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  1. but what car are they meant to fit ?... 205/55/16
  2. Anyone an idea of the likely lifespan of a fob battery ? Do they just fail to work promptly as they age / start to die or do they just " give up " one day Your thoughts please ? Oh, and would it be best to get the replacement batteries from the parts dept at Lexus / Toyota or ................... ? Thank you Malc
  3. at £160 an hour this is going to be the most expensive carpet analysis in the world ! Malc
  4. 1992 LS400 for sale

    I think the biggest problem facing any purchaser is if the cambelt and peripherals, waterpump etc have been changed and the mileage, age etc at which that was done. We are talking of a probably £600 job for this alone. Can you put some light on the actual and proven service history ? Thanks Malc
  5. carpet bugs ........ moth eaten springs to mind ! ..... I have a spider living in my car ( it's so comfortable ) hope he/she doesn't eat my carpets Spiders are generally good news, they eat all sorts of bugs Malc
  6. well, just inspecting my Mk3 key fob and there is no screw to undo, it probably just pulls apart from the top area where there's an indentation in the plastic ( looks like it anyway ) The key is separate from the actual remote fob. The Honda Legend however does have a tiny ( watchmakers type ) screw with a tiny tiny head to undo. The key shaft is in the fob itslef ........ the screw might bugger up if not dealt with amazingly tenderly .... not for my fat fingers then eh Malc
  7. question!

    my intimation was simply that by using good secondhand parts from a prior broken car the resultant repaired vehicle can be a really good buy with an excellent " like new " repair. And many cars on a vehicle forecourt might well be repaired with secondhand parts, the garage having bought the car from an auction and repaired the car as such, and then for sale. Malc
  8. thank you gentlemen .............. I'll leave it to my indy to sort out when it goes in for it's service. The fobs are all ok right now BUT I have had them for over 6 years ( and no idea how long they have been in the fobs ) and my worry was if they just suddenly stopped working. I would hate to go back to just putting the key in to the lock ..... the remoteness overcomes frozen locks that are an enduring but not too good a memory from times past Malc This post was prompted by the spare Honda Legend remote fob not performing quite as it should ......... the main one is quite ok right now thankfully
  9. question!

    but I bet they never say that secondhand parts can be used ............ like wings, bumpers for instance Malc
  10. question!

    I'd be quite amazed if any main dealer had their very own body repair and paint shop ........... wouldn't they just outsource and take a turn for their profit ? At least when insurance companies arrange the repair there is an understanding that it comes with maybe a 5 year warranty and all parts used are OEM If you was to use an independent then they might well use secondhand parts and not give that 5 year warranty ..... and of course some secondhand parts are absolutely fine .... from a breakers This is why some secondhand written -off prior are really good cars, say, using a good secondhand bumper or door or glass, light settings or whatever, that made the car uneconomical to repair for the insurance company with new OEM but well within the financial limits of any other dealer ..... and very good repairs and cars too many of them. Malc
  11. RAC cover ............. I bought Life Membership the day before it was ceased to be offered, in about 1971 I think ... £100 then, a fortune ............ then progressed to actually paying for Recovery Cover etc when that became an " extra ", a good few years back. Then I used to pay about £80 a year for that level of cover for quite some years .......... I have called them out very rarely, twice to change a flat tyre, once full recovery when I had a 1965 Austin Westminster and thought it would get me and my young family down to Wales and back ( about 1983 ? ) Then in my Lexus when the alternator just stopped working at night on the M20 and again when the radiator water expansion tank cap ceased to function ( washer split ) and spewed water everywhere.... all many years ago........and on earlier Ls400s Decided to take Nationwide FlexPlus account benefits which include International Recovery and Breakdown Cover and much else besides.( now £13 a month ) ...... I travel abroad a lot and drive around Europe when I can....... the odd 5/6000 mile trip in my Lexus isn't unusual. So back to the RAC .... I still have that Full Cover BUT it's now FREE ............. not sure why, but it is, I used to pay on a card but would never agree to auto-renewal. They send me renewal advice and no figure mentioned, it next renews this January so let's see if they try to get the Arrangement Fee out of me ( fat chance of that ! ) It's so so rare to need a breakdown call-out on the Lexus BUT don't forget cover probably also extends to you're driving other people's cars and even when you're a passenger in another's car too........ and you and your partner and their car too for no extra charge and not all partners have a Lexus ............... Malc
  12. are you sure there's not a hairline crack in the lens ? if there is then a simple poly clear something sealer might suffice If it's driving in from behind ( heaven knows how ) then just pop the back off and leave to evaporate before putting it back .... it should last ok if that's not happened before methinks ! Malc
  13. I remember saying before on this forum, somewhere, that my indy tells me that there is a rather permanent solution, well, like new, and will last for very many years, and that is to have a good body repair shop " do " the lights with the proper trade kit that they use. It used to cost my indy about £28 for the trade kit and some effort/ work ...... makes a repaired car look like new AND he assures me will last for many many years. All this buggering about at home is often quite futile ..... pay the £80/100 to the bodyshop but make sure that they know what they are doing Malc
  14. Steve, another year behind you then and a new brilliant one to look forward to ................. my 2018 is going to be expensive methinks ..... cambelt, peripherals and warterpump at 204,500 miles ( 199,875 now ) . 4 x new tyres looming on the short horizon, the front pads and discs my indy tells me are nearly ripe for plucking, usual oil and filters service and MOT with gearbox and diff oil attention .............. and if I'm really lucky, the offside UCAs both the nearside front and the rear, both having been replaced this year and last ( I think ) . Am I phased by it, well, not really .... it's only money and ever so much cheaper than changing the Lexus for anything else too methinks Malc
  15. I presume you can still open the boot using the remote fob ? Malc
  16. Scotland Road Trip

    whenever I cross to Europe I go on the ferry, somehow it's the start to the holiday, having a cruise .......... Malc
  17. Scotland Road Trip

    or maybe try the Dolomites, they truly are FABULOUS to drive around, up and down and across etc ............... Italy is stunning mostly, driving is challenging too ............ but the Dolomites are world class and amazing ........ I can personally vouch for that trip Just take care with the time of year ..... bit like the Pyrenees I guess ........ I've only been along, around, across those in bloody wet misty weather ....... and take care re any political fall-out right now too maybe in Spain Just go do something with these amazing cars, the world's out there to explore .... I have done and will hopefully continue to do so .............. in my ancient Ls400 though Malc
  18. I've only ever bought replacement rubbers from Toyota/Lexus and they seem to last about 40/50k miles ( 4/5 years ) ....... the last one's I think were about £23 a pair ( maybe ) Malc
  19. Battery Talk

    why not be sure and just buy one from Toyota ( Lexus ) specified for the car ? My Mk3 battery supplied by Toyota in 2012 was no more expensive than other brands in the marketplace and actually fitted the challenging tray shape .... designed for the Mk3 battery alone Malc
  20. Scotland Road Trip

    I have just completed a very successful 2300 mile round trip from Kent up to and through and around Scotland and back .... in 16 days ....... got back 10th September BRILLIANT and little affected by the midges .... brilliant weather, brilliant Grand Touring in the best grand touring car ever ................... many more tourists this time than 5 years ago when we did a similar trip ................ my Lexus was probably the one and only Ls400 on the roads there and most certainly the oldest car by many many years. Mostly German and Dutch drivers of cars, camper vans, touring caravans and motorbikes too ............. a little pressure on ad hoc accommodation but every night was spent somewhere ranging from ok, to mostly good to some really really outstanding. As I say, a brilliant trip Malc
  21. question!

    I understand from my niece who works for a broker that the NFU are probably the best for after-care and attention in the event of a claim ............... and you don't have to be a farmer, just have enough money to not worry too much about the premium. Malc
  22. and the mileage they have covered in nearly 2 years Mark ? Malc
  23. Replacement key

    errrrrr ..... get a spare key or two maybe ? Malc