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  1. Autobox Rx300

    I can't say for the RX as I haven't had it long enough, but my GS that I have just px'd had 137k with no problems whatsoever - with anything other than a replacement starter motor at 135k (isn't always the way - just as you decide to get rid!).
  2. Lexus Map Updates

    The 2007-2008 disk I got for my 1998 LS400 is excellent, but does not do postcodes. It has COMPLETE UK coverage and does not drop you off "in the vicinity" of your destination, but instead guides you all the way there. It does do house numbers. Lots of good POIs as well. Thanx Chewbakker, I'm a Lil confused don't if i should rip out the original navi and fit with one that does postcode searches or Update the original and just live with not being able to search by postcode... Hmmmmm Decisions Remember, before you do anything major, that postcodes only give you the general locality and often cover a number of roads. For instance where I live my postcode covers 5 different roads (3 of them cul-de-sacs - or should that be culs-de-sac? :winky: )