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  1. Trade In Clean these are trade in prices via main dealer trade in for a 98 ls400 with 112k so obviously traders are selling on the supply and demand theory £620 - £670 Trade In Average £420 - £460 Trade In Below £220 - £240
  2. our good friend from dudley also has a 430 with a lot less miles and a lot less money .i do wonder were he does get these cars .even his recent court case hasnt stopped him
  3. This is an ex-member who constantly tried to sell on the LOC but without being a paid up member of the Gold Membership club, Because of his behaviour, we won't allow posts that lead to adverts for his cars which always have the same story attached to them.

    Many thanks, Mike.

    1. ste42


      ive noticed is story always relates to something to do with wedding cars mike

  4. and we buy any car is owned by bca they wont lose out
  5. i had a carlton cdx back in the day loved it
  6. hopefully this passat should see me right
  7. from memory mine always came on at start up
  8. ive seen some matt with 2 fans at the front is it for the air con ?
  9. this my car that ive just sold is the fan missing or am i wrong .i know i always heard it kick in
  10. had a lot of trouble with my daily driver (work car )had to change that (never buy an insignia ) so just needed to cut back ,ive lost a bit of money on the ls but its gone to a local chap who s made up with it
  11. the 400 as gone feel a bit gutted but on a lighter note the bloke that bought it is over the moon ,apparantly he was looking for a jag never had a lexus or been in one so i arranged to take it to let him see it and took him for a drive oh how his face changed when he was in it .he asked why is it so quiet ,ive never been in a car like this ,and a genuine handshake knowing ive converted someone to the joys of the 400 hopefuly be back in 12 months or so .ill stil be on the site and a big thanks to you all over the recent months regards steve
  12. Hi , You cant put threads up saying you are going to sell your car because to sell you need to be a Gold Member.

    Here's a link to the terms and conditions which you agree to as part of your membership, one of them being you cant even hint at selling.


    1. ste42


      i thought you could in the for sale section

    2. Bluesman


      You need to be a gold member to list or let the LOC know you have anything for sale.

  13. all done and sorted now kev