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  1. By way of warning. After returning to Gatwick last year, and getting into my car at the Terminal, my seat / steering wheel position memory was missing. After a couple of weeks the battery died. I replaced the battery but was surprised to see a tiny Spanish made battery not the one which I wrote the install date date on in white marker. I certainly won't be using Tudor Rose Parking ever again! God knows what they get up to!
  2. To replace the timing belt is quite a major job, involving a strip down of the front of the engine. Advice here suggests it makes sense to replace the water pump to avoid paying to do it all again. The pump is over £100, plus fluids etc so if you don't need this, the price quoted just for timing belt change was £295 I think. 80,000 miles or 10 years is the Lexus suggested regime, although bluey has had only one replacement at 103,000 in 2003. She's still going strong on this belt after 14 years and 122,000 but it's a gamble.
  3. Interestingly, Lexus Guildford have also quoted £545 incl and will also provide a loan car for the day.....
  4. dendonc is correct. Fixed quote yesterday, booked in soon to suit my work schedule, I'm about 45 miles away. They have a Lex trained specialist mechanic who did many of the LS400 dealer acceptances 25 years back. They quote just 3 hours labour would you believe? The serpentine belt is indeed the fan belt. It encompasses not only the fan and crank cog, but also generator, water pump, aircon, power steering etc etc, so it snakes it's way round. Bluey threw one a couple of months back which ended with me on the M25 shoulder. I heard a unusual short squeal as I left home, lasted maybe 1 second. The AA picked me up on a lowloader and dropped me at a garage behind Heathrow. Service engineer arrived after 90 minutes, didn't have one onboard, couple of hours later the same guy in the lowloader took me home. 7 hours lost. The unusual thing is the dashboard warning. No notifications until 50 miles into the journey the battery light came on and "Headlamp Leveller" in the display. I'm sure if I'd pressed the mode buttons there would have been all sorts.... I bet you it was the original belt ! You can make out the front wing damage on greenie there. Hahah, just though that pictures title VW,V,W. ☺️
  5. To renew timing belt, tensioners, roller bearings, water pump, re-fill fluids and serpentine belt quote from the Brighton mob came in at £550 incl, so reasonably happy.
  6. Yep, I beg it's pardon. Just filled greenies reservoir and lights out. Thank you. I've swapped SatNav units, and everythings good. It's remembered all my recent destinations so I guess theres some memory in the unit. I've opened the case and the load/spin mechanism works fine, everything looks good. If the unit has ROM onboard, it may just need a new battery. Bodywork has a few scars if you look real close, but nothing like old bluey (her bonnet colour looks thin). There's a small ding in the nsf corner, which happened in the sellers woodyard. He was keen for me to take it out of harms way. AC is nice and cold. Old bluey has a couple of silver coins in the black windscreen surround, but greenie has one on the drivers door pillar, so it's a reminder every time you climb in. Anyone know of a fix? Hambrol? (Not hammerite). Has anyone changed the gear knob? Discovered the cars history left in the first aid box under the passenger seat, the seller was going to look for paperwork and spare keys at his grandmothers, so I guess he was unaware of that hidey hole. It's great news, 7 stamps. 5 Lex dealers, 2 from Manchester (supplier), Doncaster and 2 at Twickenham, followed by 2 independents. Last A service stamp Jan 07, 17,000 miles ago. Even has the original Welcome CD and '99 satnav disc in the box. I'll factor in the timing belt based on 10 year longevity, but it's still a cracker for the money.
  7. Just collected yesterday a 2000 Mk IV, 74,317 miles. Thats 153,000 less than my current beauty. I'm going from blue to green (it's growing on me!) 3 prior owners. Previous owner passed on, grandson selling for his grandmother. I'm awaiting the service history, and second key. It's a well-loved car. There are a few "knowns" but for £1950 I'm certainly not complaining. It was only 15 miles from home. Windscreen wash icon lit, bonnet struts, boot doesn't spring up, front splitter incomplete, headlamps hazy (both cars). Satnav is asking me to check the disc. In the interim I can't access the menu to switch off the screen (I may swap between cars). Steering wheel extend works, but doesn't tilt. Gear selector knob slightly cracked. Wheels need attention (I may swap too). Everything else in wonderful nick, and working. It's nice to feel a smooth unblemished steering wheel. Seats supportive. Suspension is perfect. Exhaust doesn't blow. It does have the odd scrape! When I first went to see it, I said Oh, I see the aerial is stuck in the up position, he said, it goes down when you turn off the engine! Doh! I hadn't spotted it was running..... Pics to follow.
  8. Be wary of an ill fitting screen! There is a large multi-plug behind the centre console, and water can get in there. I suffered from strange intermittent faults a few years ago. I drove back from Scotland with the last 100 miles in bad rain. Imagine my surprise when I came down in the morning to see the wipers going, even though the keys were in my pocket. Cost £700 to figure out the fault, plus a new screen. The local auto glass fitter was great (I watched him fit it). He pointed out 8" of missing sealant, and a huge shaving to the pillar covering material on the drivers side!
  9. I see you have succumbed and put the car up on EBay. I have loved reading this thread, as this was my intended upgrade. I planned to miss out the 430 chapter, but now I'm all in a quandary. 600 may well be a similar puppy..... I'm not a fan of the "oriental" look of the latest styling, so all I can do is keep my eyes open for a sensible low mileage mkIV which hasn't been standing around forever. Enjoy the Jeep
  10. 212,000 and going strong. Just back from a weekend near Hannover, 4 up, perfect.
  11. First you need to source an old key from a breakers. This is the internal transponder from my MkIV. Ensure yours has the triangle detent (they differ). Buy a Lexus blank from EBay. Mine cost ~£30 a few years ago. There are 2 types, short and long, both work ok if your cobbler aligns the tip correctly lengthwise in the key grinder. They normally want you to agree a disclaimer. Pop the transponder in, it's a click shut with one tiny Philips screw..... Now the pedal dance, Door open, Door close, lock, unlock, brake pedal etc etc.... I've uploaded it a few times here already! Total cost say £35 plus the breakers old key fob. Simples.
  12. Don't forget to leave the keys in acc for 6 minutes before starting, to reset security.
  13. Surprised no mention of Waze in a topic regarding SatNav. Available from Apple Store. Google maps use the Waze traffic update service. Pro's and Con's: Free, community based, updated in real time by users. Breakdowns, police, speed cams,roadworks, delays etc. postcodes, POI's and extremely accurate speed sensor/warning. Battery hungry so needs plugging in. Data required. They keep changing the Celebrity voice. Still lamenting Elvis Uh huh huh! On a trip to the Bush Inn, Ovington last Saturday night, Waze took me on a tortuous cross country route for some unknown reason. Thinking I knew better I chose the main roads outside Winchester for the return... Bam.. Straight into the Boom Town Festival traffic NO! Should've listened!
  14. If you buy a used key online, make sure it's a Denso type and that it exactly matches your existing key. Mine has a dot on the lock and triangular detent in the unlock button which is part of the transponder, inside the key case, this is the part you transfer to the new blank case and tang (I missed this and wasted money). When you order the new blank, they come in both long and short lengths, either work, but make sure you point this out to the cutter. Just the peddle dance and then you are done. (Instructions on here) Good luck There is a collection of keys on Ebuygum for £58, but looking closely none of these are suitable for a Mk IV The centre left is close, with a dot and boot icon, but doesn't have the triangle, so beware.
  15. Looking at an rx300 on ebuygum based in Taunton which has exactly this problem. MOT fail on emissions.