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  1. Bg244 & Ar6200

    Last year I had a complete nightmare with the car. The check VSC, loss of power, problems with lexus who tried to charge me a fortune etc etc etc. So I took the bull by the horns and done some research. I stumbled across the use of BG244 annually along with AR6200 with each fill up of diesel Well a year on (with zero problems) the car was in for service and I instructed the mechanic to clean EGR and the exhaust manifold (as instructed by a lexus tecnician). He reported back to me that the EGR had only a little carbon and the manifold didnt even need touched! Now I hope this post doesn't result in sod's law and the car goes on the blink again but I thought I should share this to help others prevent the nightmare scenario. Also since starting these fuel treatments I notice a difference in power, quieter engine though my mpg is still pretty low at approx 32 mpg.
  2. Cleaning Injectors

    Hi dgman. I put the bg244 in a few weeks back and it has improved the car a lot. I am ready to start using ar6200 now on a weekly basis. I'm just wondering how do you put it in (measuring cylinder or syringe?) and what kind of difference did you notice?
  3. Cleaning Injectors

    I put BG244 in about 2 weeks ago and I'm mighty impressed. No better mpg but performance is much better. Mine used to be quite unresponsive at lower revs until 2000rpm when turbo kicked in. Now its a much smoother approach to 2000rpm. Engine is quieter too. Nearly ready now to put the AR6200 in on a weekly basis. Lookin forward to results of that.
  4. Archoil Ar6200

    Yeah. BG244 in and all:) Though I thought the ar6200 was to be added in every time you put fuel in?
  5. Archoil Ar6200

    Im just about to add the BG244 additive in today......Thats a one off additive. Do you think it would be worthwhile to use Ar6200 also?
  6. 220D Cat Failure Within 13 Months :((((((

    Check out my posts on the topic. They are fuc%£*s.
  7. Right! Yous have convinced me too. What exactly should I buy? The Bardahl cleaner and what else?
  8. Avoiding The Dreaded "check Vsc"

    Cheers lads for advice. I have already taken it up with Lexus GB. Apparently when deciding on who to do the work for it works via a "flow chart".....When my info was followed through on said chart it ended up with the wrong outcome for me!!!! the combo of not buying from a lexus dealer along with only ever having one Lexus service was the reasons. They said "you have not put any money into the network". I find it shocking that their servive manager in Belfast can tell me they have a manufacturing problem (though he is not willing to put this in writing) yet they are helping some people then letting others suffer. The car is going fine now after an egr clean but the problem is prob still there. I'm looking into ways of managing the problem now.
  9. Is220D Shelf Life

    Care to elaborate on how best to handle the problem?
  10. Archoil Ar6200

    Im thinking of buying this myself. Please let us know if it is any good.
  11. Avoiding The Dreaded "check Vsc"

    They refused to do anything since I hadn't had my servicing done at Lexus (even though it has a FSH) and I didn't buy from a Lexus dealer!!! They aint budging on this one even though the service manager at Lexus Belfast told me it is a manufacturing problem. I am currently looking into buying a product called AR6200. Apparently its very good at cleaning carbon....Let us know how you find the BG244
  12. I own a IS220D 2006 with 76000 miles. I recently had the loss in power episode and check VSC etc. Lexus would not do any work under goodwill. I rang a lexus tecnician in republic of ireland and he said i should be fine as long as I get the EGR cleaned out along with exhaust manifold cleaned annually along with a rejuvination of catalytic convertor. I canot afford £5000 for de coke!!!! Anyone know if I can keer er tickin over without forking out big doe?
  13. Is220D Shelf Life

    Simple quick question.....Are there any cases of IS220D's having a long happy life with little trouble due to god dam carbon build up?
  14. To Keep Or Not To Keep?

    The thing is so many things have been suggested!!! What advice to follow is the question! Are there IS 220D s out there with high mileage going well or are they a complete disaster?
  15. To Keep Or Not To Keep?

    I was chattin to a lexus tecnician today and he told me every time i ger the car serviced i should get the EGR and manifold cleaned and rejuvinate the cat converter? He said that would keep the problem away?