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  1. They look stunning don,t they !
  2. Looks good in silver as well ! Still prefer the Red with red interior I saw in Japan though . Be good to see one come driving down the road will turn a few heads .
  3. Yep metallic, it was awesome looking, the U.K. Roads are not going to know what hit them when you see one coming down the road ! Lottery win only way for me lol. let me know how test drive goes....lucky bugger ! i have a 2003 MR2 roadster now that is low and not easy to get out of the LC was easier if I recall.
  4. Hi mate I have sat in a RCF but that was at Lexus Ipswich a couple years back so not much help as can't remember lol, and my RX sits up high so they are all low to me !!
  5. You can get someone out mate that will do smart repairs and would cost a very small amount. I have a chap I use for things like that little scratches etc less than £100 for something like that. Hope this is of some help if not another idea would be get 2nd hand one from a breaker ?
  6. Must of been repainted at some point for that to come off , never seen one do that before unless had paintwork done. Only way would be to remove it and get it painted again I would of thought.
  7. In the flesh it's simply stunning !!
  8. That's great mate, easier than disconnecting the battery. Glad you got it sorted.
  9. Well can,t remember what I put so that's helpful, wouldn't use bad language , and don't think I posted a link to website , oh well .
  10. Why was my post removed please ?
  11. If I recall I pulled out the fuse for about five minutes and then refitted and then inserted the disc and it loaded ok. Lexus and Toyota even give you a little white tool inside the fuse box lid to use to pull the fuses out 👍
  12. Passenger side under bonnet beside the cooling reservoir for the inverter is where it is, remove silver plastic synergy drive cover and you will see fuse box. Inside fuse box you will see diagram of the fuses, remove the 15amp radio fuse and just double check the sat nav is dead . Hopefully attached a couple of pics.
  13. Best way to do this is just pull the fuse for the radio/sat nav under bonnet , have done this twice now when updating mine works a treat and no battery to disconnect.
  14. That's looks good ! They had a yellow one but you could only look and not open doors, the LC open doors and sit in, all others the RCF etc you could sit in.