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  1. The garage ordered the sensor and fitted it, I will have to wait and see what they say tomorrow, the tpms is a pain in the arse! I thought there might be a quick fix !
  2. Right a little update, I took the car to another garage and had a few items attended to. Only needed 1 tpms, had a couple tyres, and some other sundries. Was told to drive the car for 20 mins, and light would go out, however this has not happened. The car had a full diagnostic, was shown the results, nothing wrong with tpms. Does anybody know the correct initialization procedure? I looked at the manual but I don't think it was clear. Thanks in advance
  3. Perfect I will get these ordered, thanks very much for the help
  4. I've seen sensors on ebay all 4 for £135, non genuine but ones that can be coded, then surely it's cause of coding the sensors to the car? Is something any garage can do or do I need a specialist?
  5. Hi I'm told the tpms batteries in the sensors are all dead and it's £360 to get them coded and fitted. This sounds very expensive to me considering I have seen sensors for £25 each, unless Lexus use special ones. What's the going rate for a job like this?
  6. I called these guys when I needed a new key. They have very active facebook page if you want to message them on there instead. They recoded existing key (remote buttons stopped working) and cut and coded a brand new key for £90 quid, took less than hour. The plastic casing on key was different. I was told the standard Lexus keys were prone to cracking. I was quoted £288 originally by Lexus....
  7. Thanks Messi, couldn't find a 430 or 460 so bought a 300 with fsh
  8. Hi all I'm looking to purchase a lexus gs 2005 onwards. I have read a few reports about very heavy oil consumption (1l per 1000km). Some sources say this is normal others have required pistion ring replacement, although this seems to be in the USA and Australia. I have had few 3.0 Lexus before and have never needed to top up the oil between services. Also I understand that the engine uses a chain rather than a belt, are these maintenance free? Am I over thinking or would I be better off searching for a 430? I can't go for a 450h as boot is far too small. Thanks in advance
  9. I wish I knew about the key programming a couple of months ago, I ended up taking the car to an auto locksmith who reprogrammed an existing key and cut and programmed a brand new key while I waited (35 mins) for £100!
  10. I recently purchased an updated disc. Disc worked fine although doesn't allow destination input on the move
  11. I have already purchased an RX, thanks anyway
  12. Hi all I require the roof rack end covers (rear) both sides. I haven't seen any for sale on eBay, does anybody know of any for sale? Thanks in advance Bob
  13. HI all I am on the hunt for a Lexus RX300, series 2, 2003-2005. The car must have navigation and reversing camera, but no air suspension. Budget is £4.5k. Not fussed about colour, mileage. Would prefer one with a documented recent cambelt change. If any of you are selling or no of any good cars for sale please don't hesitate to get in touch Regards Rob
  14. Hi I have a 300 Sportcross for sale on Auto Trader, not sure what rules are with regards to posting a link on here ? Afraid only Gold Members can sell/link to their own cars Robert
  15. Thanks for bday msgs txts etc