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  1. I hope that you didn't buy a GS450 for excellent mpg, a brief google before purchase would have given you an indication of mpg, not official guides mind, they are usually off. Be happy with the economy of 30mph. For a car of this quality, speed and engine size and only a 14 mile commute to work are you really that bothered?
  2. Hi, what year E class, the new shape, W212? I went from a lexus GS mk3 to a Mercedes W211 E500 recently, the difference is more than you would think, and it's not just because I have new car blinkers. A big bonus is that there are no rattles! I love being able to drive in cold weather and not hear the dash rattle and squeak, it's quite lovely. Less toys you say? Do you need a diesel? I'm quite lucky as I only do around 7k miles a year so bought a petrol. If you opt for a petrol you usually find that they are well specified. I'll run down a few options fitted to mine, which equal and surpass the Lexus. A beautiful engine. 5.5 V8, 388 BHP, 510Nm torque. Full leather, heated (front and rear), cooled, air controlled, luxury memory seats. Lingutronic, which works, Comand sat nav, Harmen Kardon 7.1 surround sound, 7 speed gearbox, heated steering wheel, TPC, airmatic suspension with stiffness options, 4 zone climate, Bi-xeon adaptive headlights, MP3, electic tailgate, electric floor ( the floor of the boot slides out), This car seems to be that bit better than the Lexus. For example as mentioned, no rattles, it's a well made car. The headlights are outstanding. The difference between Lexus lights and the Mercedes lights are quite profound, so much brighter. The car is also excellent to drive, fantastic steering and dampers. I don't regret the change. I have pics in the gallery! To be fair I bought a rare car, a facelift estate with the new 5.5 litre engine but apparently the V6 petrol models are brilliant! I did love my Lexus and I may go back to Lexus if they produce a GS estate. I'm looking forward to seeing the new GS.
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  9. Hi there, the transmission has P,R,N,D and S, right? when it is in D, there is no speed.. one of my fd has 20km/h when the transmission is in D. Correct me if I am wrong ....I think what you are trying to say here is when you put the gear stick in Drive 'D' your car doesnt move at all unless you use the accelerator ...... but your friends does upto 20KMPH without using the accelerator???? exactly!!!you get what i am trying to say
  10. SAD, I forgot to say, you need to run the tyres in too, don't be too hasty to swap cars too soon! When my tyres were new they were quite slippy and I thought Noooo! It took around 400-500 miles and the sipes began to lift, very slightly, but the tyres became super sticky. I opened a thread on here recently with a pic of my car in 4" of snow. My car drove as normal.
  11. This sounds a little suspect, I hope you don't mind me asking. Are the tyres winter tyres, do they have the sipes across the tread and show the snow flake symbol? Also are the tyres fitted the correct way around? Winter tyres should enable you to drive on almost anything in winter.
  12. One day the UK will wake up to the idea of fitting winter tyres. A bit of snow and panic, grid lock and talk of buying 4x4s, geeze.............
  13. Just one of many........... IS220 .........still want one?
  14. Hi. Most cars have problems? Not many need engine rebuilds................... The advice is, don't buy a diesel. You sure you want possible problems with lengthy repairs and other issues? The lexus IS220 is rubbish. Heed advice, buy any other car, or buy the most excellent IS250, it's fabulous.