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  1. I think the last dyno run cost £55.00......128k miles, no power loss from the 3UZ, only moderate gains so far. Not guilty
  2. Well that definitely looks like a project, good luck with restoring it. What's the interior like?
  3. I can't agree on Android or IOS systems for cars, that would be scary but I must admit the Tesla's Sat Nav does look impressive. When it can do 500 miles on a 5 minute charge, I might consider one but I suspect by then Apple or Google will have created a carriage without a steering wheel altogether. Though we frequently argue, I've grown to appreciate the alternative view that the Lexus lady provides on the best direction of travel but if I really need to get from A to B in the quickest time, in unfamiliar territory, I use an old fashioned map and co-driver. You can search for updates online but it's an expensive business to swap them out and compatibility remains an issue so if you find one that reads the road quickly, my advice is to look no further.
  4. I think the last few SC430 models were made in 2010 but the latest one I've seen was an 09.
  5. @Ally430SC thanks Alan that's a good 'wake up' call, as DAB is so poor at home I think I've fallen behind on the car audio front. I'll add this to the shopping list and consider where in the car to hide it.
  6. Looks like a very nice example.
  7. It does seem that the SC430 has been given some priority, perhaps because there are fewer to deal with or maybe we SC owners are born racers and statistically more likely to activate the air bag. As a protest, perhaps IS owners should demand a protective suit and race helmet from Lexus until the recall work is complete. It would make the trip to the shops an event. It may not have been discussed here before as there are other corners of the net with a greater collection of SC owners. Thanks for raising it.
  8. @Ally430SC That does sound like a good solution. I must look into DAB again. The last time I checked, perhaps 2 years ago, it was still quite expensive for the add on module and both the sound quality and reception were 'iffy' at best.
  9. @Linas.P Thanks for sharing, yes fully aware. Received my recall letter earlier this year and Lexus Guildford did the work in an afternoon just three weeks later.
  10. Hirschmann are really good but I would try to find a good Lexus secondhand unit from a breaker.
  11. Hi Joe, they are available in the UK, on line, on the big auction site or from a good car audio shop and they will fit it for you.
  12. There is another way using a new head unit but this is how to do it using a simple plug and play car kit using the original head unit. There are various kits like Grom and Vaistech. It may be worth calling a good car hifi shop to see what they recommend. I doubt they would charge very much for fitting as it's very quick and easy to do.
  13. They tend to cost a little more but for a decent image one with a CCD lens is best. It might be worth looking at adapting one from a broken Lexus. The LS 430 has a neat little camera.
  14. Thanks Robb, I better get on to them as my struts can't cope with the extra spoiler weight in anything but the warmest weather.
  15. Interesting, yeah, I had not thought of that, I get where you're coming from, it might look good when the full hifi is on board. The hoops are black and not quite the same kind of bulky structural hoops you might find in other cabriolets. In some cars they would look cool but to make it work I would probably have to change a few things, remove the hoops and add new bigger chrome units. Probably not a major structural change and indeed if done properly could improve overall strength but one the insurance company would take a keen interest in. Hopefully rear seat trimming plan 'B' should be much better than plan 'A' but if the car ever grows enough horsepower to hit the track then we may come back to the beefy chrome hoop idea. Just did a search to see if anyone in the US has 'done' chrome roll hoops but I think @TigerFish and @Boddney you may have thought of something new. I'd say it would look best on a silver car??