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  1. BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Ugh ! it's always a trade UP from a BMtroubleWu to a Lexus ......... sorry joking ( not really ) I'm a solid 15 years Ls400 man through and through and have had many other cars at the same time ( I owned a carsales business AND had a few BMWs too ) I doubt you will regret your trading-up to a Lexus Best wishes whatever Malc
  2. oh crap !

    brilliant result, well done .............. probably little more depreciation to come then Full Lexus service history and only 111k miles WOW, that's a result in my book Fortune often favours the brave .... but sometimes not Looks a great car Please keep us in the loop if you get any issues playing up Malc
  3. Gentlemen good afternoon, I've been trying quite unsuccessfully, to find the threads on here which would give me the benefit of your wisdom from time to time on the best sources of these bits and bobs. I know you have all been kind enough to give your experiences but they have been amongst other threads. My indy mechanic has asked me to seek the advice of The Forum on where he might best source the best of the necessaries for the upcoming event, in about 3k miles time, about 3 months. Your thoughts and words of wisdom would be most gratefully welcome please guys. Thank you Malc
  4. Thank you so much guys. We are just sticking to the cambelt and peripherals at this time Best wishes Malc
  5. Hi guys, a little query to resolve please. Is removing the starter motor ( to overhaul ) an integral part of the process of stripping down and dealing with the cambelt etc ? Thanks Malc
  6. oh crap !

    and the price you paid maybe ? Thanks Malc
  7. ............. as I mentioned above, £30/40 might sort it out from your LOCAL welding guy ! Malc
  8. Gentlemen good afternoon, well, if there's no more input from you guys of wisdom I'll convey this Forum link to my indy mechanic to prepare stuff Thanks once again Malc
  9. oh crap !

    sounds like a good buy then ( fingers xd ) ..... can you tell us a little more about your Ls600 ? piccys, price, service history or whatever maybe Malc
  10. puncture repair kit replacement

    ....... and maybe zero phone signal Malc
  11. oh crap !

    good luck and best wishes do please keep us in the loop on the outcome Malc
  12. Had this car over 6 years now and the cambelt is due to be changed, as a run of the mill service item .............. the starter motor is absolutely fine and was replaced under the Lexus Recall for the Mk3 but probably 20+ years ago now on 201500 miles, cambelt due to change at 204500 miles Whilst all the gubbins is being taken apart by my indy mechanic and this mammoth job done, I thought it prudent to replace the starter motor brushes now too ..... to make sure it lasts another 100k miles till the next major event Any more useful info on sourcing the cambelt, peripherals and waterpump would be gratefully welcome and also Steve2006, could you please put me in the right direction of the Starter Motor repair kit please, numbers etc if possible. Thank you so much guys Malc
  13. but no Ls400 is " collectable " and methinks it might be another decade or so , if ever, it does become so ! " concours " is a bit irrelevant with our cars .... now, if it was an old Bentley and concours ........... and forever breaking down and on every outing thinking it might need a transporter recovery ................ then that sure is " collectable " Let's not get ahead of ourselves guys Malc
  14. it's certainly " special " at that price with grubby carpets ............. and that makes it " concours " .... I really don't think so Malc
  15. I have always, well since about 2003, fancied an Amazon Land Cruiser when we had one on our forecourt carsales ... big, no huge, and so rugged and robust and for the Australian outback coz it would actually get you out AND back ........... but never had the need and well, I had my Mk1 Ls400 then and Ls400 ever since too. Enjoy ( a slight tinge of envy there ) Malc
  16. oh crap !

    take it back .. .............. get your money back ............. without a Full Lexus service history ( that's genuine ) and a new MOT I fear for the worse ..... good luck Malc
  17. no you're not, my 9 year old granddaughter hasn't yet caught up with her 13 year old sister ! Malc
  18. OMG the phone as almost an integral part of the car ............ would never cross my mind, my Iphone is pinned to me during the ( working ) day and sits turned off at my bedside at night ....... it needs to sleep too Well done finding the culprit however Malc
  19. absolutely BUT I am quite aware that a relatively minor " smack " will easily write the old lady off ...... my Mk2 was vandalised, written-off back in 2011 .......... if that was to happen I might actually let the moths out of my wallet and spend some of my ££££ new cost was emerging at about £110k I believe ....... 10 years old probably do a deal at about £9/10k with FULL Lexus Service History and a new MOT ................ piece together replacement hybrid battery stuff and air struts probably when the time comes, and then might well last similar to my legendary Mk3 Ls400 ....... and I'm otherwsie expecting up to 500k miles with no serious issues ........ apart from me then being a bit gaga ( or am I already ) Malc
  20. I'm just quite astonished at how little the purchase cost of an early Ls600 can be ............ with stellar miles BUT often with Full Lexus Service History too Malc
  21. This doesn't make any sense at all from your point of view tbh ....... if it fails then Lexus earn a fortune repairing your car .... or you write it off and buy another .......... the radiator replacement cost £££ is comparative peanuts Malc
  22. it must surely only work within a certain proximity ...... surely Malc
  23. rarely use the manual foot brake except when I'm parked on a steep gradient and then I think that the gearbox in " park " should hold the car anyway ! Am I wrong in my thoughts guys ? Are there official statistics about the gearbox in " park " doesn't hold the car ? Thanks Malc
  24. oh dear, tolerance is good ....... people on here are only trying to help chill out and accept the best of intentions, it makes for a much nicer life Malc
  25. thank you for this, it's good to know and gives me more confidence to change to a used Ls600 at some time ( maybe ) when my 1995 Ls400, now at 201500 miles finally departs this life Malc