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  1. Just being silly, mostly because I'm away in Cornwall and the cider makes you that way. I looked at the link and saw the part but I'm not over familiar with it, looks more like a hand grenade with a pin!
  2. I'm not familiar with that, where does that go?
  3. The easiest job ever on these engines, 10 mins tops. I bought a Continental, made in Germany for £19. I also measured it, 86" long!
  4. I think he may mean beer!
  5. Agreed, I don't think they have the knowledge to cope with such a complex car.
  6. You wouldn't hear it from outside and it's more like Steve said, a feeling more than a sound. It's certainly not a problem, it's just with everything else being so quiet it's noticeable, albeit brief. The previous owner always had genuine parts fitted and it even did it when I bought it from him.
  7. I've actually had that slight grumble from all the LS's I've owned, regardless of the make of pads, I just assumed they all do it.
  8. I haven't but I think I will, just to see if the 430 performs in the same way.
  9. I can only comment on my experience with Avon which is to say I find them excellent. Quiet, superb grip, but too early to say how long they last. Of course they may feel different on other vehicles. Certainly at this stage I would buy them again, and I like the way they're made in the UK.
  10. Listening to two guys chatting this morning whilst having new tyres fitted. One was thumbing through a car mag and asking his mate why TG can't be more like the mag, discussing and testing cars that the average driver buys instead of those that the wealthy can afford. I couldn't agree more, that's the way it used to be, and that's what I found interesting. Plus the odd act of lunacy thrown in of course!
  11. Superb! And I'm assuming you called in at the Lamorna Pottery for the best cream tea in Cornwall!
  12. Interesting what you say about Pirelli. I had them on my Volvo, miles of tread left but a horrible ride with really bad tramlining, changed them for Avons and it's a different car!
  13. Interesting, and the big wheels really suit it.
  14. Nice job! How does it ride with those wheels?