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  1. I even use it in a nerdy way. I've been watching The Crown on Netflix and checking to see if the fifties cars in the series are still MOT'd!
  2. The toys/gadgets that the LS430 has are mostly for the benefit of rear seat passengers anyway, which I've never got to enjoy. I did recently drive back from Yorkshire with a friend in the back who said it was great and promptly fell asleep. I once drove down to Somerset in my LS400 with my dog in the passenger front footwell and had to wake him up when I arrived! It would be hard to find such quiet and comfort in any car made even in 2017.
  3. The suspension is the main thing that would break the bank, although it may not happen. Replacement of parts is fairly straightforward, just eye poppingly expensive. The cheapest option is to replace the whole setup with coilovers. A set can be bought for around £800 plus an hours labour on each corner. I've had two LS400's and two 430's and I can't tell the difference between springs and air. They both glide beautifully! If you replace all air struts and sensors you'd be looking at just under 5k for parts alone. I don't really think there are any other "common" problems as such, just wear and tear as with any ageing car.
  4. I once drove a VW Beetle home from North Wales in January. The snow was very thick but the Beetle was brilliant....until the flat underbelly hit high points causing it to act like a sledge!
  5. Interesting comments. For me though it's my front wheel drive Volvo if it snows, much better traction and easier to get out of a snowy rut. If we had regular snow down here I'd certainly consider snow tyres, but if it does snow its usually gone within hours.
  6. I was having some fun with an X5 a few years ago in my MK4, but a damp roundabout caused a very scary slippery rear end. I've learned to be very gentle with the back end since, except when it's dry of course!
  7. I think it also depends on the "type" of snow. In fresh, fairly thick snow I would maybe risk it, the snow I'm referring to is like in Steve's original post, thin and wet.
  8. I pretty much guarantee an LS with tractor tyres wouldn't pull anything much up hill. I've been driving one for 9 years, and regardless of tyres they are without a doubt the worst car I've driven in snow in 40 years.
  9. Snow tyres would help, but it's a combination of rear wheel drive, auto box and the sheer size and power. Although its been some years since we had any real snow on the West Sussex coast.
  10. The LS is a real nightmare, even just a forecast of snow gives it a slippery back end. I drove mine in snow once, never ever again!
  11. Snow

    I thought it was only the UK that came to a standstill with a millimetre of snow!
  12. It's Lexus price. The "rebuilt" ones were £75. You may do better buying from the States. There are some used ones on eBay for £75 but for the work involved I would want to fit a new one. Have you tried the Lexus eBay shop?
  13. Sadly it's not that easy, certainly no easier than a 400 and will need a new motor. A bargaining point though? Facelift will have 6 speed. I was under mine yesterday having a good look as I replaced the rear pads (easiest job ever) and it looks so good for its age. I think good history is more important than mileage and year. Mine came with full Lexus history which gave me more confidence. Both look nice.