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  1. I know, but I didn't want any bad feeling to linger.
  2. I had to do a 3 point turn going around the car park spiral at Gatwick once, the LS ALWAYS seems to need more parking space than you think. Sensors really help though. Having said that, I always seem to manage to park in London when i take it there....Just!
  3. You're not wrong, I wouldn't have sold it if I wasn't trying to be practical, but as being practical seems to have failed I'm back to being impractical! Drove it for the first time in nearly two weeks today, what a fine car, I think it'll have to stay after all!
  4. It does show on the dash if not working.
  5. Anyway, I may as well hang on to it for the time being. I had others contacting me via eBay offering the same price but I'm not sure I want to go through that again.
  6. Well in a strange turn of events I'm still the owner of a very nice LS430. The buyer had paid me a deposit, but because I wanted the deal to be finalised by this weekend he's cancelled the deal and I've refunded him. I know I told him there's no hurry but surely expecting things to be sewn up in two weeks wasn't an unreasonable request was it? Shame really, he was a nice guy but I didn't want it hanging around too long as apart from anything else I would have been tempted to change my mind, and the fact that he couldn't make this weekend meant it would go into a third week. Tell me I'm not being unreasonable here.
  7. That's the one next the the instrument cluster.
  8. Looking at that makes me wonder whether I may just consider one of them in the future rather than another LS, very nice!
  9. Had I lived closer I may have gone, sadly the Lexus goes to its new owner this week so turning up in a Volvo may not work!
  10. It almost seems like pot luck when it comes to failure or not. Some have failed at 85K some are fine at 250K. Maybe maintenance around the height sensors would make sense, i.e. keeping them free of crud build up. Mine was garaged for over 10 years so maybe that helps? I still say the LS400 with springs rides every bit as well as air. I've had two LS430's and three LS400's and if anything the latter may just be best, but only just. The problem with air (if it goes wrong) is not just the struts at £850 each but four sensors at around £350 each. Then you've got valves and a compressor. They wouldn't all go at once but the combined total for replacement would necessitate a very close relationship with your bank! For me it would be springs if a strut went, that way all the above would no longer be a problem, plus replacement appears to be fairly straightforward.
  11. Having sold my current car I don't think my wife would understand if I replaced it soonish, in fact walking with a limp may be on the menu if I did!
  12. I did try to go quietly! I'm going to hang around for a while I think. If i do decide in the future to get another it'll be a facelift LS430, simply because I'm not keen on the look of any other model (all LS's excluded of course) When I've done all my moving etc and built my new workshop I'll decide then what to do. However, should the person living near me with the late X reg MK4 ever decide to sell...Who knows!
  13. I go for the latter as Ireland generally is very prosperous. Not before time considering how history shows our treatment of them.
  14. Looks fantastic, and the wheels really do it justice. You must be chuffed to bits!