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  1. This happened!!

    Good to hear they're up to standards Rayaans, I went direct to them rather than through Lexus Bolton, do you know if I can still request a Lexus loaner.
  2. This happened!!

    Thanks all for the advice, looks like I may go down the insurance route and have Rrg accident repairs to carry out the work because the age of my car and are Lexus approved, atleast I have some sort of comeback if I'm not happy with the job. estimate came back at £2.5k.
  3. Wife scraped the side of the IS on a low wall last night, only 7months old!! Just been to the rrg body shop in Bolton for them to have a look, needs new rear door, and skirts, front door can be repaired, not looking forward to the quotes they'll be emailing me. Reading this article, apparently the Azure Blue is a very tricky paint to match? Anyone had paint done in this colour and how do you find the finish and match? Will also be going to a local highly recommended bodyshop for them to have a look.
  4. Ctek 5.0 arrived thanks Amazon for the lightning delivery! Just not sure what charge mode to use on a perfectly healthy battery AGM or Recon?
  5. Ctek MXS 5.0 ordered and will arrive tomorrow evening, thanks!
  6. Hi Guys Looking for a trickle charger to keep the ISF battery in top condition, interested in the CTEK MXS 5.0 but just isn't sure if it's man enough for the job, any recommendations.
  7. @BUG4LIFE good to see an ex integra type r owners here, was it a DC5 you owned?
  8. NEW ISF!!

    Just checked the photos again on my PC, my bad it's the right way round.
  9. NEW ISF!!

    Nice colour combo, but both the front and rear alloys need swapping around.
  10. Airbag recall

    Sounds reassuring, not too fussed about the supermarket fuel they put in. Will still wait till the next service to get it done.
  11. Airbag recall

    Guys that had the recall done, any ideas what interior panels are required to be removed in order for this to be done? passenger seat, parts of the dash board? I've yet to get in touch with the dealer even tho letter are received few weeks ago for the fear of damages as my whole interior is absolutely unmarked!
  12. Tint works very well with the body colour, may I ask where did you have the wheels refurbed and cost?
  13. Any idea what those plastic vent on the sill are for? The IS200t doesn't have it.
  14. Will just order a touch up and hide the scars for now, doubt the dealer will do anything. Wouldn't want it resprayed anyway as I've only had the car for 6 weeks, I'd be more gutted if chips appeared right after repaint.
  15. What is it with Lexus paints, it's so brittle and soft. Only 6 weeks and 1500 miles into the ownership of the new IS, I have suffered 7 chips on the paintwork already. 2 on the bonnet, 2 on the bumper and 3 on the front wing, door and mirror( I think hit by the same stone). Seems like the car will automatically get new chips every time it's being driven. Really breaks my heart especially I've put in so much effort and time washing, cleaning the car. Makes me want to give up and just whack it through the local £5 car wash.