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  1. Hi ,the boot light is terrible for a car of this quality ,I have never seen one so useless .If you look in the owners recommendations Parts pinned post at the start of this section you will find Normski lists a Festoon SMD 28 m/m long this works fine .I also have 2 cheap 2 inch dia battery LED lights ;push on and off ,mounted by self adhesive velcro to help this time of the year .You can mount them anywhere you please .I do not mind having to push the button for a light as the boot light in the convertible is manual anyway Literally back to the dark ages Dave
  2. Hi I agree but I posted the tyre size with these wheels as they are all 8 inch and 225 is the industry recommended fitment . To go to the original 255 section on the rear the wheels need to be 8 1/2 inches Dave
  3. Hi ,I have these on my IS250C they were on when I bought it and according to the history I have were swapped by Lexus Belfast for the first owner .I think they suit the car ,the only downside for me is they are difficult to keep clean , and they are not ' staggered ' for the rear size ,so all 4 tyres are 225/40 .This does not seem to have had any effect on the drive over the 12000 miles I have covered Dave
  4. Oil Filter Housing Removal Tool

    Hi just checked the Laser catalogue ,they list 2 tools for lexus oil filter housings ;5160 for prius corolla avensis and 4880 for is250 both 64 m/m but I can't see them making 2 tools for the same job . Let us know how it goes dave
  5. Headlights options

    Thanks Linas P the the light lenses seem perfect , I will try brighter bulbs .
  6. Oil Filter Housing Removal Tool

    Hi I have not physically seen this version,but I seem to remember from previous posts that the 'castle ' type spigot is not as deep as the Laser tool and can climb out of the recesses when the cap is really tight .Just give it a try you have the part numbers for a tool that does work if it fails Good luck Dave
  7. Headlights options

    Hi thanks for posting this update on bulbs . I was currently looking at updating the dipped beam D4S as I am not particularly impressed with the dipped lights but I find main beam OK Are you saying the standard dipped bulb is 4200 ,if so I will replace them with the 6000 you have used Dave
  8. Oil Filter Housing Removal Tool

    Hi, I don't want to rain on your parade but if you read the full description it is for the PLASTIC filler cap and the lexus is250 is not mentioned .In view of previous problems members have reported trying to remove the housing you may damage the housing or tool .I have removed a few of these and they can be very tight .My advice would be to puchase a more substantial tool either LASER 4880 or SEALEY VS 7112 , Get the car as high as you can with safety; for added leverage use a long bar 'there is a hex on the tool as well as the 3/8 drive so you can use a larger 1/2 drive socket Dave
  9. Well done ; looks good ,I'm sure you will enjoy it ,it pays to shop around as the right car is out there ; Give it a good check over when you collect it including the advisories from the recent MOT rear brake pads and rear tyres ; Dave
  10. Hi ,I agree with what Steve has written ,this car is big and heavy but will perform if you need to ' make progress' .The roof should not rattle ,the chassis on this car has been strengthened to prevent flexing ; mine is as quiet as a saloon version .I see you state you need 4 seats ,my opinion is that the rear seats are minimal and the roof storage in the boot takes up a lot of room not leaving much for luggage ,is there less room in the Audi ? . Apart from this restriction they are brilliant cars , Dave
  11. Hi interesting reading your experiences on this topic , I,m glad the programme is progressing but I received the letter from Lexus recall on 21 July 2016 . I have just rung the freephone recall line for an update and the reply is the passenger airbag parts for my vehicle are still not available !!! . Dave
  12. IS 250 Differential Oil

    Hi ,I use redline from Opie oils Fuchs titan sintopoid also listed great service with a discount Dave
  13. Congratulations on your choice , ( I'm biased ) as I have the 2011 SEL version ! I also like the two tone interior ,as mine is black and seems a little dark if the roof is up .These cars are great long distance tourers , for our last 2 summer holidays we have gone touring round France ,smooth ,silent and the fuel consumption is very good for a v6 . I think the roof takes up a lot of boot space but as there are now only 2 of us we can cope ; Go topless whenever possible Dave
  14. LC Arrived.

    Absolutely stunning motor ,looks brilliant in that colour combination , thanks for the link to the detailing ; Not for me ! 1 I could not take it out of the garage if it was raining 2 It would cost me my licence Enjoy Dave

    Hi that really is an upgrade ! a great car in a great colour ( I,m biased as my IS250C is that colour ) but I think your wheel colour is a much better contrast than the silver I have ;Enjoy Dave
  16. Scotland Road Trip

    Hi this is truly a great trip ,I completed it in april this year with a group of MX5 owners .The information we received was that it is now getting very popular in the main summer months which makes progress slow over some single track sections , also accomodation can be difficult in some areas .Want a great testing run ? a couple of years ago we did the old Route des Grande Alpes from Annecy down to Menton on the Italian border , very challenging and exciting check it out Dave
  17. Tyres,choice ,brand price and performance !

    Hi ,just gone through all this deliberation on tyres, in the end I have fitted goodyear F1 asymmetric 3 all round ( 18 in wheels ) ,I fitted these prior to the start of our month holiday in France and have only covered a few hundred miles ,we are currently in Brittany so the miles will quickly increase .I have found them a big improvement on the dunlop sports on the car since I bought it ,very quiet on the motorway ,smooth and sure footed wet or dry ,and I know new tyres always feel great but I am sure the braking has improved .There was still 4 m/m left on the dunlops but I had lost confidence in the wet grip and when accelerating hard down a slip road onto the motorway the traction light would regularly light up in the wet ( wheel alignment checked OK ) They were 6 years old and quite hard so that would not help ,no problems at all now so we will see as time passes Dave
  18. Thanks Normski I needed a set for the MX5 and have also ordered spares for the Lexus Good saving Dave
  19. Hi James , as previously posted ,air bubbles will not be a problem , just suck up the new oil from the container and dispense through the filler hole . The diff casing with the plugs in is easy to see ,what I do to make life easier is jack up as high as I need ,put the approx amount of new oil in and then with a container underneath lower the car until level with the plug still out ,any excess will drain out giving the correct level . Jack up again and refit filler plug .Please use axle stands when working under a vehicle NOT a jack on its own Dave
  20. Hi James ,I have done this job before ;2 tips I think will help ,always loosen the fill plug first as if you take the drain plug out and then find you cannot release the fill plug ,you have a problem ! ; you will find the job much easier if you use a large oil syringe fitted with a short length of plastic ( cheap off E bay) Dave
  21. IS200/300/250/220d Buying Guide

    Hi Steve thanks for the info ;I have one already but it will be useful as I am trying to get my son in law to purchase one ;so some informative reading for him Dave
  22. Mot

    Hi I am mildly amused to find I am not the only senior to suffer a moment with the hand bake , I would not be too concerned about the efficiency (or lack of it ) on these brakes at MOT time . My information is that the efficiency required to pass is 0.25g g as in gravity or approx 18% for the handbrake ,This has not changed since 1960 ,s when it was tested with a Tapley meter on the floor of the car .Now it is tested on rollers , as long as both sides are balanced (no seizures ) and the pedal travel is adjusted correctly you should be fine Dave
  23. First time Lexus owner

    Hi ,great car I'm sure you will enjoy it ,I think mine is the best car I have had , v6 makes it a great cruiser and comfortable with it Enjoy Dave
  24. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    Hi Alan ,I have used both methods for oil removal ,because the oil capacity is approx 6.3 ltr and my drain tin is 6 ltr ,I find it easier to suck up about 5 litre then remove the plug to finish off ,as it is a lot easier to deal with a small amount of oil sloshing about under the car . Another approach which I use on my other car is a Fumoto valve which replaces the sump plug ,you can fit a short length of tube and drain into a container ,worth doing if you intend to keep the car a while and service it yourself . You can google details and prices from Fumoto web site Dave
  25. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    Hi ,Surebet .I always keep a file with all receipts, check sheets ,MOT s for all work carried out on a car ,my findings are private buyers are usually very pleased to find proof of a well cared for car with documented mileage ,dealers try not to show too much enthusiasm ,but I have usually been able to get a satisfactory result ,although you never know the actual amoumt of difference . Recently I went with my daughter to p/ex a Mercedes which I had serviced for the last 6 years ,the dealer made a big deal of it being outside the franchise system ,but after the deal was concluded ,and I pressed him on this point ,he agreed it had cost us a reduction of £600 , I don't know what 6 Merc services cost but I'm sure we saved a fair bit of money Dave