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  1. OK, finally moved the horns out of sight, but had a problem getting the grille off, so did it over again & took pics. Remove centre screw 1/4 turn cross head & lift up, just lift up headlight clip Use flat head screwdriver to pop-out clips Ensure screwdriver is into the centre of clip or else this happens!!!! This allows bumper movement to get these clips out from behind bumper this is what the clips on the inside of the grille looks like, this is where i had my problem, 7 years of grit/filth had these clips tight as hell, use one hand to push the tab down and the other hand to push grille itself back towards radiator, like i said i had to use alot of force to get off, but the grille is pretty robust and i got mine off in one peice. After i repositioned the horns to the crash bar out of site, i was left looking in at a rusty bonnet catch and radiator clamps So the painting began Wont see much of the rad clams or bonnet catch, but i feel better having done it Original Thread:
  2. New Member From Edinburgh

    Welcome to the club :D Great username BTW :winky:
  3. Supercharger Info Needed

    I peronally know nothing about these but sure i read that - bigger pulley & bigger intercooler = more power
  4. The boot on the IS is crap, It holds lots of little things, the tail lights position restrict the size of what can be put in there, so i doubt a pram will go in, but trust me the pram will only be required for a short time (I never really took it anywhere when my kids were that age), Car seats & that are ok in the IS, no prob there. Cant tell you what to do tho mate it's all your decision, But if lugging a pram is going to be a prob then big hatchback or estate or jeep it will have to be i would say.
  5. New Is200 Owner!

    Thats the TTE bumper with sport grille, but looks like the mesh has been changed to silver from standard black
  6. Is200 Trd Bodykit

    I'm surprised there's not interest on this
  7. I sold my mint 17's with nearly new Kumho sport tyres on to a member on here back in Jan, i had to travel to meet him so we agreed on £250
  8. Lexus Paint Chip Sticks?

    There was a small lexus pot of paint in the plastic tray over the spare wheel in the boot, i just assumed every car came with one.
  9. Looking To Buy Is200

    Cars are only worth what people are willing to pay, you make a low offer, if the seller really wants to move it on to fund something else & has no one else lined up to buy, then it will be yours. Is it a SE or sport?? has it had it's timing belt changed??? FSH?? take everything into account
  10. Lexus Paint Chip Sticks?

    I got a small pot of paint in the boot of mines, didn't everyone??? maybe the previous owner bought it & put it in there.
  11. New Led's Fitted

    Your a busy man, Nice job on the lights, Keep the pic's coming, everybody loves pic's
  12. New Member Wanting Is200

    Should take the car to around 210 BHP, +'s are the noise it makes & low down power, which the IS200 just normally does not have, tried & tested safe / reliable power, but makes a thirsty car even "thirstier", but MPG talk is not allowed round Lexus motors ;)
  13. New Member Wanting Is200

    Oh yeah, check for a 3 button master key, as these can be awkward / expensive to replace :winky:
  14. New Member Wanting Is200

    For me it has to be a sport, tinted windows, lower suspension. SE maybe smoother ride (only upside i can see to having a SE) Cant help with the top mount heights as i've just sold mine so cant look for you. No idea about the auto with buttons, never driven one, cant help you there. AS for probs, i've never seen a rusty IS200, sure there has to be a couple about tho. CD player is $hite so budget for a new one, alloy's are a problem with peeling / corroding so budget for a re-furb or change, apart from that, they are bullet-proof. The only prob with IS200 is performance, they are not slow, but no too quick up the gears & tuning is expensive, £2K for a decent supercharger. I am not sure but i think the altezza has the same interior as a S model IS200, not as pleasing a place to be as a SE or Sport, but the engine will put a smile on you Face. For up to £3K, dont expect too much of a car, i just sold my 60K mile, 2002 Sport with TRD kit, Sony satnav & dvd, 18" wheels & loads of extra little touch's for £4.5K. Happy hunting, let us know how you get on.