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  1. Hey, has any one had a problems with your windows squealing when you roll them down. Drivers and Passenger windows make a dry squeal when you use them. If any one has had this problem, how did you fix it... did you have to see the dealer? They seam to work just fine other than the sound. THANKS.
  2. Just a note, I had to change the battery in my GS430, I was so scared of something like that that I used my other car hooked to some jumper cables to constantly keep juice going to the Lexus as I switched out the battery. It was tricky but well worth it.
  3. PCV Valve found! The PCV valve is to the left of the oil fill location ON the valve cover... drivers side, in about the 8 o'clock position from the oil fill location (looking from the front of the vehicle). It's covered by a foam protector so it's a little hard to spot. The hose coming from it is also protected with a foam type cover (an 1" + 1/4 radius). It comes from the top/front of the engine just above the large intake air hose.
  4. Try the inlet manifold. Have you a specific reason to change it? If you are having problems with it a good clean is usually sufficient. Na, no problems, no reason...I'm just used to changing it in my american car. Now I'm vexed that I can't locate it. Thanks for the link Mark.
  5. Hey guys, does any one know where the PCV valve is located on the 2001-2005 GS 430, I'd like to change mine.