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  1. In the flesh it's simply stunning !!
  2. That's great mate, easier than disconnecting the battery. Glad you got it sorted.
  3. Well can,t remember what I put so that's helpful, wouldn't use bad language , and don't think I posted a link to website , oh well .
  4. Why was my post removed please ?
  5. If I recall I pulled out the fuse for about five minutes and then refitted and then inserted the disc and it loaded ok. Lexus and Toyota even give you a little white tool inside the fuse box lid to use to pull the fuses out 👍
  6. Passenger side under bonnet beside the cooling reservoir for the inverter is where it is, remove silver plastic synergy drive cover and you will see fuse box. Inside fuse box you will see diagram of the fuses, remove the 15amp radio fuse and just double check the sat nav is dead . Hopefully attached a couple of pics.
  7. Best way to do this is just pull the fuse for the radio/sat nav under bonnet , have done this twice now when updating mine works a treat and no battery to disconnect.
  8. That's looks good ! They had a yellow one but you could only look and not open doors, the LC open doors and sit in, all others the RCF etc you could sit in.
  9. Wow what a car ! I'm currently in Japan on holiday and went to the Toyota factory today on a tour then to their museum where they had a LC and a LFA plus various others. Took a few pictures, you could sit in the LC but not the LFA . Awesome car .
  10. Looking for a full rear dog guard for a 2006 RX400h if anyone has one laying around they want to sell . One which bolts in . thanks.
  11. When I first bought mine 6 years ago it was very similar, I fitted four new tyres and had the tracking lasered and set up been superb since with even tyre wear as that was a problem before also. Have you got half decent make of tyres on ? Hankooks all round on mine really good.
  12. Mine came from Amazon too that's the same one as I have . The OBll socket is located just to the right of the steering wheel underneath bottom of dash about knee height, a plug with about 16 pins in it.
  13. Thanks for all your replies great help will make sure everything is connected and works if they replace it .
  14. Got massive stone chip today in two places close together and have booked it in to auto glass next week to be sorted. After speaking to them they have ordered a new screen just in case, I,m hoping they can repair it as I really don,t want them to replace the screen. Has anyone else had a front screen replaced on a 400h ? Rear view mirror looks as if it could be fixed in place on screen so it doesn't look that straight forward and am worried it won't be as it was after if it's replaced.