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  1. Yes of course, do keep it as a spare. Denso 02 sensors are not normally too difficult to replace. Chrome exhaust tips from Lexus are very expensive so I would shop around for those. Or maybe join us in the build thread and make a statement........
  2. bleeping

    It could well be the blue-tooth phone module. Do you have any instructions for it or know the make /model number? If you switch blue-tooth on on your mobile can it see the car blue-tooth signal to pair with it?
  3. Dustbin Lid or Twist Centres

    Ah, that takes me back Chris....some hub caps just popped off nice and easy, others needed a good deal of cursing and muscle. To answer the original question, having the choice of centres would help sell the wheels but I doubt it would increase the value by an extra £100.
  4. Oh that's good news, well done on tracing it. I bet it's good to have the hifi restored. So if I understand the theory, the first amp failed, the replacement amp works fine but the fuse blew in swapping them over? In the interest of checking the amplifier and what caused the 30A fuse to blow if you put the first amp back in and it doesn't work and doesn't blow the fuse, that would just about confirm the theory.
  5. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Looking good and well done you. I've seen a few of those crank pulley bolts stories where people are convinced it's welded on. I remember doing one similar to that with the engine in the car using a big breaker bar and 2 trolley jack handles as a sleeve. Like you I was sure something would snap before the bolt moved but it eventually turned with a short sharp movement.
  6. bleeping

    That's a new one on me. Is there an aftermarket blue-tooth device fitted for mobile connectivity? Does it beep if you just switch the key to aux or ignition without starting the car?
  7. Steering column failure

    Ouch! Lucky the main 160A fuse didn't blow. Taken from the US site but it looks as though there are two fuses 6 and 18 that need to be checked, drivers and passengers side kick panels.
  8. Well that's shame, an LS without sound just isn't right. It's badged as Mark Levinson but Toyota/Lexus should have recalled them because they know very well there were problems with the expensive ML/Harman, Becker/Pioneer/Eclipse equipment. I can't be sure that the replacement head unit is perfect but if it powered up okay, it would be unlucky if it had the same fault. The amps are well known for their fragility but I would say the next step is to check the continuity of the cabling. (not an easy task even with a multi-meter and plenty of time) Does your amp have the part number 86280-0W180 ? I think it may be the same as the RX300 SEL and I have a spare. It has the remote terminal connection fault on it but does work fine as long as the head unit is switched off before the ignition is switched off. (well known Harman Becker fault, forget to turn the head unit off first and the amp remains on to drain the battery) If it's the same part number, that would at least allow you to eliminate the amplifier. I do have another spare good ML amp but I think it's for a later RX with different plug connections. One other thing I forgot to ask, have you changed any of the speakers?
  9. Scotland Road Trip

    Yes done that route and some really 'hairy scary' minor roads in the Alps but the only advantage of the Alps over the Scottish Highlands that I can think of for V8 owners is there are so many enticing long tunnels for exhaust sound clips. Late September/October is a good time to do the NC500 but I was up there earlier this year late August to early September and rarely got stuck behind anything. You do have to watch out for the odd stray sheep, cyclist, camper-van and highland 'coo' but most of the time it's just awesome motoring. With ample road to get by or passing places to permit good progress. Start where you like but officially it's here at Inverness. View from the top of the castle looking back down the river Ness towards Nessie. Some have accused the Highland Police force of turning a blind eye to car clubs enjoying the NC500 route but they strenuously deny it. I took this pic in the castle car park just after they unveiled their latest high speed interceptor pursuit car. Evidence that even in August you can have the place to yourself. (the ever so popular with car clubs - Kylesku Bridge) Though on closer inspection of the tarmac, it seems either Rusty or Ken Block may have been there ahead of me.
  10. Hi Mark P.M returned, let me know where to send it.
  11. SC430 project

    Yes, that's it exactly, it was very easy to become absorbed in the videos. No ego trip, just proper enthusiasm, great explanation and very well crafted. Thanks for sharing. It takes me back to Soarer days and weighing up the idea of a 2JZ-GTE conversion. I wanted an Aristo to tweak too but settled for a GS430 whilst owning 2 Soarers and the itch for massive power faded. I think I'm completely over the need for speed now, the last car I looked at to replace the SC was a plain old RCF.
  12. SC430 project

    I haven't done the cold air intake so far. I haven't seen any produce better results than stock and the exhaust speaks for itself. Oh, I really enjoyed the IS300 garage projects on you tube,
  13. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Yeah no need for any spoiler spoilers, just keep the updates coming and watch the number of followers rise.
  14. SC430 project

    @rob_clio172 Cheers yes it's been fun. There's one in the US with a 2JZ big single conversion and as much as I love it as a nod to the 1JZ turbo Soarer, I think their true heritage demands a V8. Forced induction on the 3UZ is possible but the cost and journey to achieve it is scary. I didn't think I would keep it so long but it's a much better car to own than I first thought. The exhaust does sound nice, not too loud but vocal enough to confirm it's a V8, the clip doesn't really do it justice. I may swap the merge pipe for an X pipe just to finish it off. MIJ did an exceptional job to build the offside header as it's never been done before. I would recommend them, sensible pricing, good quality, just allow plenty of time. Installing the Alpine head unit has updated the tech a bit, I've always used high end Alpine like the 7998R for past installs but wasn't taking this one very seriously to begin with. With hindsight I wish I had gone for a higher spec and bigger screen model. At the moment I'm trying to improve the bass set up by swapping different subs, boxes and crossover settings to get the right result.
  15. Hi Mark I did wonder if you had disconnected the battery earth as there's very little danger whilst swapping the amp connections. Lurking in a box under a pile of electronic stuff I did find this. I think the radio/CD unit was just a good spare. It's been there gathering dust for ages, PM me where to send it if it's a match for yours.