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  1. I found the original Pirellis pretty poor both for grip and price, hence I compromised with the 235/55's. Against sat nav the speedo read about 3 mph over, so that's near enough. Original tyres read about 76 from memory. Pete
  2. I fiited 235/55 x17 to my DHP. This size gives as near as possible an accurate speedo reading - 3 mph over at a genuine 70. Pete
  3. Blown exhaust

    Pipe Dynamics is fully set up to do anything you need as far as exhausts go. They have all sizes of flanges, gaskets etc in stock, so nothing will faze them. A local garage may be able to join things together, or replace straight pipe, but probably not in stainless which needs a tig welder to do properly. Welding is something that fewer and fewer garages seem to do. I used to do a lot of welding for folk in the past when cars needed this sort of repair on a regular basis, but got rid of my oxy acetylene gear some years ago and replaced it with mig, but tig is something I haven't done as specialist gear is required. Pete
  4. This Saturday 25th November at Errol.
  5. Blown exhaust

    Nothing but good things to say about pipe dynamics as friends and my son have had work done there too with great service and good no nonsense advice, plus very reasonable. They are quite busy, so booking is a must. My report on this issue from early this year: Pete
  6. Blown exhaust

    I had this done at Pipe Dynamics in Leven. The person there has done a few LS's. It took about 3 hours and was a tidy job. Pete
  7. My pedal went almost to the floor on my first use of the car after being on hols (never leave brake on if left for a while), so I suspect a cable failure as pedal was fine before hols. Rear discs and handbrake shoes were replaced last year, so I'll investigate before MOT next month. Just another thing wearing out after 18 years I suppose. My car could do with all the niggles sorted, but I'm weighing up if it's all worth doing. Pete
  8. In my opinion prices are rising because they are being broken for their engines. There is a growing scene using Lexus V8's in a wide variety of vehicles. The LS's are an endangered species. Pete
  9. New Tyres for 93 LS400

    Often, what works on one make of car just doesn't on another. I use Falkens on my LS and find they suit it, particularly wet weather grip, but they don't last. Sub 10k out of rears. Pete
  10. New Tyres for 93 LS400

    Never skimp on tyres as you may find yourself going backwards through a hedge, doesn't matter if car is worth nothing or thousands - your life is more important than money. My son bought a really nice Toyota Altezza a few years back and it had 4 x new brand X (cheap crap) fitted. I suggested he change them as a matter of urgency, but no. Result, a few months later was a bump (lost back end and hit a wall) resulting in his car being a Cat D. Fortunately he wasn't hurt, but he bought the salvage and repaired car to good again. He then fitted 4 x continentals and car was transformed. Pete
  11. I have the same problem with mine - just happened very recently, so quite an opportune thread. Pete
  12. I use 235/55 x17's on my DHP as this gives the nearest to accurate speedo reading - genuine 70 mph is reading 72/3 depending on tyre wear. I use Falkens and find them very grippy but not long lasting, but I'd rather grip than not. I didn't like the original pirellis at all. Pete
  13. Add to list: MOT history Service records RUST - body and underneath - they are rustier than I expected them to be Gear change quality Accident damage Interior damage Plus all usual used car checks.
  14. I'm around most days, Pete
  15. Give me a shout and you can look over our one to familiarise yourself - I'm in Broughty Ferry.- pm me for phone number. Pete