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  1. That's very helpful indeed, thank you. As your diagram shows a left hand drive car, can I assume the connection will actually be in the offside c pillar?
  2. Do you mean the liner of the boot lid, or the lining in the boot? Any idea where the rear screen defroster hooks up? Will it be under the trim on the C pillar?
  3. Hi guys, Some of you may know my car has recent been in for repairs. I had the rear door and quarter panel replaced and so my boot lid and rear screen was removed and refitted. My rear screen defroster and internal boot light are not working. I will be calling the garage that made the repairs today, however can anybody offer some obvious checks that I could do myself to save giving them the car for another day or so please? Where does the rear defroster hook up to the loom? Is the boot light activated by a switch on the boot lid when it opens?? Where is that switch please? Thanks
  4. Haha. I am actually very pleased with the repair. The shut lines are as good and also match the other side, the paint colour is bang on as its been blended across joining panels etc. Was all superficial damage to outer panels, the laser wheel alignment came back spot on. I actually came out better off as I got the garage to paint and fit my GFX kit at the same time ;-)
  5. Agreed. Ill probably copy the opposite side and change the last digit or something. It was not written off so unless a potential buyer works in insurance they would not know. I am not selling it I just want it back right again When I do sell it and a potential buyer asks I will not lie, but I don't want it to be obvious as we all know it can put people off despite the repairs being perfectly safe and sound.
  6. Ah yes its coming back to me a code on black sticker right? I will seek out the clear piece....can the be bought separately if it's not been replaced?
  7. No I am sure there is a sticker with information on it....either tyre pressures (could be drivers door) or child lock operation? I didn't know about any clear outside piece??
  8. Hi all, I just had my car back from repairs. I had the offside rear door and quarter panel replaced. They did a good job but I couldn't help feel that something was missing when I was looking in the door area and then it dawned on me. There is usually a sticker of some sort (maybe with information or a warning) stuck along the inside of the door shut (top side of wheel arch). Could somebody please take a picture for me? Offside Rear Door shut area.... Do you think I could get hold of one? I know it might seem silly, but I don't want to leave any clues that there has been repairs. Thanks Billy
  9. Warped Hubs?

    Lets hope it cures. Time will tell, please report back after 1000 miles.
  10. I followed the instructions, double and treble checked which wires to use and then found that it also only worked on the double lock. So I got the multi meter out and checked which wire pulsed on single lock and switched it over. Cant remember colours I am sorry. Best to check though as many of our cars have wiring differences due to spec and origin of sale/build. I was glad to read here about the override for Winter. Will try that out tonight - thanks!
  11. Warped Hubs?

    ....and it wasn't until after I had sold the car that I remember my issues with warped brakes starting just after I fell into a very large pothole. DURRRRR All I can say is....get onto ebay, get yourself a hub assembly. Do not waste cash on brakes after brakes after brakes.....AMEN
  12. Warped Hubs?

    Indeed I did NOT replace the arm....I had a mechanic replace the flange and bearing. Complete hubs (arm + bearing + flange) can be swapped on a driveway pretty easily which in hindsight I should have just done to begin with (cheaper and quicker).
  13. Warped Hubs?

    I went through 3x sets of brand new discs and pads in the space of 12 months, each of them started to wobble under braking after 300-500 miles of wearing in. All different brands/makes. I refurbished my calipers before the 1st new set. Renewed flange and bearing before the 2nd set. 3rd set a garage put on after I asked them to investigate. Then I decided to sell and get the IS250. So I put on a 4th set and put it up for sale making sure I didn't drive it enough to wear them in and I haven't heard from the new owner..... Only thing I didn't do was swap out the hub.