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  1. There was a member on here a few years back who ran LS400, I think it was a MK3, as a taxi who came from Liverpool, just can't think of his name.
  2. I did my own compilations with no gaps, spaces or DJ spiel, only continuous music and still play them, mostly 50's to 70's. They were recorded from LP's and Fluff Freemans Pick of the Pops onto a Revox77 and edited to a Sony cassette deck using TDK Super Avilyn tape via a Naim amp and Linn Sondek, which I regret selling. I bought the Revox for £250 and sold it 23 years later for £250
  3. Hi rock on, Good to hear it's still running well but only to be expected as it looked a really good car when I saw it nearly 2 years ago. Since then I've had a 51 Merc C class which I sold after 4 weeks, a 53 Merc E 200 which developed a brake problem and the dealer refunded my money after 2 weeks of ownership, a 99 Honda Legend which was sold after 3 weeks when I found a gearbox oil leak and the LS430 went last Nov after nearly a years ownership. Since Feb, I've been running an 07 Merc E280 V6 3 ltr petrol auto in beautiful nick, nice and smooth and quiet, but doesn't compare with the refined silence of an LS
  4. There is a 1/2 inch drive socket with spring loaded pins with a range from 9 to 22mm nut size available from most outlets, machine mart/halfords/local auto store etc for about a tenner which does the job if the locking wheel nut adaptor is lost/missing. Plenty of good photos on their web sites.
  5. If the auto oil pan is steel then why not stick a couple of button type magnets on it and this will attract any metal swarf and stop it from being sucked through the gearbox. Auto box pans I've dropped had magnets inside and they all had a small pyramid of swarf on them. Drain the oil, top it up, use it for a week, do the same again and you should have a good percentage of fresh oil dilution. If its not leaking, don't give yourself the hassle.
  6. This is now on ebay with seller location in Duns near Coldstream in the Scottish Borders (Jim Clarks Museum is located there). Business address on bottom of posting is Daljit Trading, Vivek Saddi Kent DA11 9PH. User name
  7. "Rubber Brake Pipes". Do you mean the flexible brake pipes? Take your old ones to your local motor accessory shop/motor factor and they will match them up from their stock catalogue at a much lower price than OEM/Lexus and just as good.
  8. Here are two pics of S/C motors.
  9. I posted pictures of this a while ago. Yes, 2 separate motors and the in/out one can be turned with a 10mm spanner on the square section of the threaded part.
  10. I put second hand used GS300 struts on my MK 3 LS400 which are about 1" shorter but did the job. If I remember rightly there was more of them and cheaper on ebay.
  11. Lexus VSC.pdf Hope this PDF opens. I had the same bother when an LPG op plugged his laptop into my MK2 GS300 and Tigerfish, on the GS300/430 forum sent me this. You have to short pin numbers Ts14 and CG4 on the OBD socket with a paper clip. 1. Igition OFF 2. Bridge pins 14 and 4 3. Igition on (DO NOT START ENGINE) 4. Leave on for 30 seconds 5. Igition off. 6. Remove bridge 7. Check that lights are now extinquished. PS.....At Stage 3 and 4 the VSC lights will flash rapidly.
  12. On my "02" LS430 I placed a thin sheet of modellers plastic sheet over the bumper and wiggled the light unit over this and it came out without any damage and went in the same way. The plastic sheet is only about 1/16" thick. Don't know of any changes in shape from 02 to 04 to prevent this working on yours. Hope it helps.
  13. Registered on 5/6/2000 so one of the last LS 400's with electric folding mirrors which were fitted as standard on later "V" reg cars.
  14. It may be the rubber mountings on the air pump. It's been known for them to fail through vibration. Is there a fuse for the air pump, if so take it out and see if the noise does.
  15. You could put a set of these on. They're a 17" Lexus option made by OZ.