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  1. @Big Rat Paul, I dare say Rich will upload a video of the up-rated roar and if he's following orders, some extensive before and after footage. I'm waiting for the details on the hifi as apparently it's been enhanced too. With only a 4.3 3UZ I'm beginning to feel a bit 'inFerior' but on the plus side, at least I know Rich will be able to keep up in lane 3 now.
  2. @Lexusman007 Call that a sunroof? I just wonder how long it will be before you try to tip the front seats forward to put something in the back? And your profile pic needs changing, it still has a pretty looking car with the right number of doors in it. News at Ten are reporting an SC430 community protest march but they need not worry as the DVLA will assume it's a mistake on the V5 and refuse to register the change.. If it's silver, there's a strong chance it's a keeper. Any other colour would almost certainly just be passing through.
  3. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Top work, snowman no compromise. Very impressive, detail consistent with all of your other work.
  4. It's true that driver experience can make a significant difference in difficult conditions but @grantwils is quite correct, the biggest difference by far in this case is the tyres. I think it's just one of those topics where once you've tried it, you know.
  5. @royoftherovers John, I get lots of things wrong and fall foul of the spelling police very often but that wasn't my quote. @Chris SkeltonHi Chris, you're never too old for a mid life crisis vehicle. I dare not post a link to the darker shade of grey mammoth thread elsewhere but there is an easy to locate 'cut down' version' in the LOC Build section if ever the sleeping pills aren't working. Have you seen the brilliant IS300 there too? The SC is now somewhere just North of 307 bhp, Mark Levinson has been completely evicted, Alpine, DLS, Focal and JL Audio are resident but the orchestra is still in the process of learning to play together. I haven't quite got the K3 Focal Elite mid bass singing from the same hymn sheet yet (crossover and door build/sound deadening issues) but the signs are good. The shrill ML top end is gone at high output. Have you found an even more rare Citroen or might you be tempted back to something with an L on the front?
  6. Oh great clip, @grantwils it's awesome driving in snowy Canada. I've only done that in a 4x4 and it was -33 in Calgary, -43 in Jasper. It's much easier in harsh winter conditions as the snow is powder and they plough the roads properly. The Canadians say there's least grip when the temperature is hovering around freezing.
  7. Actually Phil, this is where real experience counts, it might seem that way with big rwd cars but with a full covering of snow and indeed in blizzard conditions I ran my old LS430 up over the infamous A939 in the Cairngorms several times with Wdrive Yokohama tyres and it was better than the RX300 on all season tyres. With the same tyres, the RX pulled a Passat out of a ditch in deep snow but I felt safer in the LS430 up and down the steep twisty bits because the winter tyres provide better traction laterally and for braking. To give you an idea of how much difference the tyres make, from a standing start on a hill, the LS ploughed through 10 inches of deep fresh snow. Thank goodness for the high setting on the air suspension. The RX came with all season tyres but as I rely on my own transport for work, I switch between Summer and Winter tyres. I just drove back from Oxford today on Hankook Winters without any issues, while some were struggling.
  8. Ah, glad you tested one. Yes I know what you mean and I couldn't agree more. It's a fairly 'relaxed' cabriolet in standard form though the later 6 speed does help. It's a shame Lexus pitched it as they did with a heavy bias to sell well in the US. It ought to have been developed with a lot more 'edge' and tech as the Soarer was to the early LS400. Once you've had one, it's hard not to compare everything to an LS, it sets a standard difficult to equal.
  9. Okay worth a try, it's time to take the door trim off, investigate the mechanism and the electrical connections. I hope it's an easy fix and doesn't take too long.
  10. Thanks for returning this to what I think was the the original purpose of the thread. Yes in my opinion and experience, Lexus do sometimes slightly understate the acceleration figures. No doubt it's an average quote. Track timed SC430 owners in the US seem to get under the official numbers but driver ability, weight, fuel, tyres, environment, road surface, etc all play a part. A slightly awkward and at times amusing thread but it's good to read the passion for setting things straight. Those with a need to talk about speed or rapid acceleration might look to an older 6 cyl IS. Has 'Lexus' traditionally stood for comfort and reliability over speed....yes maybe.... but take a look at the Soarer and the Aristo, speed had a high priority in those models. Do they count or are they 'greyed out' I'm not sure? This one made me chuckle, good point that the IS250 represents very good value. No matter what the car, every tenth of a second counts, if you don't understand the daft obsession some of us have with 0-60 times, I recommend the newly formed super-fast F forum where speed is secondary and most of the topics are ferocious arguments about paint colour, coffee, cake and exhaust note. Just skip over any rogue topic with 'Nurburgring' or 'supercharger in the title.' With my petrol-head on, in the matter of comparing it to other chariots, I think we may have lost the plot. I can accept that an IS250 might live with a Fiesta ST but comparing it to a DFS sofa is simply wrong and unfair. The 3 seat electric driver-less models are so quick off the line, in ludicrous mode they can pull wheelies.
  11. Interesting view Phil, did you ever drive an SC430? Some of the Hampster's comments were fair enough but do remember that the early reviews were with the SC on run-flats. That was a big mistake, proper tyres made a huge difference. Having owned one for 3 years the only thing that really doesn't make sense to me is the silly back seats. They are good for a few bits of luggage or small passengers for 30 minutes only so think of it as a 2 seater sports tourer/hard top cabriolet and it makes more sense. As a 4 seat car it's a non-starter. I read all of the reports and reviews, I didn't really like the shape of it either but as a Soarer enthusiast it was always on my list to try. Ignoring all of the project modifications to mine, I'll admit I was convinced I would tire of it within the first year but I was quite wrong. They really are a good car. I would say the ride on the standard suspension is closest to a GS430, indeed it has a lot in common with the GS. With aftermarket adjustable coilovers it's even better. It's fair to say the later 6 speed SC is a better sports package than the earlier one. I agree it's a bit 'staid' in style and feature but it retained some of that earlier Lexus quality that the LS 400 scores over the newer models.
  12. Hi Philip, as a first step, try spraying the window guides with a good dose of silicone lubricant.
  13. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Lovely piece of engineering. You must be top of Santa's nice list this year. Even if they are from Oz, I wish his elves could think about doing some nice performance stuff like that for the 3UZ.
  14. Hey you found one. That looks very smart Philip and a little more economical than the SC430.
  15. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Oh! Very impressed, all the right labels in all the right places. Sunday evening just got interesting.