start of it and there's the small matter of selling a much 'abused' project SC430.
  4. I can't explain why but the RC just looks better in reality than in any of the marketing pictures, I love it. The blue RCF at the Bluewater meet opened my eyes to them. For me it has to be the V8 but it's beyond my budget for now so will have to make do with an SC.....or maybe an ISF.
  5. Retraced steps via Google maps, 407 miles with the detours and worth every one of them.....I can say I was there to see the record 'magnificent 7' And let's be honest, it's never a chore to sit behind the wheel of a Lexus.
  6. Great to meet everyone and their cars. A couple of pics to demonstrate the scale of the meet. I deliberately stood back to avoid having to blur out so many number plates. So many lovely Fs in one place and no reports of mechanical failure or major problems. I do like the look of the RC but it's becoming harder to resist the lure of the ISF. If this had been a BMW/Audi/Merc meet there would be tales of limp mode and gearbox failure, cracked alloys, electronic issues, burning oil, etc, etc but not a bit of it. How many other high performance cars can deliver the same level of reliability?
  7. Yes we did Bob. You would have liked the IS200. The engine was sweet as was the sound system, I was very impressed. Big thanks go to Dinho for setting up the meet. It was good to meet everyone and their cars......I think I need an F but it was great to see the RC, RX and the Celsior. Wish I had listened to the stereo in the big 400 as I remember it was so good back in the day.
  8. Ah, that's good, didn't realize you were 'sorted.' The car appeared on another forum with a remark that the wheels don't suit the car so remembering your quest, I quickly switched channels. I bet the seller still has the original Soarer wheels and they would be better for that car. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes not. I once searched for over a year for some Lotus Carlton wheels. Oddly if I traded up to an ISF, the wheels would have to go.
  9. @emjay82 Mark, Set of ISF alloys here on a Soarer.
  10. Wow so that was the bomb proof 1UZ-FE. I had one around to 230k in a Soarer and a 3UZ to 215K in a GS and not a hint of it.
  11. Well it could be the valve stem seals but I would say that's very rare with these engines. With regular servicing they are ultra reliable. It really needs to go to Lexus or a knowledgeable independent for a proper inspection and diagnosis.
  12. At least one in the South East seems to be up to standard. I had an airbag recall done to the SC430 by Inchcape Lexus Guildford this week and it was a very pleasant experience. From the greeting at reception to the completion of the work they were efficient, very polite and showed genuine interest in the car. Arrived at noon with a very dirty, non-standard SC430, surrendered the key, apologized for the state of the car and all the...err...non-standard stuff, Alpine/Beatsonic/DLS amp/camera wiring, etc. I was assured 'not to worry' as the best Lexus Tech in the country was assigned to the task. Quite why I had to wait 5 minutes for a new CT200H courtesy car to be brought around to the front door from the back of the car park when there was a perfectly good V8 GSF right there ready to go, I'll never know? 5 hours later having learnt to drive a hybrid for the afternoon I picked up the SC all clean, highly polished, air bag work all done, paperwork completed, general report on the car attached and the tech had kindly fixed a clock-spring squeak behind the custom steering wheel too. I hadn't asked them to look at anything, he noticed it on the test drive. Okay I left a nice tip but was impressed that when I was leaving the service manager and the technician came out to the car for a chat. Their £38k ISF seems a bit steep but for service it's top marks from me. Oh of course it's 'Mercury Grey' probably equates to 'Special Silver' hence the inflated price.
  13. Here's an exhaust clip. The car wasn't that cold on start up and there's still some 'smoke.' This is completely normal.
  14. I've never heard of a 3UZ-FE needing them. Is it blue smoke indicating oil being burnt? It's perfectly normal to get some exhaust gas when it's first started up or for the first few miles, mine always has a little vapour trail when cold for a short time. If it goes away after a few minutes and isn't evident while driving normally, that sounds okay. If there is blue smoke on start up or continuous clouds of white smoke, that might indicate a problem.
  15. Now that's a steering wheel, like that a lot.....and the car. Very jealous of the paddle shift. I had a leather IS wheel with paddles to fit but I'm a little ashamed to say I backed out when it came to the SC single stage air bag conversion. I'm sure the CF, much like wood, could be slippery. I also found that the lack of 'feel' of the thinner wooden grips on the SC, GS and LS detach the driver from the road.