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  1. Scotland Road Trip

    Hi this is truly a great trip ,I completed it in april this year with a group of MX5 owners .The information we received was that it is now getting very popular in the main summer months which makes progress slow over some single track sections , also accomodation can be difficult in some areas .Want a great testing run ? a couple of years ago we did the old Route des Grande Alpes from Annecy down to Menton on the Italian border , very challenging and exciting check it out Dave
  2. Tyres,choice ,brand price and performance !

    Hi ,just gone through all this deliberation on tyres, in the end I have fitted goodyear F1 asymmetric 3 all round ( 18 in wheels ) ,I fitted these prior to the start of our month holiday in France and have only covered a few hundred miles ,we are currently in Brittany so the miles will quickly increase .I have found them a big improvement on the dunlop sports on the car since I bought it ,very quiet on the motorway ,smooth and sure footed wet or dry ,and I know new tyres always feel great but I am sure the braking has improved .There was still 4 m/m left on the dunlops but I had lost confidence in the wet grip and when accelerating hard down a slip road onto the motorway the traction light would regularly light up in the wet ( wheel alignment checked OK ) They were 6 years old and quite hard so that would not help ,no problems at all now so we will see as time passes Dave
  3. Thanks Normski I needed a set for the MX5 and have also ordered spares for the Lexus Good saving Dave
  4. Hi James , as previously posted ,air bubbles will not be a problem , just suck up the new oil from the container and dispense through the filler hole . The diff casing with the plugs in is easy to see ,what I do to make life easier is jack up as high as I need ,put the approx amount of new oil in and then with a container underneath lower the car until level with the plug still out ,any excess will drain out giving the correct level . Jack up again and refit filler plug .Please use axle stands when working under a vehicle NOT a jack on its own Dave
  5. Hi James ,I have done this job before ;2 tips I think will help ,always loosen the fill plug first as if you take the drain plug out and then find you cannot release the fill plug ,you have a problem ! ; you will find the job much easier if you use a large oil syringe fitted with a short length of plastic ( cheap off E bay) Dave
  6. IS200/300/250/220d Buying Guide

    Hi Steve thanks for the info ;I have one already but it will be useful as I am trying to get my son in law to purchase one ;so some informative reading for him Dave
  7. Mot

    Hi I am mildly amused to find I am not the only senior to suffer a moment with the hand bake , I would not be too concerned about the efficiency (or lack of it ) on these brakes at MOT time . My information is that the efficiency required to pass is 0.25g g as in gravity or approx 18% for the handbrake ,This has not changed since 1960 ,s when it was tested with a Tapley meter on the floor of the car .Now it is tested on rollers , as long as both sides are balanced (no seizures ) and the pedal travel is adjusted correctly you should be fine Dave
  8. First time Lexus owner

    Hi ,great car I'm sure you will enjoy it ,I think mine is the best car I have had , v6 makes it a great cruiser and comfortable with it Enjoy Dave
  9. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    Hi Alan ,I have used both methods for oil removal ,because the oil capacity is approx 6.3 ltr and my drain tin is 6 ltr ,I find it easier to suck up about 5 litre then remove the plug to finish off ,as it is a lot easier to deal with a small amount of oil sloshing about under the car . Another approach which I use on my other car is a Fumoto valve which replaces the sump plug ,you can fit a short length of tube and drain into a container ,worth doing if you intend to keep the car a while and service it yourself . You can google details and prices from Fumoto web site Dave
  10. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    Hi ,Surebet .I always keep a file with all receipts, check sheets ,MOT s for all work carried out on a car ,my findings are private buyers are usually very pleased to find proof of a well cared for car with documented mileage ,dealers try not to show too much enthusiasm ,but I have usually been able to get a satisfactory result ,although you never know the actual amoumt of difference . Recently I went with my daughter to p/ex a Mercedes which I had serviced for the last 6 years ,the dealer made a big deal of it being outside the franchise system ,but after the deal was concluded ,and I pressed him on this point ,he agreed it had cost us a reduction of £600 , I don't know what 6 Merc services cost but I'm sure we saved a fair bit of money Dave
  11. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    Hi as stated the IS 250 is a straight forward car to service ; if you use the correct tools (eg oil filter removal tool ) all the manufactures schedule can be carried out .There are guides on the internet and you can buy time on the Lexus site to access their workshop sheets . I maintain my own cars and the cars of the family ( 7 in total ) .I am a retired old school engineer with 60 years experience with cars and motorcycles so I have an advantage in this respect ,but if you take your time and ensure you follow safe working practice ,it can be done .This probably seems daft to some people to be crawling under cars at 77 but the more I see of todays work by ' technicians ' the more I want to do the job properly myself . Because of the prolonged time laying on the drive doing clutches and exhausts ,I no longer do these jobs Dave
  12. Is250C Spare Wheel- Does It Exist?

    Hi ,Hasselblad I to am interested in any details on this; costing; and a picture if possible , I have tried to carry a wheel ,but as you say if a wheel is put in the well it is above the level of the pull out cover for the roof . This is not practical .We take a full size spare alloy when we go on the continent ,in a zip up nylon cover either on the back seat or behind the passenger seat . This works for us as we are retired and there are only 2 of us so we have plenty of space ,but it would not work for most people and a spare 18inch alloy is heavy to move around .This car is brilliant but I feel Lexus have missed a trick with the boot/roof folding arrangement and I feel the wheel well could have been made 1 1/2 ins deeper and solved this problem ,as it is this well is a waste of space Dave
  13. Check engine light

    Great ; glad to be of assistance ,looks like it was just a glitch especially as it started straight away after stalling , Take care Dave
  14. Check engine light

    Hi ,the system should record the fault ,usually if the fault then does not re occur after restarting the car a few times the light will go out but the fault code number is in the system to be read when required . This may just be a glitch and if the car is starting and running O K I would not worry too much and wait until your service . Do not run the car if the engine is misfiring as unburnt fuel can damage the catalytic converters . Dave
  15. Hi as suggested ,the mobile route is only a stop gap measure ,they don,t usually remove tyres ,just break the bead seal to allow painting ,I will not use this method again ,I speak from experience of the 2 worst wheel suppliers Mazda and Lexus ; I cant understand Lexus ,as my son has a 12 year old Toyota with perfect original alloys used every day Thanks to John for the Stockport recommendation not too far from me ,my wheels are 6 years old and will soon need attention Dave
  16. Check engine light

    Hi ,sorry to hear about your problem ,warning lights do cause consternation .My advice would be to get your ' mate ' to put a code reader on the car and check if any fault codes are recorded ,it will only take 10 mins ; if a code comes up you have an answer if not I would carry on as normal .This will not work if the battery has been disconnected since the event as the code will be erased . Let us know how you get on Dave
  17. First time owner from Devon

    Hi and welcome to the club ,your IS looks in great condition,I ran an IS 200 sport cross for 6 years ,you will enjoy the drive .All I would say is in view of the 65000 miles ensure you have evidence of the cambelt being changed ,it was originally 100,000 miles but practical experience is 60,000 Dave
  18. Engine Management Light On

    Hi if the light is showing there will be a code stored . The cheapest answer is to buy a cheap reader off E bay and plug that in .The Lexus price is crazy for diagnosis ,try another independent garage ,do not reset the code or disconnect the battery ;post the code up here and you will getyour answer .Don,t leave it too long if the car is misfiring as unburnt fuel will damage the cat Dave
  19. Paint codes,

    Hi, I think the silver in the UK is 1CO and called Platinum ice Dave
  20. Hi , I agree with the post from Texas ; as a member of the Mazda owners club we have had cases of NGK iridium plugs sourced from China doing exactly as he described when electrode parts have detached . NGK engineers claimed they were fake and with the high standard of fake packaging very hard to spot unless you were an expert ,so steer clear of cheap Chinese plugs Dave
  21. Hi, I also use a silicon grease Loctite super lube every year and have not had any problems ,I think Cera Tec was developed as a metal free alternative to copper grease ,to coat the backs of brake pads for anti squeal and an anti seize compound . Dave
  22. Hi I have had my IS 250 C over a year now and I am very pleased with it . As stated you must be prepared to travel ,I went from Lancs to Cambridge for mine . There are a lot of well looked after examples about which are probably 2nd cars .The mechanics are similar to the saloon ,the auto gearbox is great ,the hood is a work of art and seems to be very reliable .This car is heavier than the saloon and my front brakes have only lasted just over 20,000 miles .I don't think mileage is a problem ,but the 60,000 mile service is an expensive one as it includes spark plugs . Ensure service history is present ,you will find cheaper cars outside the Lexus scheme ,and lexus will provide a copy of previous service history on request. Downsides ? this is not a sports car it is a cruiser ,the rear seat accommodation is really tight for 2 adults ,the hood takes up a lot of the boot space when stowed..I think prices will start to rise once the sun shines so if you decide to buy don't delay too long .Finally make sure you do your homework on what extras are on each model so you get what you want ,good luck PM me if you want any more advice ,I've rambled on too long Dave
  23. Returning to the fold.

    Hi and welcome to the club again .I do not think you will regret the choice of the IS 250 these are great cars and as you have found really good value .You will find a lot of useful information on here regarding the few regular checks these reliable cars require; enjoy your car Dave
  24. Hi ,I have not had this problem on my Lexus ,but on previous cars with plastic breakages I have had success with a 2 part epoxy sold specifically to repair plastic bumpers ,this should work if all else fails . Dave
  25. New member

    HI and welcome to this great forum , your car looks in really good condition and I like that colour .The IS is comfortable ,very ,compared to the MX5 !! , I am a MX5 fan and I have a Mk 3.5 as well as the Lexus ,I have been driving them for the last 16 years Best value for money fun car on the planet ,enjoy your new Lexus Dave