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  1. Cheers Guys: I have tried all the info you gave me, the child locks are ok, the internal lock/unlock and then the key fob it works, I think the lock needs some lubricant I will try that and see what happens.
  2. Cheers John: I don't ever go there anymore even for shopping.
  3. T he N.S. rear door has a problem, when I try to open it the catch moves but the door stays locked, has anyone had this problem? If so what do you need to do to fix it, Any information will help me. Cheers Norman.
  4. Peter: that 400 is the same color as mine also it is a 97 the only difference is the indicator lights
  5. Shirish if that car was pretty filthy in that pic it must look a dream when polished.
  6. shirish: beauty of a car, how the heck did you manage to get a shine on it like that.?
  7. I have been trying to find some of the above items on loads of internet sites,but with no luck, does anyone have any ideas where I can try? as seen in the photo clear or amber
  8. Rust removed

    Cheers Graham--What is A.C.F.-50 And where do I buy it.
  9. Rust removed

    Thank you all for your info, I will see what I can do.
  10. I have got rid of the rust, the next part is to paint it, the instructions say to use a good primer, as the car is( D. Green Pearl ) what will be the best one. next problem-- the rust is near the N.S. R. window, the chrome and rubber strip are right close to it, can they both be removed and how is it done, as you can see what I mean from the pictures
  11. LS BP LPG

    The garage I go to were charging- 54pp ltr- I went to fill her up yesterday, they are now charging-49pp ltr What do you think of that?
  12. Stuart: I mentioned that we were going to France in August, but we changed our dates we leave the U.K. next Monday instead.
  13. John; Malc; Morrison's didn't pay anything at all, The headlight deflectors have been on since April when we went to France, as we are going there again in August I thought just leave them on.
  14. Hi Lee, I modified /repaired the damaged one, it took a while but as you can see it was worth doing.