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  1. I don't see why an LS400 wouldn't outlive most of us if it was well cared for, I really don't believe there's anything out there like it. As for the Austin Cambridge, I used to do mini cabbing in London with one. A great car "in its day" white with black leather. It seemed huge at the time, it had a steering wheel the size of a bus!
  2. I've not seen this before but it backs up what I was originally saying about it not just being a car in its day!
  3. No, definitely Clarkson. Just looking it up, it seems to be Jeremy Clarkson thriller DVD. There are some posts on this forum from 2008 but sadly no vid available now on YouTube.
  4. I'm not sure if it was TG. He basically shot it to peices with an automatic rifle. I did watch it on YouTube though.
  5. I also remember Clarkson destroying a perfectly good LS400 simply because everything still worked, the engine was whisper quiet and wafted you along in comfort. Therefore, in his own words "it's just so boring"
  6. And if I'm not mistaken terrorist groups!!
  7. We go to Chelsea often, and it's not hard to see how they got the name!
  8. A friend of mine has one, it's OK-ish, but the quality of the internal trim is noticeably poorer.
  9. In all honesty the equipment on the very first LS is superior to his Range Rover. Obviously he's got Bluetooth and other up to date gizmos, but as far as refinement goes there simply is no contest. At least I've managed to educate a non Lexus person to the reality of it!
  10. He didn't offer to let me drive his, but just as well, one doesn't want to lower one's standards does one!
  11. This was the comment I got today at a place where I was working. The owner, who owns a 4 year old Range Rover, said the Lexus LS was a top car in its day! I said it's still a top car today and invited him to take mine for a drive as he's never even sat in one. He came back saying it's amazing. He said its got gadgets that his hasn't got and was commenting for some time about the ride quality. So he had to admit, its wasn't just a good car in its day!!
  12. I think it would be worth replacing it again with a good quality one, at least it would rule that out.
  13. It could also be the fuel filler cap, although not so likely if you had a rush of air when you unscrewed it. It the cap isn't seating properly and tightened correctly it can cause running problems.