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  1. Looks very in keeping with the location! Enjoy every second of Lexus ISF ownership!
  2. All images should be back up and running hosted on the forum itself so providing the forum doesn't go down neither will the images! Updates to follow when I get more time and money!
  3. The problem is most of the "VAG" guys in my area go for the whole how low can you go thing and then still drive like lunatics which would be ok if they were just slowly driving around but they have about 5% of the tyre touching the ground and have the rear quarters hitting the tyres over every lump and bump. 1 of the lads at work thought it was very "cool" when his stretched tyre popped off the rim at 70mph when his rear quarter came crashing down onto the edge of the tyre! Like you say if they drove steady with these setups it wouldn't be too bad but the days of saxos and such being the boy racer cars seem to have gone in my area anyway they are al driving around in A3's and Mk4 golfs with silly stance and drive like idiots
  4. Unfortunately yes you are salvage values are very high these day so you don't get bargains buying them back. When I first started in the trade you could buy a write off for a few hundred quid but you are looking at 30-50% of the retail value for a CAT D these days. Also most insurance companies don't give you the option of retaining salvage these days it is usually because Copart and the likes offer such good value for salvage vehicles the insurance companies cut their losses dramatically, They usually work to 60% repair cost before vehicles are station to be considered beyond economical repair
  5. Never experienced air suspension on anything other than Range Rovers and Q7's and such at work, does seem like the ideal for modified cars but yeah its silly expensive and uses up too much boot space! I personally think the ride height of yours is far better than that video, but I don't really get the "stance" thing, I appreciate a very good fitment but going lower with silly camber for the sake of it I don't get personally.
  6. Looks an lovely example, very jealous!
  7. Good luck with the new car, never owned a Mazda but quite like the look of some of them an at least it is still Jap!
  8. Gutted for you mate, kept fish for many years never nice to loose one especially in this sort of way!
  9. Agreed the drop looks good, I'm never a fan of silly low cars I don't think it mattered what setup you had on the Honda mate it was hard I went for the most comfortable setup possible the Koni FSD's and Eibach springs and it was still far from what I would call comfortable just nice a suspension setup designed to absorb all the lumps and bumps, it was 1 of my main reasons for selling. The Meisters on a Lexus are a totally different ball game though, comfortable but also sharp for cornering, its a great setup and nothing like the bumpty skitty feeling of the civic on them
  10. Glad you like the Mesiter R's as much as I do they are a fantastic mod for the IS too, ideal for comfort and sporty looks with better handling too, what more can you ask for!
  11. Yep I'm loving that the kit works really well! Its very sporty but subtle and classy at the same time. Great work very impressed
  12. IS250 Auto job done
  13. I'm in put me down I will paint the thing!
  14. Not quite true on the labour part, the average labour rate in 1991 for bodyshops was £19 an hour in 2016, 25 years later this is now £25 pounds an hour, this is not exactly what I would call high considering the investment involved to run a bodyshop, it is also nothing compared to say a plumber or electrician. Hire charges on none fault jobs, inherited charges, insurance fraud, paint costs and parts costs are the main contributing factors. Over 70% of body shops have closed in the last 30 years and it is getting harder and harder to make a living I promise you the vast majority of the time garages are not able to charge enough to justify the work and costs involved
  15. This is because off ridiculously high salvage prices