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  1. It's either an auxiliary heater or it's similar to the REST function in a merc where it continues to circulate the heat in the system for 15-30 mins after car stops. For the REST function to operate it needs to work regardless of whether the ignition is on or not. Does it? An auxiliary heater wouldn't need that. Have a feel above/below the dash for vents that come on only if the switch is operated.
  2. Bear in mind tread goes 8mm-1.6mm so you can take off 13mm ride height just taking your tyres to the legal limit. I’ll probably use non standard tyre sizes on my 2RX simply because the rims and tyres were bought for another car which was rejected and they’re close enough for me not to be concerned. I’ll try sticking them on gumtree and use the proceeds to get genuine Lexus rims with proper sized tyres but if there’s no interest I’ll just use them on the 2RX. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Checkout and I’m not sure 235/55 on 20” is a standard Lexus fitment according to their site! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. We haven’t done the maths around the fact most of the population uses their cars primarily during the rush hours, not mid afternoon when its warmest. So I’d wager the average temp, during the average commute, is well under 7 degrees for 6 months of the year (I think) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ha, I only know that because I work in a world where outside temp has a big effect on the efficiency/cost of our key (cooling) systems. I didn't believe it at first when I was originally told.
  6. For anyone curious I will be updating this thread next week. The RX is back in Sheffield getting a couple of things sorted which I wasn’t totally happy with. The dealers have been great. They delivered a courtesy car to my door in Glasgow and took the RX back to sort. We love the car. I just wish the V6 wasn’t so muted sound wise. Also, no, I have not been looking at HKS blower kits. Honest. That would be ridiculous! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. All seasons will be just as good in summer as summer rubber unless you’re pushing on. Same in winter with the exception of extreme weather when they’ll be obviously poor. Running 2 sets of wheels can be cheaper than running summer rubber all year with only 1 set. 2nd hand OEM wheels don’t depreciate much at all. Buy them for £300 and sell them for £250-300 if you change cars. Winter rubber is generally cheaper than summer especially if you can go down sizes. 20” summer Tyres for my Touareg were over £200. I bought brand new OEM 17” winters for £300 a set and premium tyres were half the price of 20” summers. Replacement set of 20” summer rubber = £800. 17” wheels and 4 winter tyres = £700 but you’ll have a set of wheels which will always be worth £250 so true cost is £450. I had the Touareg for 2 years, did 22k. Spent £700 on winter rubber and rims. Summer rims stayed pristine. Summer tyres still had 6mm tread on when I handed it back. I’ve got a set of winter wheels and tyres to sell which will easily get £500. If I didn’t run winters I’d have had to replace at least 2 summer tyres for £400 before handing it back. So I’d have been £400 down if I didn’t use winter wheels and tyres. I’m probably down £200 as I can easily get £500 for the part worn winters with rims. I’d have to sell the winter rims and tyres for under £300 to be out of pocket. So I only had the car for 2 years, saved a good £200, didn’t have to worry or think twice about going out in the worst weather Scotland could throw at me, kept my summer rims pristine, had a much safer car for my wife and kids and vastly reduced the risk of winter potholes damaging my wheels. Not to mention the amount of fun I had playing in the snow. Why on earth would I consider putting on expensive all seasons and costing myself even more money than just sticking with summer would have cost. All the RX’s have the same wheel figment so you could have bought at 17” set from a S1RX when you bought the first one, saved a fair chunk of cash, had more fun, been safer with less chance of getting stuck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I'm not disagreeing, just making a couple of points. The average annual temperature in the UK is 8.5-11 degrees. The average temp is below 7 degrees everywhere in the UK in winter. So, based on that, pretty much everyone benefits from winter tyres. The experience of negative road holding in summer on winter tyres is an order of magnitude less of an issue than the road holding of summer tyres in winter. So based on that winter tyres all year round is better than summer tyres all year round. Adverse handling of winter tyres in summer would only be experienced if you were making serious progress anyway. I've used winter tyres all year round on a C-class and a V6 Touareg and noticed no difference in wear rates or fuel consumption. I get the same range out tank regardless of what tyres are on them. I was really surprised at the wear rates I got from winters in summer. I haven't done the maths but I'd say the cost of alleged increased fuel consumption would easily be offset by the fact good winter tyres are generally cheaper and certainly by the cost & inconvenience of getting stuck or having a bump or kerbing a rim. All seasons are a compromise in both winter and summer. It's better than using winter tyres in summer and better than summer tyres in winter, but it's also not as good as summer rubber in summer and winter rubber in winter. Best bet is two sets of wheels and tyres if you have space to store them. Winter rubber all year is easily a better idea than summer rubber all year. All seasons are a good idea if you can't have two sets or if you can avoid the more extreme winter conditions. Given that I live at the bottom of a hill in central Scotland and have two kids with underlying health issues we'd choose winter all year over all seasons.
  9. Again, each to their own. But if you can save money and be safer, with less risk of collisions, getting stuck or wheel damage... why would you not?
  10. Fair points except the mushy bit between the ears doesn't help you get up an icy/snowy hill when you're caught out by unexpected snow, doesn't help you get to hospital when the kid is unwell and ambulance can't get to you and doesn't help you avoid hitting the idiot out of control on your side of the road. Winter tyres have proved their worth for me in every one of those situations.
  11. Totally agree with Rich. Ran Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S all year round on a 262bhp Touareg with no issues at all. Same with TS830Ps on a C-class. Either have two sets of wheels & tyres for summer and winter use or just use all season or winter all year round. It's far more sensible than using summers all year round. Here's some videos but they only show extreme conditions. Massive improvements in safety just when it's cold and wet with no snow or ice is the main reason I use them. The fact that they mean you can go anywhere in snow is just a nice to have. It's often cheaper to run separate winter and summer tyres than it is to use summer tyres all year round too, contrary to popular belief.
  12. Absolutely 100% do it. I run winter tyres on all my cars. On my C200CDI I've been running them since October last year. On my 2015 Touareg 262bhp V6 I ran them from Oct 16 to June 17. In my C200 which is RWD auto I've towed 4WD freelanders and imprezas up hills they couldn't get up despite having 4WD. In my Touareg I towed a fully loaded 2WD 7.5t truck with trailer up a hill that cars couldn't get up. Aside from being an absolute machine in the snow you'll take great comfort in the fact your car will have massive safety improvements in terms of braking and cornering when it's just wet and cold. I wouldn't want my kids being in any car over winter that wasn't wearing winter rubber. I'd much rather they used winter tyres in summer if i couldn't afford 2 sets. Even cheap winter tyres are orders of magnitude better than expensive summer tyres in winter. I generally have 2 sets of wheels as changing rubber is £40 a time so £80/year. A second hand set of OEM wheels can be had for £200 for most cars. I got new OEM VW rims for the VW for the Touareg; 2nd hand Merc rims for £250 for the Merc; and refurbished (diamond cut) Kia rims for the RX for £330. I always go to the smallest diameter wheel which fits over the caliper because tyres are cheaper, comfort improves, and potholes are less damaging. You really won't regret it, and if you do you'll get decent money for the wheels and tyres second hand. Just check if any relevant tyre pressure sensors are included. Sometimes they're not (I've never bothered).
  13. That’s a great help. Thanks for posting! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I've had several V6's which all sounded miles better than the RX350. It's the most disappointing thing about the car! LoL
  15. Hi All We’re just settling in with the 2007 RX350 Ltd Edition and have a few Q’s? 1) is there an Aux port or can I fit one? 2) has anyone done anything to improve the engine sound? It sounds crap for a V6 so I’m thinking of induction kit or exhaust to make it a little bit better, don’t want anything daft though. 3) has anyone done LED interior upgrade and can tell me what bulbs/kits do/don’t cause issues? Thanks all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk