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  1. Back together and ticking over at 650 rpm that will do nicely! For anyone who's doing this in the future if your'e using the existing hole I bought BSP Taper Thread x Hose Tail End Connector - Brass Fitting for Air, Water & Fuel, Bsp thread size: 1/8 inch (10mm thread believe me it is). Hose internal diameter (bore) 8mm (5/16") this has a 10mm thread the best drill size to use for this is 3/8 inch (9.525 mm) and take your time screwing it in straight. Then look back on this thread (no pun intended) and GrahamG has explained what to do and you'll find out how to strengthen the connector with Araldite standard epoxy and Carbon fibre tow. You will need to strengthen it so just do as your told! When applying the carbon fibre mix remember there is another larger pipe that fixes on the end and you must leave enough room for this to attach it doesn't need as much space as it had before, so you can get some of the tow wrapped around that side of the connector. I rubbed down the barbed ends with sandpaper as you'll want to get the pipe off at some time in the future it is also a bit large for the pipe but it will fit ok. Here's how it looks on the car.
  2. The money today is on Viscount Barfield in the 7.40 at Chelmsford each way at 8/1!
  3. Well that is such a strong bond I'd have to smash it with a hammer to break it and then it would be the polypropylene that would shatter! Now just got to put the car back together tomorrow. Brorocco won the 4.10 at Epsom at odds of 7/1 so things are smelling sweet again! Thanks for all the help it's much appreciated. One thing I did do as the connector has a barbed end I sanded the edges down or otherwise it would take to fierce a hold that added to the fact it was 8mm and the hose to go on is smaller. I was unable to get the exact size when I ordered maybe I should have searched harder but I looked at a few companies and couldn't see what I wanted.
  4. Thanks for your very kind offer Graham, it is fairly large and I do need to get the old girl back on the road as soon as possible with my Mercedes playing up. Thank you again.
  5. Mummify the mother, surround in a shroud. I hear you! Now to get some proper epoxy glue that doesn't set in five minutes.
  6. I'm going off the fibreglass idea I don't think it will bond it's a difficult material polypropylene I'm beginning to realise!
  7. Well I drilled a larger hole and fitted a brass connector it split the plastic to the side of it so stuck that with Araldite Rapid (I ordered standard and ended up with this) anyway that seems reasonable with a clamp holding it together. I used Araldite around the connector and was going to use carbon fibre tow and Standard Araldite when I realised there is a stamp underneath on the plastic telling what it's made of, Polypropylene with 20% fibreglass, reading the Araldite instructions it says it doesn't glue this type of plastic. So the new plan is to now to strengthen it with fibreglass and hope for the best. I had given up when I split the side and had arranged to buy a used one but the breaker broke the plastic connector taking it off the vehicle. To add insult to injury my Mercedes has developed an erratic idle, it's obviously come out in sympathy for the Lexus! I also ordered some Beige rubber car mats from Carmats2u after a lot of time sending emails to and thro' and having sent them templates and paying for them they told me they don't do Beige rubber mats I don't know which bit of Beige rubber mats they didn't understand when I asked to have them made, but they apparently didn't. I've had better weeks! Well I hope Brorocco wins in the 4.10 at Epsom and all will be roses again!
  8. I asked parts department at Lexus for mine and they were happy to print off what they could which was very little, just some parts that were bought when the cam belt was done. Unfortunately both Lexus garages that serviced mine had shut down in the interim and there were no records!
  9. With Cif you've probably taken the plastic coating off with it, it's a very harsh cleaner.
  10. Thanks Graham I'd never even heard of carbon fibre tow before but ordered some and some standard Araldite.
  11. Stuart it's the air control valve on the power steering pump not the idle air control valve. I should have been clearer.
  12. Well I've sent off for a BSP Taper Thread x Hose Tail End Connector @ £1.85 and see how that goes at the worst I'll have to buy the unit from breaker.
  13. You're not losing it Stuart it's just how they measure it on these and don't ask me for an explanation because I don't know! If you click the link then look at the bottom of the ebay page it shows a conversion table. I have meticulously cleaned and prepared the surface but whilst it's not under much stress in day to day operations it's when you need to remove the air box and take off the hose that it always breaks, because then it's under the stress of my sausage fingers! I'll post a picture of the broken part (soon) and it will become clear why it's always going to break and needs reinforcement or another solution. Thanks for all the input. I have had a breaker whom I asked for the part in January get back to me today asking if I still require it but if his pricing is anything like the quote he gave me for an aerial and motor I'll be fixing it myself!
  14. I see the hose coming off this is one of two that connect to the Air Control Valve on the power steering which it seems a lot of people blank off so that would be another option.