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  1. Looked into this last year, and unfortunately there is no tow bar for mk4 ls400 which has 94/20 EC type approval. The Watling bar for the earlier cars will fit, but if you have an incident or an eagle eyed MOT tester, you are likely to run into issues with construction and use regulations and getting a valid MOT. A real shame, as the mk4 would be an excellent tow car.
  2. Open the fill plug first, you don't want to drain it and find you can't fill it !
  3. It's transmssion morning sickness, generally happens when the fluid is cold and a bit thicker than when hot. My 1998 Mk4 does it on my upward sloped driveway in the cold weather. A quick workaround is to start the car, press the brake pedal and engage D for a few seconds, then back to N for a few seconds. Repeat this up to 3 times and you should find the transmission won't be slipping when you pull away. Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  4. Is this car still for sale? I am having trouble viewing the photos? Can you send them to me? Richard Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
  5. Allegedly using linux and the dd command to create a disk image works just fine
  6. It took about two hours at a very relaxed pace. I noticed it never clunked when on intermittent, only on normal/fast continuous wipe and during the return stroke. I checked all the arms for wear, and the adjustment was correct, nothing was hitting anything else, so came to the conclusion it had to be the linkages hidden away. It looks well built, but the rubber boot on one joint looked to be leaking, so I suspect that is the culprit. It may be that parts can be salvaged from my old unit, it's not going in the bin for sure.
  7. Been getting a nasty 'clunk' during the sweep of the windscreen wipers over the past few months, and with all the rain we have had, it's been very noticable! I took a look at the Lexus part catalogue, and whilst a new part is available, it costs over £900 as Lexus only sell a complete unit of all the arms, motors and casting etc.., makes it nice and easy for the mechanics, but would have turned into a £1100 job at a dealer. Thankfully, being handy with a spanner, changing it myself was no problem, and thankfully Maurice (benfur) had a complete unit available from a 1998 model which fitted perfectly at a much more acceptable price, thanks Maurice :) The only issue is removing the old arms, thankfully I purchased a wiper puller Laser 4750 which was able to deal with unusual sized ends of the wiper arms Once you have removed the arms, it's loads of cowling and trim, and then simply two wiring loom connectors and four bolts later and you can then remove the entire assembly. All in all a nice first job of the year in thankfully half decent weather and the satisfaction of saving myself a fortune :hocus-pokus: I still have the old unit and will take a look when I have more time, but I suspect one of the bushes in the link rods has failed/worn leading to the nasty knock during the sweep motion of the blades. Happy Days, lets hope for more decent weather at last. Richard
  8. Continental Premium Contact 2 - not exactly cheap, but a very good tyre for the LS400
  9. Thanks for the compliments, the old girl scrubs up quite well. It is a city car with quite a few scuffs on the bumpers, mostly caused by kind anonymous people in car parks. It's hard to keep a car nice these days, doesn't matter how careful you are, others wont be :(
  10. Being sick of topping up the air in my tyres which was leaking out at the rate of 7psi a week due to the horrendously corroded alloys on my MK4, I decided enough was enough. Instead of the problem of what to do with the car whilst they were being refurbished, I used who sent me a refurbished set and charged a £150 deposit against me returning my corroded set via courier which they organise. The refurbished wheels are not show standard, but for an everyday car they were absolutely fine and now the old girl looks like someone actually cares for her. Total cost when deposit refunded is £240 which when you consider courier costs compares very well to having them refurbished locally.
  11. Did you use Kwikfit? I have an unjustifiable but pathological hatred of places like Kwik Fit, so I used a local independent garage that was recommended to me by a friend.
  12. Well, as it's warm and I have a week of work, I decided to get the AC checked out on the Lexus. It was still blowing cold but not like a fridge, and the machine only managed to get 0.2Kg of gas out of the system and the capacity is 0.7Kg The only other symptom I could describe is that the compressor was a little noisier than it used to be. Anyhow, a vacuum out, leak test and 0.7Kg of gas later, it's like a fridge inside the car if I select Max Cold and the compressor is much quieter. Accepted wisdom is that you lose about 10% of your gas each year, so it might be worth checking your car if it hasn't been done for 3 or 4 years. Richard
  13. The book "Lexus : The Relentless Pursuit" claims the starter was placed inside the V to reduce noise.
  14. Not long since done this job in the way you describe, it took approx. 12L before it ran red !
  15. I know the genuine Y-pipe is expensive, but it is worth it. It's a complicated piece of exhaust and in my case it improved the smoothness of the car a great deal.