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  1. Excellent news!
  2. And the seller says new "breaks" all round, that's worrying!!
  3. I wonder if the same would be said on a German car forum!
  4. This is like watching Poldark, now I've got to wait for the next episode!
  5. Superb, I love the colour! And what a well educated and wise 4 year old, she'll go far!!
  6. It is so different to everything else out there. If I was in the market for a two seater I wouldn't hesitate. For me the midlife bit is now history! The motoring public generally know very little about Lexus. I'm often asked who makes them. I'm also often asked if mine is a 3litre, so I always take pleasure in saying it's a 4.3. Does your daughter like being in it!
  7. Couldn't agree more. How do you find the SC430? A friend of mine is in the market for one and after another member kindly took the time to give him a spin he's smitten!
  8. Excellent news. Mine past last month with no advisories as well, just one year senior to yours!
  9. As you say, overpriced but what a beauty. And just look at those rear seats, I still say they're the best ever!
  10. School? We didn't have such a thing in my day, up the chimney in starched underwear at 12 years old. In all seriousness, what an interesting story this is, who needs TV?
  11. That's where you're wrong young man, everyone always assumes it was the butler. Time will tell, but I'm guessing it was someone of higher status!
  12. Nothing ventured and all that, but you're a braver man than me. Let's hope it all works out as Malc said, a shallow pit!
  13. At least you know the aux belt won't let you down!
  14. I just tried and it's OK so try again.
  15. Thanks for that, just ordered a set for the Volvo!