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  1. ive found some dhp alloys they need refurbing then tyres what would be the one to go with on that wheel
  2. i had a landcruiser amazon a few yrs ago .the 100 series 4.2 td auto in dark green with cream leather and what an awesome thing it was .they really hold there value well too .as always a good service history .watch for rusty tailgate they are prone to that and very hard to source .i had the non air suspension model less to go wrong .
  3. and he bought that car off ebay this week for a grand ,the guy selling it said there was a bloke on his way from birmingham offered a grand without viewing it .
  4. Engine light on cannot get codes

    i once had similar problems of cutting out on a 95 400 turned out to be throttle body which is a common problem didnt have any codes coming up though
  5. that one at bradford was a 1500 pound car 8 months ago it has subsequently gone through 2 owners to get to that price i remember its listing on the auction site .it sold to old baz who then sold it on for about 3k and its now for sale again at that
  6. i dont think the irish mot s show up on our online system .but apparantly they are very strict over there
  7. what is the key hole for under the coin tray
  8. the gentleman that bought my 400 messaged me to say the remote fob as virtually stopped working even after a battery change . he says if you rest the key on the bodywork it will unlock . any thoughts or ideas i can pass on ? regards steve
  9. apparantly the fob will lock and unlock the doors when he s sat inside the car but wont work from outside .and he s put a new battery in it
  10. very nice wheels and the car is stunning
  11. does yours not have a magazine at all dean ?
  12. cost me 55 quid in total from usa but the cd system is awesome you just have to have it
  13. my last 400 didnt have one ended up getting one from usa
  14. old baz as one on ebay at minute
  15. Trade In Clean these are trade in prices via main dealer trade in for a 98 ls400 with 112k so obviously traders are selling on the supply and demand theory £620 - £670 Trade In Average £420 - £460 Trade In Below £220 - £240
  16. our good friend from dudley also has a 430 with a lot less miles and a lot less money .i do wonder were he does get these cars .even his recent court case hasnt stopped him
  17. and we buy any car is owned by bca they wont lose out
  18. the 400 as gone feel a bit gutted but on a lighter note the bloke that bought it is over the moon ,apparantly he was looking for a jag never had a lexus or been in one so i arranged to take it to let him see it and took him for a drive oh how his face changed when he was in it .he asked why is it so quiet ,ive never been in a car like this ,and a genuine handshake knowing ive converted someone to the joys of the 400 hopefuly be back in 12 months or so .ill stil be on the site and a big thanks to you all over the recent months regards steve
  19. i had a carlton cdx back in the day loved it
  20. hopefully this passat should see me right
  21. this my car that ive just sold is the fan missing or am i wrong .i know i always heard it kick in
  22. from memory mine always came on at start up