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  1. Sounds reassuring, even if they're using the current price I should be ok. The price increase makes my deal looked even more better. Lets hope the car will turn up at the dealer soon!
  2. So if it's £40k or below and its fine, from £40,001 onward then it'll be in the extra tax band? Been in touch with Lexus UK to confirm the list price and they have sent me this, car cost exactly £40k with paint.
  3. That's what I'm trying to find out now, the dealers knows as much as I do. Nobody seems to have a dedicatedly answer to this, let's hope the £40k is based on the cost of car and options not the OTR price.
  4. Thanks Rayaan for clarifying this, looks like I'll get stung by the additional 'premium' tax as the IS200t F Sport premier now lists at £39,945 plus £610 for the metallic paint. Where as back in January when the order was placed it retailed at £38,995 plus paint. Edit Just had another browse, The list price is the price of the car before any on the road charges, vehicle registration fee etc so I might be safe as the above prices does include everything. Anyone can confirm?
  5. So this is a common practice I take it then, also been told by the dealer they can tax the car 7 days early so you still get the full 12 months tax, is this true?
  6. I knew about the PDi checks etc, just that the car is still at the docks waiting to clear customs. Seems too early to register a car at the stage?
  7. My car is now arrived in the UK, dealer now have registered the car but it won't be ready for collection for another week or so. Is this normal for dealer to do this?
  8. Always worried if this will put stress on the transmission especially with the clunk sound from 2nd to 1st, but good to hear its normal.
  9. When in manual mode, if the car slows down it automatically downshifts when coming to a stop. I do notice that the car jerks a bit when engaging into 1st gear. Its worst if the car is in manual + sport mode, this is very annoying as it super smooth in auto mode and wondered will it do harm to the transmission.
  10. I think I remembered this car when its was last for sale, it's a 2010MY with the facelift headlight conversation + has the Wald boot spoiler fitted hence the marks.
  11. Absolutely agree!! Especially all they do is basic oil and filter change plus a quick check over for the intermediate service, not to mention the 60K service is just an additional spark plugs and that's £700 plus, way too much money for what it's worth. I may go down the independent specialist route from my next service on.
  12. Had mine serviced last month, Lexus VSC says brake pads have 5mm front and 8mm rear remaining but no mention of the discs, but they looked in pretty good condition to me. Done 23k miles, I'd get a second opinion from a trusted mechanic to make sure they do need changing.
  13. Yes I'm sure they can arrange that if requested.
  14. Will be the second time I'll be using them to source a car from Japan, iirc they charge a fee to get the car registered on the road. Which includes all the dock collection, All necessary conversion for clock, speedo and rear fog, IVA test, registration and MOT plates etc, basically you just get down and drive your car away.
  15. Speaking to Darren at Torque GT for some advice, they import cars and make them Road legal in the UK.