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  1. I know its ancient history really enjoyed and used the IS / Attezza rear speaker guide infract just used it. Tiny detail on an Altezza the seat belt guides are held done with 2 self taped Philips . head screws on each . Otherwise faultless!  

  2. Hi All, I have recently had the Fuel Pressure Gasket recall carried out to IS250 along with an interim service. However while stuck in traffic the EM lights go off along with the following error codes P0171 and P0174. I have the car booked in to be looked at next Thursday, is this likely to as a result of the recall work carried out? Anyone else experience this? FYI – I also had an exhaust pipe leak after the cat/o2 sensor on the driver side, could this be causing the issue, there were previously no EM lights/codes prior to the service/recall work. Thanks in advance, L
  3. Anyone got £380k Spare?!

    LHD? No thanks. Can't believe it's gone up 10k a year.. I agree it looks amazing. Good luck!
  4. Lol, yes it should say biennial! I'll get it tested. The local mechanic said if your coolant doesn't need replacing for 100k and that gets heated, why would your brake fluid need replacing? Anyone know if it's included as part of the essential care major service?
  5. Hi, My air filter replacement is due now. Any recommendations for the air filter? Options are OE ~ £25 K&M ~ £45 HKS ~ £35 Considerations in order are Value for Money (ecomony/mpg/replacement intervals), performance, engine noise. Thanks
  6. Hi, Lexus service intervals state the brake fluid must be changed every two years, however my local mechanic (non specialist) says this is a money making scheme, a simple contamination test will suffice. I have also read somewhere the bi-annual brake fluid change is required to prolong the life to vacuum pump. What is this, and how are the replacement costs? Cheers
  7. I had Dr Bones look at my Mk1 - 10 years ago (fantastic job). However I was hoping to avoid the 200mile round trip and premium charges.
  8. Ok to summarise. Any 4 Wheel alignment place can check to the official settings, however a specialist may be needed for adjustments?
  9. I gather there are no special settings like MK1? I.e place with 4 wheel alignment can carry this out?

    Better all round plugs, but less cost? I can't get my head around that one. Strangely are no longer listing them as compatabile for the 250. Lexus Birmingham do the plugs at a fantastic £79.99 (much less than the £120+ being charged elsewhere). I'll stick to the manuals recommendations.
  11. Hi All, Does any one have any experiences with DENSO IRIDIUM TT SPARK PLUG IKBH20TT? They are listed as compatible and than half the price of the standard FK20HBR11. Cheers Len
  12. Tte Supercharger + Others

    LPG was a brilliant install, I can't fault it. Issues really started happening when my TTE black box failed, it got confused between the main ecu and the fcd.
  13. Tte Supercharger + Others

    Hi Everyone, Unfortunately the time has come to part with Lexi Lou. Nearly 13 years later. A charger, auto tranny and lpg wasn’t a good idea. I ripped through a torque convertor and performance has not been the same since its replacement. I am looking the sell the whole car as a package for stripping. TTE Supercharger (1st owner) + Larger Prolex Intercooler PL Black Box TRD Yellow Anti Roll Bars Koni suspension kit Dual Exhaust system built by Blue Flame TTE 18” Chicanes (silver with black plastic pin effect) – very minimal scuffing IS300 TTE Front Bumper (with headlamp washer) EMER LPG KIT The car is a 2000 Black IS200 SE Auto with Nav (although the Nav is now defunct). There are plenty of other minor mods. I am looking for £3500 Thanks Len
  14. Happy Birthday LennyLexus!

  15. Sparkplugs (Hks) Plus Supercharged And Lpg'd

    Thanks Mars, this seems to change with mods and not using OEM (dense sk20). I have spoken to a friend who was a top lexus techie, he has recommended going for NGK (Denso isn't worth the extra, avoid Bosch and Champion. He also recommended getting them changed more frequently due to the lpg and blower. Does anyone know what the NGK version of the IK22 is?