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  1. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    Hi Andrew, welcome to LOC. Lurking for 10 years? Congratulations on your f-sport. Had one as a courtesy car for the few days, amazing! But I will most likely get the RX next. Seems like you are already busy..
  2. Front Parking Sensors?

    I used a parking sensor specialist for my IS200, he used to fronts and rears for £280 (around four years ago). Looks like he has fully retired now. http://www.roadradio.com/parking-sensors/ This place does the full shabang for £360 including a full colour match. That's what I would expect to pay £400 tops, there are loads of parking sensor specialists around..
  3. RX300 Oxygen sensor

    I'm guessing it's after the cat on the drivers side. Someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly to confirm. Have you had exhaust issues? If you are replacing o2 it's best advised to replace in pairs (I.e both downstream sensors in this case).
  4. I do hope they are genuine! I've ordered 234-4521 from RockAuto for around £100 before UK VAT and import duty. The other sensors I'll be looking to get from buycarparts based in Germany, same price as rock but no VAT and import duty ~£165. Did you get a Denso maf too? If so, where from and how much was it? I'd be surprised if my lean codes from bad fuel, as I'm mostly use BP/Shell 95Ron topped up with Archoil AR6900P. My codes pop up while stationary and the car is at operating temperature.. I'm suffering from a 10-20% drop in mpg and a very smokey exhaust, however engine is still silky smooth with no loss of power (that I can feel).. My daily commute it is pretty all stop start traffic.
  5. Hi James, Did you get the sensors from RockAuto? Have you also tried cleaning your maf sensor? Did you have any faults prior to the P0171 and P0174 codes?
  6. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    That's way I avoided the drilled option. Will most likely be getting just grooved and coated for the rears as lot of the 'drum' kit of the disc is on slow and I would rather it wasn't rusty.
  7. Tyres

    Going off topic. I am Disgusted by this. I understood the main dealers kept the mint cars for themselves and they are the next best thing to buying brand new.. Hence the 20-40% premium over independent dealers.
  8. Tyres,choice ,brand price and performance !

    Not sure what you went with in the end. I did hours of research on this on tyrereviews.co.uk, for value to performance it was between the uniroyal rainstorm and Goodyear eagles. Went for the eagles as they were only bit more and had covered more mileage on the site. The 250 feels like it has been through major handling upgrade program (it previously handled like a spoon in a bowl of soup with Budgets the previous owner put on it). To echo the numerous other responses here Eagles are amazing, I would never go back to mid range like I used to. The cheapest to buy them for me was Asda.
  9. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Which ones did you order. Any issues fitting/performance?
  10. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Did you get much further with this? What did you order for the rears. I had my fronts done using the Frentech slider pin kit. Paid just short of £30. Mechanic said pins are basic metal, copies should be fine. The whole front brake overhaul (including brembo OE spec pads, MTEC grooved, dimpled and coated discs) is performing amazingly so far (only a few hundred miles).
  11. Tyres

    Congratulations on your Lexus. I am really surprised that a car with budget tyres let alone incorrect sizing would pass Lexus's approved status and be sold via a main dealer. I was under the impression an approved car would have OEM quality fittings with plenty of life (e.g. correct sizes and Bridgestones), that certainly was my experience with a main dealer purchase. That was 14 years ago, others with recent experience might be able to confirm. What brand are the current tyres?
  12. Damm.. it was a while ago it got it checked out (might have been damaged). Is it worth getting a second opinion around £40-50.
  13. Brake pad advice

    That's a great price for the OEM pads. I've fitted brembo OE replacement pads for the fronts, sitting on MTEC grooved and dimpled rotors with calipers with new Frentech slide pins.. I was nearly thrown out my seat just touching the brake pedal. The previous owner had put on awful Blueprint ADT parts (front and rears can be had for less than £25), performance was weak and may have even contributed to finishing my disc's.
  14. It's corroded! Thanks for the suggestion, do have personal experience with Valeo condensers and if so on what cars?
  15. Thanks MAAH. Any links to pack of o rings? I'm not in any rush to get this done, so would rather save 50 to 70 quid and wait for it to arrive from the US.