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  1. Just wondered if anyone would know if a boot liner that I have for my old RX400h would fit the RX350? as my brother is looking at a RX350 today (without a boot liner) and if he could use the boot liner from my RX400h. Thanks
  2. Just traded in my Range Rover Evoque for a RX 450h. Before the Evoque I had a RX 350h & then RH 400h, traded in the RX 400h for the Evoque, but found it too small & style over substance!!! Picked up the RX 450h today and it's been like taking off a really uncomfortable pair of shoes and putting on the most comfortable shoes ever!!! Looking forward to keeping this one for a long time. Will be reading up and seeing what I've missed for the last 2 years!
  3. My 400h does exactly the same. Was wondering myself!! Also wondering what was going on this morning, whilst driving a red warning triangle light lit up on the warning display area and warning buzzer, I pulled over thinking something horrendous had happened, started looking around and noticed that a message was displayed to say I was low on washer fluid!!! Bit OTT I thought!!!
  4. Thanks for the info Surfbum. Could not find out if a RX350 dog guard would fit my RX400h therefore didn't take the risk (shame as at a starting price of £20 and no bids it would have been a bargain) After a bit of research I went for a Saunders T94 dog guard and I'm very pleased with it (instructions left a little to be desired) once in, it seams very solid, doesn't rattle and attaches to the headrests.
  5. I've seen a dog guard on 'the bay of E' but it's for an RX350. Would this fit my RX400h???
  6. Hi, I have a 08 RX400h and I need a dog guard. Had a quick search on the forum and can't see anything relevant. I'm assuming that the official Lexus one will be expensive? If anybody has a dog guard in their Lexus what did they buy and where from? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks Nikki
  7. Sorry, cant give you an answer, but I also have and RX350 (06) and have exactly the same problem. Purchased the car from a Lexus dealer couple of months ago, keep meaning to phone them up and ask. If I get round to phoning, I will let you know, or perhaps some kind person on here will enlighten us!!