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  1. Airbag recall

    Sounds reassuring, not too fussed about the supermarket fuel they put in. Will still wait till the next service to get it done.
  2. Airbag recall

    Guys that had the recall done, any ideas what interior panels are required to be removed in order for this to be done? passenger seat, parts of the dash board? I've yet to get in touch with the dealer even tho letter are received few weeks ago for the fear of damages as my whole interior is absolutely unmarked!
  3. Tints exhaust wheels calipers

    Tint works very well with the body colour, may I ask where did you have the wheels refurbed and cost?
  4. Any idea what those plastic vent on the sill are for? The IS200t doesn't have it.
  5. Will just order a touch up and hide the scars for now, doubt the dealer will do anything. Wouldn't want it resprayed anyway as I've only had the car for 6 weeks, I'd be more gutted if chips appeared right after repaint.
  6. What is it with Lexus paints, it's so brittle and soft. Only 6 weeks and 1500 miles into the ownership of the new IS, I have suffered 7 chips on the paintwork already. 2 on the bonnet, 2 on the bumper and 3 on the front wing, door and mirror( I think hit by the same stone). Seems like the car will automatically get new chips every time it's being driven. Really breaks my heart especially I've put in so much effort and time washing, cleaning the car. Makes me want to give up and just whack it through the local £5 car wash.
  7. servicing

    Just checked the service book it appears the 200t motor requires a spark plug change at 40k miles rather than 60k on most Lexus models as it's not iridium type. This explains why the pricing is the other way around.
  8. servicing

    Just checked the pricing for an IS200t, why is the 40k service costs £595 where as the 60k cost £495 I'm confused.
  9. That's what I thought if the car is going straight and doesn't pull to the side then why mess with the setting, will get them to put it on the alignment machine to check before doing any adjustments, car is only 2 weeks old btw. also Rayaans Does the foot brake on your IS takes a lot of travel before really holds the car, as where I park at work there is a slight incline so I tend to use the foot brake to ease the stress in the gearbox when in P mode. It takes around 5-6 clicks before it really 'bites', where as the ISF only takes 3 click.
  10. I noticed this as soon as I hit the motorway after collection, thought I'd do a few more miles just to confirm. Might be possible someone hit a pot hole or similar during transportation to knock the setting out, not surprised as the car would have been moved about in docks, vesses etc. Will be taking it back on Tuesday for them to chceck over, just doesn't like the feeling of adjusting the suspension settings on the brand new car, not sure if it'll be okay for me to watch while they work on the car?
  11. The steering wheel on the IS200t feels off centre to the right, very marginal I'd say a notch or two but enough to bug me since owning the car. I've been in touch with the dealer to take it back for them to have a look, as the car drives straight doesn't pull to the left or right. The last thing I'd want is for them to mess with the alignment on a brand new car and make things worst. Ive been reading a lot for the past few days on similar issue on Lexus vehicle, some models have the VGRS steering where you can adjust the steering angle on the tech stream to re calibrate the steering if the alignment is correct, but I can't seem to find any info wether the 200t F Sport have it fitted. If only this is a simple software issue then it'd be great, as I don't really want them to start messing with the cars geometry settings trying to fix the issue. Anyone have any advice on this?
  12. ISF Special Edition 2014 Japan

    This is not the final special edition car, just a standard car with all the TRD parts. Currently for sale on this site A genuine SE car came with orange calipers, plaque on centre console, titanium exhaust, carbon rear diffuser etc, one for sale here.
  13. I always drive my car sensibly under 3k revs for atleast 20mins before giving it some beans, done this to all my cars. This will ensure the engine oil, gearbox fluid and diff oil are properly warm up.
  14. ISF New Review

    Another new one on a facelift.