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  1. Thank you very much Janey and Steve. Well done Robb. I look forward to seeing your build thread develop further.
  2. That's good news.
  3. Okay, PM sent to Global Moderator. Just speed-read through your build thread (not just the videos and pictures.) Awesome work Robb, the car looks really good. I smiled when I got to the steering wheel, I have something similar and I'm very jealous of the paddles. They aren't cheap but have you considered headers for a little more grunt?
  4. The ISF boys will welcome anyone. They are a great bunch, I only have 2 doors and a foldaway roof and they talk to me. I will send you a V8 badge to stick on the boot and 2 sets of twin tail pipes, no one will know. I will go off in search of Admin or we could just use a naughty swear word like ummmm...... 'Toyota!' and wait to see if one appears.
  5. Hi Mel. The GS460 and the LS460 share the same 1UR engine but I was interested to learn they aren't quite the same. A V8 GS with 375 bhp would have been very nice and lighter than the LS but the GS had a little less power at 342 bhp. I bet it still gets to 60 in around 5 seconds.
  6. The LOC is a good place full of knowledgeable contributors and I'm not here to run it down at all. I just think you make an excellent point that a section for build threads would enhance the experience for many yet it hasn't received a response from Admin in far too long. There are a few build/progress threads scattered around but I agree it's mostly faults, repairs, advice, opinion, banter and a lot of owner/enthusiasts who rely heavily or solely on main dealers and other professionals to maintain their cars in good order. That's all great but we and clearly a few others, would be interested to see the creative work of fellow owners in the same section where they might feel more comfortable constructing longer threads among folk with a similar outlook. It doesn't have to be exiled to the US forum, there are other places closer to home but shouldn't it be available here too? In the case of the IS model, I'm sure many would be interested in what you might do, including the very active ISF section. There's a lesser audience for my SC430 but there may be some things that other model owners might find interesting or they may just drop by out of curiosity to view the latest innovation or wild idea. The other day we were debating/exploring the idea of dropping a 1UR-GSE 5.0 into an SC430. Maybe it should go into an IS250 for the ultimate sleeper or an IS250C perhaps? Probably a bonkers, mission impossible and far too expensive venture but if someone was mad enough to do it, why wouldn't it be documented on here in a build thread area instead of being tucked away in the specific model forum?
  7. You would beat me too. I drive in SUV mode most of the time. I enjoy a quick getaway when it's quiet and there's no competition but I quite like coming second in the traffic light grand prix so that the person in the other car can have their day of glory. Spread a little happiness and give them the nod to confirm their superiority at the next set of lights, I say. The halo does slip occasionally but what does any of us need to prove away from the track?
  8. @dougie175 A few votes and supporting comments, no one against the idea so far but maybe there isn't such a great desire for it here? Perhaps you need to start a petition and organize a march for modifiers rights. A few subtle posts in some of the more popular places might draw more attention to the idea and prompt others to chime in. I have a 33 page build thread on a different forum but I've shown very little of the work detail on here as there doesn't seem to be the appetite for it. I hope I'm completely wrong but no response to a suggestion in over a year.......
  9. Yes I agree, big wide aftermarket wheels can improve the look and the way the car drives. I'm not a fan of them but the facelift wheels can instantly make an early SC look more modern. I look to the cult status of the LS400 and the SC400/Soarer and wonder whether the SC will ever have enough of a following to become a popular classic? I think there are so few visible on the road that they will remain largely undiscovered.
  10. Apologies, my car is being worked on and is unlikely to be ready by Sunday.
  11. Yes, good idea, +1 from me.
  12. Yes fantastic cars. Built so solidly like the early LS and packed full of tech.
  13. Yes, I hear what you're saying and I accept many agree but it would be wrong if I didn't say that my experience of owning cars with air suspension suggests otherwise. Can it just be luck that I've had a Soarer, an LS430 and RX all high mileages, driven long distances and I have always managed to fix air suspension issues relatively cheaply? I do wonder how many owners change to conventional struts because the local garage doesn't know how to fix the air suspension. That shouldn't be true any more as the answers are here in the forums. The last GS430 I had needed both rear shocks replaced when purchased at 90k miles £600 - Easy to fix but a known common issue. The SC430 has coil-overs fitted to cure the poor ride/handling @ £1000 so in fact conventional suspension has cost me far more over a much shorter period of time than air.
  14. Okay well as it's quiet, I'll sneak a picture of an almost standard SC430 in here for you while the RX is having a well earned rest. Think of it as a lower, faster, RX with 2 more cylinders, no rear leg room and a slightly bigger sunroof. I use the SC for project fun and light holiday duties but the RX300 does the lions share of the miles and all the serious stuff.
  15. The SEL is the top of the range RX300 (the best one to have in my view and Lexus ) though best with the air suspension left working. A quick search suggests the top of the range RX300 SE-L adds the following items: This may not be all of them. · Intelligent, Adaptive Front-lighting System (the headlights move in the direction you steer) · Lexus Navigator satellite navigation with colour touch screen display (an upgrade on the SE model) · Lexus parking assist monitor · Four-wheel air suspension system (allows height adjustment - low, normal or high setting and has a feature to lower the car automatically for easy access) · Mark Levinson® 11-speaker audio system · Wood pack (optional) Sometimes they also have the rear screens fitted in the headrests and wireless headsets in the armrest, DVD player/ interfaces for games consoles etc. It depends on what has been added by the owner.