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  1. Happy Birthday amonas!

  2. The New One

    thnx i like it too a frend helped my to get it i woned 777 but it cost lott ant need to wait more then 1 month. so i taked 666
  3. The New One

    jes it is then i was buyng it dyagnistick showed tha catalizator is taked of they sed thet warning light will by on after some time now it is on shuld i wory abaut it ? can i turn off catalizator broblem ?
  4. My lexus

    lexus is 200
  5. i was looking iformation abau lexus is 200 and find lexus owners club by google here i finded the best info thiw photos and i see it's a great comunity i wona joun it =]
  6. The New One

    here is some wideo of spidometer so is it an se ?
  7. The New One

    some more photos
  8. The New One

    Hello all at last i have lexus is 200 i was dreaming abaut it and finali it comes true =] hera some photos and can i ask that the model it is is it an SE ? lexus is 200 2000year blue wait leather +navigation